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  1. I thought he was outsanding, particularly his leadership. I credit him, Huth and Pearson changing to 5 at the back as the reasons we stayed up. At the end of the season my brother asked if I'd rather keep Cambiasso or Mahrez I chose Cambiasso. Time proved me wrong but, as with Pearson, there would have been no title without Cambiasso... ...in my opinion...
  2. I think this is the most likely outcome. Money talks. And the Government will want a morale boost for the nation (which i for one will be desperate for). Maybe they'll play the matches in Covid-free China and broadcast them back to the UK...
  3. A left field suggestion - Derby v Fulham 1983. Not quite as joyful as Chelsea v Spurs 2016 but it was a big moment for us.
  4. This must be part of the club's thinking when considering redeveloping the ground. I'm reliably informed (or possibly someone told me in a pub) that safe standing increases capacity by a ratio of 1:1.6. If that's right, it might make more sense to bring in rail seating. than to add another tier to part of the ground.
  5. I couldn't join the singing section last time . As tickets are unlikely to be reserved can a sibging section be organised on here? i usually sit in rhe West stand but am definitely up for SK1/2 this time.
  6. Liverpool v gd at turning defence into attack. They seem to exploit that split-second of disappointment their opponents have when a pen not given or a set-piece comes to nothing. By the time they are concentrating again, L'pool are halfway doen the pitch.
  7. This makes me sad but you are probably right. I don't know if I'm a zealot but i would, personally, prefer to win the FA Cup than finish 4th. When the European competitions are revamped in a few years, into more leagues and its own promotion and relegation, they will become everything. I fear that domstic league attendances will start to fall at that point.
  8. Singing section looking great, we'll be joining in in the Family Stamd...
  9. Last 3 years the 4th place team got 71-76 points. We need 10 wins, i reckon. With 9 to play at home, our form and BR's management i am very optimistic.
  10. This is the worst part of the season. All the media go clickbait crazy. Soyuncu to Barcelona in a Ronaldo plus cash deal. Ricardo to Beijing FC in exhange for Hong Kong Andy King to Man City for £20m + Riyadh. Wish i could just make up rubbish in my job!
  11. I reckon all of that is technically possible.I accept that it is debatable whether it would better. I think it would be, because it would be instantaneous, like goal-liine technology is. It should also be more precise than VAR.
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