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  1. This makes me sad but you are probably right. I don't know if I'm a zealot but i would, personally, prefer to win the FA Cup than finish 4th. When the European competitions are revamped in a few years, into more leagues and its own promotion and relegation, they will become everything. I fear that domstic league attendances will start to fall at that point.
  2. Singing section looking great, we'll be joining in in the Family Stamd...
  3. Last 3 years the 4th place team got 71-76 points. We need 10 wins, i reckon. With 9 to play at home, our form and BR's management i am very optimistic.
  4. This is the worst part of the season. All the media go clickbait crazy. Soyuncu to Barcelona in a Ronaldo plus cash deal. Ricardo to Beijing FC in exhange for Hong Kong Andy King to Man City for £20m + Riyadh. Wish i could just make up rubbish in my job!
  5. I reckon all of that is technically possible.I accept that it is debatable whether it would better. I think it would be, because it would be instantaneous, like goal-liine technology is. It should also be more precise than VAR.
  6. I agree. It must be possible to put sensors in players boots, to determine offside immediately. If those sensors sent their signal to the linesman's flag you could get an instant decision. Then there'd be no need for VAR in offside decisions
  7. I looked really hard but i couldnt see F@r*st anywhere. Or Derby 11 points County. Or that new Birmingham team, that groundshare St Andrews. Bloody BBC, how could they have missed all of these fine clubs? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50685505
  8. Me too. As for Stringer, he's in the moukd of Chapman, Bruce-Ball, Jason Fletcher, etc. When he commentates he's ok, its the froth, like this article, that irritates me.
  9. Agree with all of that. Would add Pukki too. I read somewhere that Chelsea had a buy-back for Ake and were going to activate it.
  10. Agree. Clearly 2 assists. I didn't see the match live but (based on MOTD coverage) he was MOTM.
  11. Going down: Norwich, Bournemouth and Villa (unless their deep pockets rescue them).
  12. I mostly agree...I'd just add that the current laws are out of kilter. Liverpool (h) is the best example for me. If that's a pen then the law is wrong.
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