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  1. If you had a PR system where one big constituency elected several MPs you'd still have a local link. You'd also be less likely to be stuck with somone you disagree with as there'd be a few to choose from. I live in Sheffield. We'd probably elect 3 Labour, 1 Green, 1 Lib Dem. I've been stuck with hopeless Jared O'Mara for 2 years. A PR system would have given me other representation.
  2. Love it. Couldn't hear it down our end on Saturday but i reckon that and Star Man will soon catch on.
  3. It took me a while to understand why they stopped at 14. City would have to publish a top 50 to get to that dross down the M69.
  4. I agree. They've won it. No Liverpool team would blow that lead. Top 4 is still on for us. Chelsea and various Manchester teams are the threat.
  5. Another great cameo. He's keeping Perez on his toes.
  6. Man City win. Reduce the gap between us and the top. Then tbey both lose their next 8 games leaving us 28 poibts ahead on Boxing Day.
  7. I am 95% sure i have one. I can let you know for sure in about an hour. I got it, i think, at the Copenhagen away match and never really used it. Its plain blue with the club badge on it...i think...i haven't lookrd stvit for a while. Are you going to the Arsenal match today?
  8. Looking forward to playing Norwich after that half. Vardy will get 9 on his own.
  9. Worthington scored in the first match I went to but my memory of him and Glover is hazy at best. But didn't that team under-achieve? Mahrez gets my vote not just for his skill but his impact on our greatest ever season.
  10. An article on the BBBC sent me checking where we were 19 years ago. We were 3rd, with 22 ppints. I feel a bit sick. Need a good win tomorrow.
  11. City's succession planning / squad building is pretty good...Soyuncu, Justin, Choudhury. I reckon we'll get through to Summer without another cemtre back. I reckon they are more interested in looking for players who could challenge or improve the squad in any position rather than trying to fill a specific gap. Is there another Kante, Mahrez, Soyuncu or Ndidi out there and can we get to them first?
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