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  1. A bit like how 'Coalition Of Chaos' has a nice ring to it?
  2. I hope you've printed it out and framed it!
  3. brilliant stuff
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39696861 Le Pen 'Steps Aside' Interested to see exactly how this pans out
  5. I'm assuming the Daily Mail don't have the same policy?
  6. Or 52% of the country
  7. Only if you have some kind of authoritarian fetish, which some clearly do on here.
  8. Careful, you'll end up on her list of saboteurs!
  9. Classic Thracian. Using the BBC as a reputable source when it suits his agenda but at all other times it's some kind of left wing propaganda machine where people have too much freedom to spout their political views and isn't to be trusted.
  10. Nah I fully expect his summer holidays involve marching into Poland
  11. And blue passports are on the way.
  12. Nice to see the level of FT debate reaching it's usual heights.
  13. He's more likely to have a defined role unlike Schlupp who was played pretty much everywhere though so he can work on that at least
  14. Yep. As summed up neatly by Brenda in Bristol this morning. Just seen the Indy headline for tomorrow about Corbyn hanging on even after a crushing defeat (if that's what happens). What a time to be alive eh?