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  1. Anybody venture into town yesterday?  Is it worth the effort and is it easy enough to get a table. I’m supposed to be meeting a couple of mates next week and can’t help thinking I’d be better staying local where I know I’d get in okay than to travel into town and not no whether places will be full. 

  2. I’d imagine the speed of the table service will be massively dependent on the types of drinks they offer. I remember going into the Slug and Lettuce, as it was then, after a match and waiting ten mins plus to get served not because it was particularly busy but because the barman was making cocktails that took him ten times longer to make than pouring a simple pint of beer. 

  3. As bad a result as it was on Sunday having watched it back last night we were unlucky to be 3-0 down in some ways. Wasn’t like West Ham were creating chances galore.  It was a flat poor game to watch and West Ham were flattered to go 3 up. We were then flattered in return with how the last twenty mins went as West Ham froze and invited pressure, something that for me rules them out for top four. When the pressure is on they panic. 

    The game this weekend is important for the league campaign.  A bit like the Villa semi last season seemed to be a pivotal moment so could this game. The deflation of a defeat could really kill us. Hopefully we will come back to life and win well. Have a final to look forward to and get that winning feeling back. We badly need Maddison back as the goals have dried up for us with the exception of Nacho. Maddison creates and scores. He maybe unpopular at the moment but that’ll soon be forgotten when he bags a couple. 

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Spudulike said:

    Be careful, I once went down the lobworm route in desperation and hooked the biggest eel I've ever seen in my life. Barely fitted in my 42 inch landing net and scared the life out of me. I later found out the lake once held the eel record (back in the 60's) with other members having similar encounters. No idea how big it was as another angler and myself managed to unhook it in the net and let it escape back into the water. 

    Reminds me of a mate who was in Cape Verde a few years back and managed to hook into a little shark whilst throwing some lures into the sea off the beach. 

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  5. The weeks rest will see us back to our best. Plenty of players looked leggy against Man City with the ridiculous International games some of them played, exaggerated by the fact we were playing the best team in the world.  I think we will be back to the level that battered Man Utd in the cup. 

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  6. Just seen a video of Gerwyn Price who’s had to pull out the Premier League Darts due to a positive test. He’s just done a video claiming to have taken three home tests since and all three have returned negative. Is this what we’ve got to look forward to with unreliable tests preventing us doing things.  

  7. These shit hole cities are only going to get worse as well after this COVID era fades away.  Can see nearly half the shops in town closing in the next couple of years and the city centres becoming really run down as the economic impact takes hold. 

  8. Results like this and the Chelsea one yesterday were always going to happen in this run in. A few weeks back people were saying we needed 7 or 8 wins basically assuming everyone else will win every game they will be fav to win. There will be plenty more twists and turns and that will also include Liverpool who will slip up again against someone. 

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  9. Got into fishing about five years ago now having never really fancying it in my younger days. Spent fortunes in the first year buying new gear every week. Like Col I soon picked up several new tactics for catching Carp mainly.  Slowed down a lot last couple of years mainly because I sort of went off the commercial fishing lakes a bit and liked natural venues more and more specifically fishing lures off the rocks into the sea, which I absolutely love.  I also did some fly fishing for salmon and trout in Ireland which was awesome. As much as I enjoy catch and release fishing there’s something more addictive in catching your dinner. Hoping to get over to Ireland in the summer for a full week of fishing.  On the lakes in the morning for trout mainly and then on the rocks in the afternoon for mackerel and pollock. 

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  10. 23 minutes ago, StanSP said:

    I went to a restaurant in London and they had the same. Just a book for people to put their details on - name, phone number, e-mail I think. I did wonder what data protection laws they were breaking lol 



    Was out with a few mates one night and the pub we were in had a clipboard where you was supposed to write your contact details. Literally nothing stopping anybody taking a photo of the sheet with all the names addresses and numbers on and doing what they wanted with the info. I think I was Jamie Vardy that night and my phone number was 999 😉.  

  11. Was talking to a bus driver yesterday and he was telling me how from after the rush hour, which isn’t really a rush hour at the moment anyway, he often drives the entire bus route without a single stop.  Made me realise just how bad town must be at the moment with barely anyone having a reason to go there. 

  12. 4 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

    17 deaths today.


    I've just put the figure in my group chat, a 28 year old healthy lad is saying we've opened up too early and we shouldn't be opening anything up until we've vaccinated everyone twice, because the vaccine isn't 100%. When I said 17 people is a minimal amount in the grand scheme of life and death, we're right to be opening up soon 'It's still 17 too many, you'd feel different if it was someone close to you'. These people are insane. I always always always try to look at other peoples viewpoints, but I really can't see how anyone can think locking down for another year is the answer, it defies all logic.


    At this point I genuinely believe a lot of those that want lockdown for another few months aren't missing out on anything by being in lockdown, they aren't financially disadvantaged by it, or they're scared shitless because the Goverment and the media have caused them to be.

    By his standpoint virtually everything in life should be banned. 

    Regarding some people liking the lockdown I think you are right. There’s a surprisingly large number of people who like the present system for lots of different reasons.  I personally hate it. I go out five nights  a week on average in a normal times. It’s killing me having to stay in every night. Yet my brother who goes out about five times a year at nights  keeps telling me how there is no lockdown !

  13. Surely the this talked about third wave will be the acid test of the vaccines. No major problems from it with mass new deaths and hospitalisations then we are well on the home straight to seeing the end of this period in history. 

  14. These are decisions VAR should be ruling out. I’ve never had a problem with players buying penalties. Some don’t like it and say it’s cheating etc and I respect that view but you can understand why a ref with one look gives it. Then when we all see it again it’s blatant what’s happened and the penalty should be ruled out. If VAR started reversing these decisions the buying of penalties, as I’ve put it, would reduce. Players at this level would soon realise that the conning of an official who’s got  one look from an angle that makes it’s difficult to see properly sometimes wouldn’t be the person who’s deciding. Instead the shitty it’s not a clear and obvious error statements come out and the shitty decision stands. VAR just isn’t being used correctly. 

  15. 4 minutes ago, Parafox said:

    Get a grip. So you're saying that if everyone stayed on the concourses crammed together and didn't go inside there'd be no spike?

    You're naïve. 

    You’re comparing a march, that’s completely outside , being as dangerous as a massive crowd in a racecourse with bars and food halls etc.  Today will be nothing like what happened at Cheltenham a year ago in terms of spreading the virus. 

  16. 12 minutes ago, Parafox said:

    What about last years Cheltenham Festival? That was shown to be a hotspot of transmission.

    You aren’t being serious are you ?  If so you do realise going to the races as part of a 30k crowd or more does involve being inside buildings and using facilities where a virus just might spread. 

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