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  1. I've been wondering where this Celtic reserves thing came from. Makes so much sense now you've named him. I actually feel a little silly for not working it out myself.
  2. This feels more likely to happen than fofana?Dyche desperate for players, and selling gives them the funds they need - bit like us a chilwell.
  3. Fktf

    Wesley Fofana

    Good. The same logic applies to praet, tielemanns, maddison. We saw last year how we need a deeper squad. So your convo is going to start, hi james, can't guarantee you'll be first name on the team sheet, but we could have 50odd games to play this year.. so you'll have the chance to play. Oh, btw, some of that might be in Europe mate.
  4. PR indeed. Unless they're going to take samples late night, run them, and get results out by morning so that anyone that has it asymptomatically can isolate, the tests are going to do little to protect from the virus. Good way of testing the new technology they're developing though, I guess.
  5. I'm with you all the way, I just don't think there's a workable solution once you start to get into the details.
  6. Sounds simple, but I bet it isn't so easy to protect them. What about their family members? Are they going out to work still
  7. Fktf

    Wesley Fofana

    How do we know this - there been an interview somewhere?
  8. Has anyone ever heard of a workable idea to effectively shield the vulnerable, that doesnt involve keeping the case rate in the rest of the population down too? I see the idea mentioned a lot, but never much detail on how it would actually be done in practice
  9. Ah. I mean, it sounds good. But I bet it is test everyone over a period of weeks, which then rather lessens the effectiveness of it. You need to at prem league levels of testing every few days for it to be useful, and no way can unis afford that level of spending- especially this year.
  10. Presumably this in house rather than nhs, so over what time are they claiming to test everyone?
  11. To a neutral, this probably looks like he's in control of the ball, and about to use his left foot to change direction. To the Leicester fan, we know he's just used his right foot to try and control the ball, and it's about to ping 10m across the pitch.
  12. Fktf


    Hopefully we remember this going forward. I think that worked yesterday far better than including wilf would have done. But then there's no way you don't have wilf in a 4141 setup. Options.
  13. Pep has previous for whining when a team sits in, they struggle to break them down, and it ends a draw. Having scored 5 goals, I can't see how we 'did nothing'.
  14. It isn't a worldie though, is it. It was an amazing strike of the ball, but hardly surprising a player of Riyads ability can hit a rolling ball into the net from 18 yards under no pressure at all. The clearing header has to be better (or the keeper claim it, I think that's probably fair)
  15. Youri knows it's a goal before timmy even crosses it. JJ needs to work out how to deal with crosses. Some sympathy for him for being bullied by wood against Burnley, but he has to do better for their first goal today. Head it further, wider, or even just with more height so there's time to get out - just don't head it so there's an easy first time shot from the edge of the box.. I think he'll come good, despite what I've said in the match thread. Chilwell cost goals as he developed, the same will happen with JJ. He's already a monster 1 on 1, and going forward.
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