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  1. Novichocked in the morning you're getting Novichocked in the morning, Novichocked in the morning
  2. No pre match team selection melt down.... I'm now concerned
  3. Kerrea Gilbert..... Oh how we've progressed
  4. Klopps a winner though..... He does what it takes to deliver, yes he makes excuses but he does what every serial winner does and deflects attention to achieve the overall goal. Its what we lack in my opinion
  5. A mates got an integra dc2 in yellow, been on the front of loads of jap car porn mags, they just keep on appreciating...... I've got a scirocco R which has held its value well since they stopped making them. Hoping to see the same increase in value as the Honda as they have quite the fan club
  6. Not enough people slating the team selection for me, full of nerves now
  7. And so the bigger the pre match melt down the bigger the win continueum carrys on
  8. BBC sport saying hamza took a touch before he scored 🤔
  9. Harvey Barnes reminds me of Happy Gilmore when he burst on the scene of golf but couldn't send the ball home...... Looks like he's found his happy place
  10. Great goal by Barnes, the touch to take it past Reina was sublime
  11. Been shit since Christmas..... Lost our way after the Liverpool and man City debacles
  12. I agree with previous posts, I'm too busy to attend every game. I run a business and I have obligations that will always preceed football..... But for me, I go to a match to spend time with friends and sitting next to stinky Pete on my own, separated from said friends don't work for me so I watch it elsewhere. Sooner its done the better as I'll go more often
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