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  1. Was just saying the same. Even if we only get another 14points would leave Liverpool needing 24 which is ridiculously good form for anyone and would be a mighty effort from 10 games.
  2. Was a little peeved he didn’t get a touch for the Maddison goal vs Liverpool so great to see him bag a winner so soon after.
  3. Was just saying that. Even last night we had to play a side who hadn’t played in the week and I did think it showed early in the game with the energy Brighton started the match with.
  4. As much as I agree we probably need more I do think 68 points puts plenty of pressure on the teams chasing and I’d take that now if I could. I’d be confident it would be enough to rule West Ham or Everton beating us and Liverpool would have to find last seasons form to better it.
  5. I remember reading Traore was wanted by big clubs with figures mentioned being ridiculous. Surely those estimates have halved this season.
  6. I think what I meant is I’m resigned to the fact Chelsea finish above us. They have so many options as well on the bench compared to Liverpool and I can’t see us finishing above them now. Whereas Liverpool look average these days and another couple of results going against them and I think they are done for.
  7. Watching this match with our fourth place chances hat on I would rather Chelsea than Liverpool winning for sure. Chelsea look a decent side and will win plenty of games whereas watching Liverpool I can now seriously see them only winning a handful of games.
  8. What a disappointment. Seen there was a dozen or so new posts and my excitement grew only to see no new pics.
  9. Yes I’ve been very impressed with the female contingent in the Aussie villa.
  10. We will be fine after this weekend in terms of being on a level footing at worse with other teams regarding games to play and fatigue. A few bodies due back soon as well and the one game a week scenario most weeks will help us. A shame we play a side on Saturday who’ve had the full week off.
  11. Just noticed they’ve only scored 18 goals all season. I’d love to know how many of them were from corners and free kicks crossed into to the box.
  12. People worrying about catching COVID via people they are passing in the street have serious problems ever getting over this pandemic in terms of living life again.
  13. I am feeling a Brendan masterclass coming. This will be considered his greatest achievement when he manages to totally bore Burnley for 94min and then nick a late late winner.
  14. Siege Mentality time. Fortunately we are still in a position where we can ride a couple more bad results and still have things in our own hands. Play for a dour draw here and hope like someone as already said we might shit house a win like we did at Arsenal. Somehow nick 3 or 4 points from these next two games and hopefully we may have some extra bodies back after that.
  15. I see plenty of mileage in your point. Plenty of other sportsman who’ve had to slightly change their actions as it’s become a problem in causing injuries. It’s fair to say Maddison probably spends hours in training practicing these corners and set piece balls and doing this probably does put stresses on his body. Might not be a bad idea to take him off these duties and concentrate on him purely playing.
  16. At least we play a side who’ve travelled and played last night this week. The fixtures starting to help us elsewhere now with teams playing one another and taking points off each other. Next three games could be huge one way or another. Get 7 points from them and the table will look very sweet with ten to play, probably not dissimilar to last season even. Alternatively two or three bad results and the pressure will be well and truly scaled up. After the disappointment of last night a win against these horrid ******* would be just the tonic.
  17. Surely there is no longer any fat blobs. We were told very early on that excess weight is big problem if you want to survive COVID. They’ve had a year virtually now to lose that pudding so I’m assuming the Country no longer has fat blobs to worry about.
  18. We know what’s coming Mark. I can see it now. The June re opening of the Uk with Leicester back where it belongs in lockdown. The holidays all cancelled from LE postcodes. The Leicester lepers part two.
  19. If it wasn’t for the Thursday night games I’d be very confident. I’m still worried these games will cost us somewhere along the line. I was massively up for the Europa when it started but now with thirteen games to go and our current league position I’m starting to see it as something I’d rather no longer have. As others have said the importance of Champions League football on keeping players and signing new stars can’t be underestimated.
  20. Also I just think it’s money wasted. Staff at golf clubs will I assume be on furlough for the past three months when there’s absolutely no reason for that to be the case.
  21. Whatever the reasons were for yesterday’s team, could have been the Grealish factor, I do think Under is a bit unlucky even when he does get a run out. Even yesterday he’s unlucky. I’m sure had the game stayed two nil for long enough he probably gets a run out in a situation made for him with the opposition chasing the game and space everywhere. Instead they score out of nothing and it’s a different game and the more defensive subs are required. So up to now he’s had very few chances in a game that’s suited to him attack wise with the opponents chasing the game. Arsenal and Leeds away were p
  22. I’d love to know why golf can’t return till end of March. Fishing has been allowed throughout this lockdown and from early March you can legally meet someone outside to socialise. I’m sure golf could easily be allowed for two balls only, without any need for players to go inside the clubhouse.
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