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  1. Today I actually feel a bit sorry for them. Yes the first half was shocking, they looked shell shocked and tactics were wrong but maybe the party boys had disrupted the plans and tactics and it wasn't what was planned? They just seemed off and maybe now we know why. The fight in the second half was a little bit too late but they showed grit and determination and Albrighton was inspired! Kel was great too, loved the way when he scored he just grabbed the ball and got on with it wasting no time.  Onwards and upwards. Hopefully they can clear the air and sort out whatever is going on and come out fighting on Sunday! 

  2. I'm still annoyed today.


    IF the story is true they are a disgrace. They were given clear instructions by their club and manager and they totally ignored that. They hid from the police too. The club captain is also apparently involved which is huge! It is so much more than just lads making a mistake. It's misconduct.  They disrupted the preparations for the match too and I should imagine have upset many inside the club who haven't seen friends and family for a long time and who have potentially lost loved ones. They have foreign team mates who haven't seem family in a long time. Brendan was poorly with covid and Cags currently has it! They let the club down massively. Its not a mistake, it's misconduct and disrespect. They cannot say they didn't know when the whole team was spoken too just before. I suspect they will be disciplined but that will be internally so we will not know about it. They have a lot of making up to do too I should imagine. I wouldn't want to be them walking into the training ground today!

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  3. So pleased for him and what a saviour he is at the moment. Just shows what a run of games and a little confidence does for a player. I think a few others could benefit from this and playing in one position, for example Dennis. It's hard to find momentum when it's chopped and changed all the time. 


    Well done Kel!

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  4. 13 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

    I guess we will find out over the next couple of games whether the big bosses in the dressing room like Kasper and Vardy agree with Rodgers or whether they instigate operation sack the manager lol

    I can imagine Kasper, Evans, Albrighton etc. were not at all impressed with the behaviour. Stick them in a room with ranty Kasper ūüėĀ

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