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  1. I can agree that it is not at all good at the moment, but we really should be looking at how to make it work, rather than sacking it off. Implemented right, it will improve the game by removing errors. No one wants to see an armpit offside goal ruled out via var, but if we can get to a point where it has a neglible influence on the game, but would overrule a ref in things like the Maradona and Henry handball goals, surely it is an improvement?
  2. Tbf, I think they have. Other teams need to make up an 8+ points gap on a team that will probably lose a maximum of 5 games this season. Don't see anyone catching them.
  3. He didn't deserve one. When he gets into trouble, he has a habit of trying to get out of it by falling over at the slightest touch. Thought he was solid today though, and offering more than Barnes when he was subbed. That said, wouldn't be surprised to see Gray start ahead of perez next game. Demi has been great of the bench recently.
  4. First name that popped into my head.. Depends on how you define best. We've not had many better centre backs?
  5. Agree with all the comments regarding the system. My first vote was in a super safe tory seat, then two elections spent in a super safe labour seat, and now I'm again in super safe tory seat. The only time I've lived in a marginal there wasn't an election. I've voted every time, but really it has been utterly meaningless.
  6. I'd be for dropping it to 17, but less convinced by 16. At 17, people are deciding what they're going to do post-education, and that means government policy of one form or another is likely to have some influence on their life quite soon. Seems fair to give that person the chance to offer an opinion on the government, rather having them wait until they are 22 (in the seemingly unlikely event that the elected government lasts a full 5-year term)
  7. Fktf


    Completely agree about the nature of the 'what age should we vote at' discussion - it is clearly based on political agenda, not the science. Using neuroscience as the basis for policy is tricky. I think it is largely because it is a comparatively new field science, and we actually don't know much about how the relationship between brain and behaviour. Very rarely is there a one-to-one correspondence between a brain region and a psychological function, so just because frontal areas are not fully developed, doesn't mean that people cannot think rationally (or at least rationally enough to be allowed to vote). I can only find a link towards a science paper for you, so it might not be the most accessible reading https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2892678/ There's a section at the end of the paper about the APA (American Psychology Association), who weight in on legal cases in the US. They seem to have argued that evidence suggests that a) decision making faculties are indistinguishable between 15 year olds and adults, and b) that a 17 year old should not tried as an adult because of poorer decision making skills. So it seems I may have jumped the gun with my previous comment, and that the jury is out on this one.
  8. Fktf


    Neuroscience hasn't really caught up with psychology yet. There's evidence to support what you say about some frontal brain areas continuing to develop until around 25, but there's also evidence that 15-16 year olds are capable of adult-level rational thinking/decision making.
  9. A few times in this thread I've said I can't see what perez offers apart from hard work. He certainly made me look stupid last night.
  10. By no means is it going to be a perfect. As you say, there are too many variables. But if it is accurate enough, then the stat should have some utility. It'll be no more useful than any other stat, but no less useful either.
  11. Agreed. Wrong terminology on my part. My point was that it gives some sort of record of performance over a long period of time.
  12. Do you know all of these are true? Genuine question, as I've not come across information about how the stat is calculated. I'm inclined to think the first 5 things you list here will be (or at least could be) included in the mathematical model that calculates xG.
  13. Everyone in here is correct. Is xG going to tell you anything about a single game that you can't see with your own eyes? No, probably not. Is xG going to tell you anything about a pattern of play over a season or two, when memories of the individual games have faded. Yes, most likely.
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