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  1. What is quite nice about doing these predictors is that you realise just how many games the chasing teams have to play against each other - plenty of opportunity for dropped points. I'm less concerned than I was.
  2. Hate it as much as I hate diving. Quite like the idea of a sin bin for tactical fouls. I also wouldn't mind seeing penalty goals and reds given for things like that Atletico video above either. Teams will always tactically foul so long as the benefits of doing it far outweigh the punishment (as we currently have), so we need to up the punishment. Unless you see it as part of the game, in which you're going to hate these ideas!
  3. Sign a new ulloa? I always think this when we're struggling to break teams down with intricate passing through the middle. Apparently brendan doesn't believe in a plan b, only tweaks to plan a..
  4. That's the spirit! No reason we shouldn't aim for second. Being serious though, this is probably Brendan and Co's first test psychologically with this sqaud. In the title winning season, we lost to arsenal and off the back of that went on a great run. Like @rachhere just said, everything has been largely better than expected since this management team came in. We're now going to see how they and the players react to real disappointment. In the scheme of things, finishing top 4 seems more important than a cup final. So hopefully we don't implode. It feels like a second chance at making the signings you can only attract having qualified for the champs league, which we screwed up last time. I know the old saying was foxes never quit, but I grew up around the Micky Adams era. Fktf: Foxes Keep The Faith. Either way, I hope these sentiments are true of our current squad.
  5. There's also no one trying to make a run in behind, so I hope he wasn't trying a ball over the top given that he takes a look at what's on. The fact Justin is the only player running forwards, whilst everyone else is coming deeper to show for the ball, makes me think it was intended. The whole 'did he mean it' thing is only being questioned because it was such an outrageous pass to pull off.
  6. Honorable mention for Nugent. Different time in our history, but hugely influential in getting us to the prem in the first place.
  7. Yup. Plenty of space down the side of that back 3, you would imagine. Worked against Bournemouth early in the season too.
  8. Was thinking the same thing. 3 across the front to press us high, Nobel and rice to cover balls into the middle. We could be in for another frustrating night of watching us struggle to play out from the back.
  9. Most of the players can be considered rested after today, only played 45 min at full speed!
  10. This would probably get my vote. The fight in our players to win it back from their set peice, ngolo driving forwards, Mahrez's little flick over the sliding challange, the step-over past the next defender, and then wrong foot the keeper. Never mind the celebration, though..
  11. If you listened to nev foulger when he did commentary on BBC radio Leicester, 'up go the heads' when any set peice was delivered into the box.
  12. I'm the exact opposite. God knows we need to improve it, but it has to be good for the game if we can allow things like the kelechi goal at Everton to stand, and disallow goals that are obviously offside.
  13. Was just thinking perez and gray need to come off..
  14. Mendy is tidy, but his first pass is usually backwards. We really miss ndidi in the middle.
  15. Didn't realise just how bad arsenal have got. Barely in the Everton half in that 45min.
  16. All depends on how we cope with their press. We struggled to play out against Norwich (but wrong formation at start of game), and in the second half against Everton last night. As others have said, the answer might be to look for Vardy in behind.
  17. Indeed! A villa supporting mate just text me that he wishes they'd have drawn man united instead of us. Says great things about us.
  18. Most, if not all, of this could be in a thread about shinji.
  19. Fktf


    My main advice would be that, if he decides to apply, pick a course that he's genuinely interested in (as long as it is not the air guitar degree someone mentioned!).To echo other posters, uni isn't (always) an easy ride. Any course will require hours of personal study, and if the whole course is of no interest, chances of are he'll become disillusioned quite quickly. Students that don't enjoy the course skip personal study, and many also skip the lectures/classes, and at that point it becomes a waste of time and money. I wouldn't necessarily get too boged down with 'is there a clearly defined career path after graduation'. So if he's not sure on what to do in future life (most 18 year olds are not), taking a specialist degree may not be the best choice. There's lots of subjects that give you a range of skills that can transfer to many professions. For instance, business, geography, and psychology all have elements of data analysis, report writing, and presentation skills that are valuable in graduate jobs beyond those fields. Quite a few graduates from all of these courses end up in finance, marketing, HR, banking. Hard to give more concrete advice without knowing what courses he's considering. Has he given you any indication?
  20. The comparisons to shinji are very accurate. Capable of a shifting the game in our favour through sheer hard work, and often very frustrating when he's weak and loses possession easily, but even when he's not playing brilliantly we look better with him in the team than without. Hopefully Brendan will find some consistency in him.
  21. Oh no, we're attracting fans from beyond the local area, just like the traditional big 6.. Healthy sign that we're becoming a big club. Stinks of jealously.
  22. We really do need to make the final given this draw.
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