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  1. Good from him today, always looks so much better in a two. First touch is underrated but decision making let's him down. I can actually understand why he was bought off, allowed us to switch to a 4-3-3 which saw us get control back in the 2nd half cause we were really struggling. You can easily argue Vardy should have made way but I wouldn't be surprised if Kelechi starts over him at the weekend. Absolutely belting finish for the goal.
  2. Fancy us much more than I did before the Burnley match. The week off after this before Sheff U is so well needed. I'd rest Vardy and Ricardo, both look unfit, and an injury to either would be a disaster right now. Can always come on with 30 left if needs be. Kasper Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi. Tielemans Under. Tavares. Albrighton Iheanacho Under's last chance to really show he's an option for me.
  3. People will i'm sure mark Hamza down massively from the mistake, but that could easily cloud how poor he was tonight. I've never seen a player caught on their heels so much as they let a ball 1-2 yards away roll past them.
  4. Players worked their socks half against a right bastard of a side to play against when you're on the ropes fitness wise. Could be an important point come end of the season.
  5. Absolutely love the guy, granted some attributes could be higher but his pace, off the ball and composure means he just burts through one on one and calmly slots it in. Like a prime Vardy This is around the halfway point of his first season for me. He got 14 in 28 appearances the year before.
  6. Abraham Edouard Toney (If Brentford don't go up) Nketiah In that order of preference for me.
  7. Agree with this, Potter is tactically excellent, he's just dealing with a team who cannot take chances. I'd even guess that the exact team he has at Brighton now could finish mid/top half on another season if they had more composure & luck infront of goal. For what it's worth, I'll be amazed if most teams don't have a shortlist of next potential managers regardless of how they view the current one.
  8. Whether it's this forum, little bits and pieces coming from Brendan lately or the youtube video I just watched, I'm convinced we see him start either tomorrow or against Brighton. If he signs a new deal, along with KDH we could have some really nice depth to the midfield next year.
  9. Yeah looking for about 3 nights, Lake District is on the shortlist as it were - Cotswolds and Edinburgh also.
  10. Looking at booking a UK based honeymoon for June, has anyone got any recommendations? Anywhere other than Cornwall
  11. Moved to Feyenoord from Espanyol, and have a striker who is insane. Nestro Groen, who should be in their youth team at start of the game. Has scored at over a goal a game for 6 months, and has just scored 1st half hat-tricks for me in back to back games.
  12. Really weird feeling around this match, we have so many injuries, and it appears confidence and fitness is low around the entire squad. However Burnley looked awful yesterday, and if we are going to finish top 4 we have to have the mentality to dust ourselves off and grind out a result. Kasper Amartey Soyuncu Fuchs Ricardo Choudhury Tielemans Ndidi Castagne Iheanacho Vardy Under to come off the bench if we are needing a goal, these next few games are his chance to
  13. With the injuries we have had all season, and especially now, it will be a herculean effort to get top 4. With a fully fit squad all season, top 4 is a great season. We need to remember the quality and size of the club's we are competing against for Champions League qualification. At the start of every season, any European qualification should be considered a good season.
  14. Just seen that Ipswich are on the verge of getting taken over by an American group. Paul Cook to replace Lambert as manager. Ipswich are my "second team" so always keep an eye on what's going on there. This is hugely needed!
  15. Think last night could be a real weapon for Brendon to use when discussing transfer activity for the summer. Granted the injuries we have are unlikely to be repeated next year, but there are a few players who are solid prem players at best, and to get to the next level they need replacing with players of european quality. Striker, a couple of wingers & a central midfielder for me.
  16. I'd go 5 at the back for this, and play a little more direct. Kasper Amartey Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Tielemans Ndidi Castagne Kelechi Vardy Barnes
  17. I don't see that to be the case. Manchester clubs won't go for him, neither will Liverpool. Chelsea won't sell to Spurs, and unlikely to sell to Arsenal too. He could go abroad, possibly as Haaland's replacement at Dortmund, but I just think he would fit really well here. Alot more to come from him too, personally think he can bulk up a little more and add an extra yard of pace to his movement.
  18. I know he's been mentioned before but apparently Tammy Abraham doesn't want to sign a new deal at Chelsea as they chase Haaland. Could be a really good option for us, only 23 and already pretty proven in the PL.
  19. He's been excellent since end of transfer window. Think the only way these beat us is physically, so he helps with that too. Huge game for Under in my opinion - if he doesn't start here, he never will. Brendon could look at 3 at the back though and play Barnes and Vardy up top.
  20. With no Maddison I'd like us to go with this. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Castagne Ndidi Choudhury Tielemans Under Barnes Vardy I wouldn't have played Under, but we will need that little bit of creativity now. Choudhury in the middle to add some energy and cover the full backs getting forward. Youri to obviously push a little higher up.
  21. Had a dream when Captain Tom was in hospital that him and Prince Phillip died on the same day. Not longer after Tom dies, Phillip is in hospital. My timing is off I suppose...
  22. Interesting, never seen him play but just looked at some stats. I imagine would come in as Wilf backup? A tall lad that's for sure, and seems a little more box-to-box than Wilf? Maybe someone with more French football knowledge than me can confirm those.
  23. Unfortunately for him, Sir Keir is not really an affective Leader of Opposition this far away from an election, he doesn't really incite passion for change so far away from it's ability to happen as well as Corbyn did. Proof will be in the pudding when we are closing in to a general election and he can lay down specific policies and put himself across as the steady, sensible leader that is more his style.
  24. Personally don't see a 4th choice centre back playing that many games. I don't see us having the same injury issues next year as we have this year, and we will likely play a very similar amount of games. So far Amartey has started 6 games. Take into account some of those are at Right Back (where some of those appearances have also been down to injury) he will probably finish the season around the 15 mark at most? It just doesn't make financial sense to me, while money is tight (and it will be relatively tight next year, even if we qualify for CL), to spend money on that kind o
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