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  1. Not like Thracian to be positive about progress!
  2. Thracian already weeps for this country. He seems to hate it so much it makes you wonder why he stays to be honest
  3. Whatever changes. Nothing changes #Fearless #etc.
  4. *waits for certain posters to claim it's a BBC conspiracy*
  5. They're good ideas now though...... apparently
  6. I'm not going back through this whole thread but i presume the open letter has been started right?
  7. Do you want a sticker or a medal?
  8. Yes clearly by saying 'this is interesting' i mean 'i agree with everything it says'. Nice attempt to reduce it all to a Daily Mail sized headline though. That should cover all you need to know without reading it.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/07/the-great-british-brexit-robbery-hijacked-democracy If anyone has a few mins that's a really interesting article on the use of data, psyops and circumventing laws in this and other countries
  10. Excellent! They don't coincide with anything on my schedule
  11. MattP & DT?
  12. Same here.
  13. I don't really want any Brexit but the very least I'd like to see is one that allowed some access to the single market. Whether tariffs or freedom of movement are the concessions that would be fine provided we don't end up significantly worse off as country through trade costs, labour, etc. etc. I haven't met anybody who voted remain who thinks that stopping it is an option, or indeed genuinely wants that but I don't think a single party with specific interests should be allowed to dictate the terms to which Brexit happens. It's a national, cross party issue and has lasting implications for the electorate of whichever denomination and as such I believe they should have a say in the terms of what they want from the process.
  14. The Leavers spent 40 + years whinging about the EU Webbo, it's been 11 months since the EU Referendum so your term 'persist' seems pretty ridiculous. So far the people who voted remain haven't been offered much hope of getting a type of Brexit that they want, what they have been offered is a 'shut up and get over it' which isn't quite the same thing.