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  1. I wonder if half the problem with VAR is that they don't really want to highlight that a fellow ref got it wrong. I mean, VAR took a good few looks at the red tonight, and then referred instead of making a decision. Took Kavanagh about 15 secs to change his mind at the monitor.
  2. I never get why people come to this conclusion. The problems you identify are fixable without binning off the whole thing..
  3. He's a long way on based on the sky replay
  4. For me, the interesting question is - if we continue with 352 - who do people want to see as the left wingback; 1. Chilwell, 2. Albrighton, or 3 Fuchs. Based on ability to create within the team, I'd take option 2 or 3 over 1.
  5. No dig at you intended mate. Joke was aimed at Chilwell for doing the miss control quite frequently, not your post.
  6. Wait - are we allowed to use this to say players are rubbish? I'm off to the Chilwell thread..
  7. Second time I've seen this after the match. If we really cannot function in an attacking sense without Ricardo, even if he is the best right back we've had at the club, then we've royally messed up the game plan.
  8. Perhaps it's a frustration thing then. He's got the engine to get up and down that line all game, and he's so often in a really good position that comes to nothing due to his final ball.
  9. And this is my problem with Chilwell. It's funny, most people see Chilwell as an OK defender that's great going forwards. It's the complete opposite for me. For all the running he does into good positions in the opposition half, his final delivery is quite often poor. It isn't helped by the fact that he can't beat a man like Ricardo can, so he's left to try and cross to Vardy, who is always going to be out jumped. For me, this is the reason we need a ulloa like plan b. Someone that can attack the floated crosses we always seems to revert to when a team sits back against us.
  10. a real indictment of our forwards, wingers, and creative mids. Granted Ricardo is awesome going forwards, but if we can't create without him we've got something really, really wrong.
  11. Christ knows what will happen Saturday - grid lock on the roads and packed trains as everyone goes in search of an open pub. As much as we try to police by consent, it clearly isn't working here - or apparently in another 36 places. We need laws that allow the police to be tougher on people that refuse to follow the rules, and actually have the power to enforce them.
  12. Pretty silly to cut towns in half though, right? Just makes it look arbitrary, and increases the chances people will ignore it. Bit similar to putting out a map with shaded areas that show areas that were considered for lockdown, but then not included. People are going to question it, but only because you've given them something that invites questions.
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