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  1. I don't wish this to come across weird, but thanks to all those that have taken the vaccine. The country will be open again before I'm ever offered a jab, and it'll be because enough people have had the vaccine that a) I'm allowed out, and b) there's ok protection for my under 1 year old in terms of her not being likely to meet someone infectious.
  2. Agreed. A volley over the shoulder like that shows stunning technique, but he didn't need to do anything other than hit it at the goal because Pope got his angles all wrong (unlike Vardy at west brom, where he had to show the technique and beat the keeper)
  3. First time I can remember being happy there's one coming up, but it is only because it'll buy some time for a few of our players to recover. I don't watch international friendlies or qualifiers - they're really dull. Last ones I watched were when vards was first being called up, but soon gave up when it became apparent he wasn't going to play, or was going to get stuck out on the wing.
  4. Isn't their rb, so attacking our left, absolutely rapid?
  5. Yup. Play ndidi and Youri next to each other, and work it out from there in terms of the rest of the fit players making a 4231 or 343. Those two at the base if mid are about the most vital component of our philosophy
  6. If you mean in place of criticise - then no. I think hamza is woeful, and has only been valued because he's one of our own. Critique suggests a balanced evaluation, and I can't do that because I already think he's crap. If you mean in place of critization, then that's not a word I'd ever read until a few minutes before I posted
  7. There's scope for a partnership there. Vards' movement today drew out a cb, which was the space nacho exploited for the goal. Problem seems to be it requires both to play up top, because as you say, nacho can't weight a pass
  8. Tonight this thread has a) validated how I've felt about Hamza for some time (he's no where near our level, but will do a job for someone that needs a limited but energetic mid), b) prompted me to learn that critization (or criticization) is not a real word, and c) given me hope that I won't be criticising Hamza as a Leicester player next season. Imagine if Jan panned out with us signing Chalobah, and he made the same pass tonight. The comments would be along the lines of, that's what you get with a championship level holding mid.
  9. Stinks of a play him so many times and you buy him clause in the loan, and we're clearly desperate to avoid triggering that
  10. Earlier in the season, quite a few were saying Ricky, little wes, cags, timmy looks like a class defence for the future. Wonder if we'll get a glimpse of it tonight?
  11. had mare there, haven't I? Should have stuck with strikers
  12. The only 'attacking talents' I remember the academy producing are Ashley Chambers and Joe Dodoo. Are there any others?
  13. Burnley doesn't sound like the sort of game where you'd give a first start to a slight, developing attacking mid.
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