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  1. I think it will be 46 minutes, but 1 minute into injury time at the end of the first half - as opposed to first minute of the second half
  2. I read it as time of the day too - you could be in for a win as the only one mentioning it!
  3. We ended up paying something like £50 for a private scan. Timed it for between the 20 week scan and birth, as there's not much contact with anyone between those dates (midwife appointments were over the phone) - so it gave us the chance to go to a scan together, and provided a little peace of mind that everything was going ok.
  4. They've been operating like that since the start of lockdown. I had to miss both nhs scans. Congrats though!
  5. I would argue that what we are doing now is more or less living with the virus as best we can as a society - until a vaccine comes along. Shielding the vulnerable requires limiting the spread in others. It is not too dissimilar to the argument about closing the borders. If there's enough of it about, it'll find it's way in to every part of society eventually. The idea of China plus style lockdown seems like an interesting thought experiment, but actually in 2 pages we've already mentioned numerous reason why it wouldn't work.
  6. Idea x is devised to help limit covid risk. Some people: ah, but if you apply idea x to limit risk whilst driving, smoking, drinking too much, look how stupid it looks. Yes, stupid indeed.
  7. Give them a visor instead
  8. Is that because he doesn't have a position? Being serious. Where does he actually play?
  9. And its been quite evident too
  10. Not many of the team tonight will get near it against decent opposition. Full strength back 4, maybe mendy in for ndidi, a rest for which ever of Barnes, Perez, Under needs it, rest for which ever of maddison, tielemanns, praet needs it, and maybe nacho over vardy. Against weaker opposition we may see albrighton, choudary, third choice CB, and justin (assuming Ricardo is back fit). There's options to rotate and still play a stronger team than tonight. The competition tonight was where the second string were supposed to help us out, but they've blown their chance.
  11. Quite a lot of people talking like we've been knocked out by a league 2 team. We had a tough draw, and tonight showed our second string isn't as good as Arsenal's, but we've known about our lack of depth for a while. We'll play a stronger line up in Europe, against some worse teams, so don't get too worked up.
  12. Fktf

    Wesley Fofana

    The Puel hate if he was still here, rejecting ludicrous bids for barnes, getting even more ludicrous bids - only to reject them too. We'd bloody love him for it.
  13. There were some criticisms of the code behind the model https://lockdownsceptics.org/code-review-of-fergusons-model/ But they seem to fall on how pretty the code is, rather than the accuracy of the predictions https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01685-y#:~:text=The successful code testing isn,by mathematical epidemiologist Neil Ferguson.&text=When a cleaned-up version,to be repeated by others.
  14. Perfectly justified in your case, given what my comment looked like it was implying. No offence taken on my part mate
  15. I owe you an apology. I should have read the posts before the one I quoted, as clearly my comment looked very pointedly directed at you. I didn't intend that.
  16. Similar happened to my dad, plus a van reversed into his parked car 6 months later - his premium nearly doubled. The algorithm now blacklists you as driving in higher risk areas, was the excuse.. Companies really do try it on though. Was quoted nearly 500 quid for renewal this year. Sent in an email to say all the details were correct, but you're way over priced compared to what I can find in price comparison sites, so I'll need a better price to renew. The email back said, assuming your details have not changed, I can now offer you a new price of 375 - which coincidentally was 1 pound below the best price I could find.
  17. Clutching at straws to personally justify not helping out.
  18. I wonder how much good could be done with the time and money people collectively spend having to contact companies to say they've found a better deal elsewhere, only to be then told the 'real price'.
  19. Full lockdown incoming. Too many people saying 'f-it, I'll do as I please', whilst also being the most vocal about how we can't afford another lockdown. Whether you agree with the necessity of controlling the virus or not, it's quite clear the govt have decided they're going to keep imposing measures until we halt the growing spread of the virus. We should all be playing the game to avoid the full lockdown, but too many individuals and companies/ organisations won't care.
  20. Is the sport science not directly against this, and going from nothing to an awful lot is when you risk injury the most? I don't know, just asking the question..
  21. Nice to see football doesn't live in a bubble, and in fact parallels the real world of trickle down economics. Those at the bottom need govt aid to stay alive, while those at the top have enough resources to finance a lower league club. I can't eloquently develop this analogy to championship clubs reflecting the squeezed middle class - but the idea of working hard and aspiring to join the big boys fits somehow
  22. Sell sell sell. Another prospect (along with gray) that isn't going to make the required level. Shame, he seems a good lad, and has had a few good performances, but he's never really kicked on.
  23. I'm sorry - I think it is. The idea that fast might mean unsafe is presumably based on the idea that it has been fast tracked by cutting corners. But that's far from the truth. The science is established, and all the vaccines are passing through all the trials they would normally go through. It is not being rushed.
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