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  1. Enables Brendon to say how pleased he was with the spirit shown by the lads in difficult circumstances
  2. Will we be able to match Chelsea's 5-2 debacle against West Brom
  3. This is against a side that really has nothing to play for, as they were more or less safe at the start of the match
  4. Because it's an average league, bereft of any genuine quality, despite the zillions spent on players
  5. He's overrated. Great at PR, but an average Manager
  6. Rodgers with the requisite skills to move to Spurs
  7. Play like this in the Cup Final and it will be a cricket score against us
  8. As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?
  9. Stick four defenders on Saint-Maximin and we win the game
  10. Watching Hazard pick up the ball, then shooting, I thought that the shot was going to end up in row Z. Starting to think that we hadn't got there yet - could we fall at the last hurdle? Then the net ripples. A strange feeling ensues. Could it be ruled out for some sort of offence, will our joy be short-lived. Then the realisation that we were less than ten minutes away from achieving the impossible. Chelsea had looked vulnerable at the back, and so there was a chance that Spurs could create one last chance. As the minutes ticked away, nervousness took hold. A free kick for Chelsea. Just keep i
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