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  1. 'Whats happened to Ben Chilwell?'. Nothing mate, he's always played like that.
  2. Seems like an odd thing to miss if you ask me. Also, we have no real immunity to colds, so I don't see the relevance of your comment.
  3. Of course you do, along with everything else pre-covid - including people giving you a cold, apparently.
  4. Refreshing to see him in acres of space on the left, and not really give a shit. As opposed to getting excited, and then seeing an aimless ball lofted in.
  5. Probably the first time he was at full mast in years to be fair.
  6. Thought this was going to be about the distanced celebration, which was immediately followed by a high five from barnes.
  7. Yes, more data needed for sure, but there's early positive signs it will at least reduce transmission. Obviously we have little idea on the length of protection, as we need more time to observe that data. I imagine a flu type scenario of a jab every year being very possible. The new strains are less worrying in relation to vaccine efficacy, at least at the moment. The mrna vaccines work by training the body the recognise the part of the virus (spike protein) that it uses to enter our body's cells. If the vaccines ever stop working, it means the virus will have mutated away from wha
  8. I think there was early evidence that the moderna and oxford vaccine reduced asymptomatic infection, which would reduce transmission.
  9. You'll be less likely to pass it on if the vaccine works like this. Lower symptoms usually mean you shed less of the virus.
  10. I hope there's no talk amongst our players about this idea that we're destined to be out worked by a team that we once thrashed 14 months ago. Self fulfilling prophecies and all..
  11. I was just looking up the squad list! Although I guess I remember him playing, just not his name. From the same era, though, bruno n'gotty. Absolutely no recollection of him in a Leicester shirt.
  12. The Hungarian winger that wasn't zsolt laczko.
  13. Wouldn't it hit you before you even had chance to see it?
  14. Does this mean we're close to bringing in another midfield option, hence we don't need him back?
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