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  1. Watching that today was a real treat. Got me set up for next weekend. Cheers @Shane.
  2. I can't see either of those being the starting 11. Given the frequency games and number of subs i guess BR will want players comfortable playing in a variety of combinations.
  3. Sounds to me like a ruse to justify missing the handover date... ...but i don't know the junction in question...
  4. 😁⚽️🦊🏆 Happy Leicester City Day, one and all...
  5. They should all play and stay at La Manga. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. I went for Man City. For me, that was a statement game. But maybe the defeat at Arsenal should get a mention, as it seemed to galvanise the squad.
  7. Much as i like this elegant solution, i think the TV companies would scupper it. Fewer matches and a shorter season means less income for them. I reckon behind closed doors matches are more likely, including next season if the virus starts to peak again.
  8. Re the 'binned off ' comment earlier,' i agree they shouldn't but think they will be, due to TV companies not wanting the competition. I reckon its the end for the League Cup.
  9. Do Hong Kong have a team...not sure they'd qualify...
  10. There's arguments for and against...will the virus be under control...will it be under control in every participating city...will the money be too important to turn down...will UEFA prioitise UCL over Euro 2021...will it be necessary to stop a breakaway league...will UEFA select participants on the basis of brand appeal rather than where they finished in their domestic league...will Government's support its taking place or prevent it...
  11. I thought he was outsanding, particularly his leadership. I credit him, Huth and Pearson changing to 5 at the back as the reasons we stayed up. At the end of the season my brother asked if I'd rather keep Cambiasso or Mahrez I chose Cambiasso. Time proved me wrong but, as with Pearson, there would have been no title without Cambiasso... ...in my opinion...
  12. I think this is the most likely outcome. Money talks. And the Government will want a morale boost for the nation (which i for one will be desperate for). Maybe they'll play the matches in Covid-free China and broadcast them back to the UK...
  13. A left field suggestion - Derby v Fulham 1983. Not quite as joyful as Chelsea v Spurs 2016 but it was a big moment for us.
  14. This must be part of the club's thinking when considering redeveloping the ground. I'm reliably informed (or possibly someone told me in a pub) that safe standing increases capacity by a ratio of 1:1.6. If that's right, it might make more sense to bring in rail seating. than to add another tier to part of the ground.
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