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  1. He’s a bit similar to the Amartey situation for me. As a third choice back up he’s more than good enough and decent value for money for a team who can’t offer a player regular game time. Yes he’s far inferior to the first choice players, just like Big Dan is, but people need to remember the first choices are all World Class players and we are not in a position to obtain World Class back up just yet. He also brings a bit of energy to the team when he has these twenty minute cameos.
  2. Seriously how bad is it that the offside want noticed.
  3. The penalty was actually a farce. Refs given it and no way on this Earth could VAR show conclusively that it was an error. Yet they ruled it outside. Not what VAR was brought into do.
  4. Liverpool fans moaning about millimetres regarding the first goal conveniently forget thirty secs earlier they got a millimetres decision go their way.
  5. You’ll struggle to get better cover for him than them pair. He’s a World Class player and we will not be able to get a similar quality player to be cover. A bit like the Vardy replacement problem we’ve had. Trying to get a top player to sit on the bench as cover isn’t easy.
  6. He’s got terrible lately compared to last season and earlier this. Even his appearance looks worse at the moment. He doesn’t look the same man.
  7. I agree he’s not the same bloke but I wouldn’t underestimate the death of his mother and the inability to actually go home for a funeral etc making him a mess at present. He must be hurting.
  8. I see an article today saying up to 40% of people treated in hospital for COVID in the first wave caught the damn thing whilst in Hospital. I know of two people personally who died with COVID after being in hospital treated for something else, so it doesn’t surprise me.
  9. My wife’s cousin is one of the Lockdown forever types. She’s all over the Leicestershire Live comments every time they run a COVID story calling for more restrictions and saluting the Police when someone is fined. Thing is she has been on full pay since March without working and her lazy boyfriend has been on the sick forever pretty much. she’s quite content spending all day on Social Media and he is happy playing his XBox for 14 hours a day. This new normal suits them perfectly. I fear she’s not in a tiny minority.
  10. I can’t help thinking had he bagged the header or the peno against Palace he would have gone on a purple patch through January. Really must have knocked him about that Palace game and yet he’s come back now and scored a couple of important goals.
  11. I really am missing the twice a week visits to the real ale pubs in the City. I just hope they all re open.
  12. Can see the cases in The Mercury being reported now. A 22 year old man is sentenced to 10 Years in jail for sneaking past security at the Holiday Inn to go to a local pub whilst midway through his quarantine period. In other news a career criminal is given one last chance by a judge after admitting to 87 burglaries and a thug who admitted to knocking another man out with one punch received a suspended sentence after showing immense remorse for his actions.
  13. You’d imagine given what players have gone for from the division before and his age that if he was Luton’s player they would want 20m.
  14. Will be a like new signing. The actual type of signing the club likes as well. Young raw improving Players.
  15. It’s not just about the two results in those games. It’s keeping the strain on players bodies at a rate where we don’t pick up injuries through over playing. Even if we lose both games it doesn’t make it the wrong decision long term.
  16. People wanting a strong side for this and Liverpool need to realise with the schedule we’ve already had lately and what’s to follow it’s not possible. The amount of injuries clubs are picking up this season has increased because of the more hectic schedules and we need to accept we can’t be playing anything like our strongest side twice a week over a sustained period. Initially I thought Brighton was a great draw but in actual fact it’s probably as bad as it gets in that they are one of only a few sides with nothing else to play for and will see the cup as a chance to do well in something.
  17. At last a new pic. I get excited when I see this thread has a post. Then when I see there’s merely a name without a picture I feel extremely cheated.
  18. Plus Ricardo will just get better. I think Ndidi will make a massive difference. I’ve often forgot just how good he is when he’s out and on his return I’m quickly reminded.
  19. Wolves rarely involved in anything remotely entertaining. Today’s game pretty much a stereotypical match involving them. Would have been so satisfying had Jamie’s header gone in.
  20. I said the same to my mate but he made a good point about what’s he been training like. I suppose you’ve got to have a situation where players who aren’t being picked are still motivated to train well knowing that they might get their chance through that.
  21. They still haven’t opened everything up as it was last week and they still have masks. My point was is that what will be happening to us next winter every time there’s a new outbreak. Might seem a small price to pay depending on how much it personally affects you.
  22. These people moaning about the younger generation still not obeying the rules must have forgotten how good life was when they were young. I’d finish work on a Friday and the weekend would then involve into town on the Friday finishing with either a shag or most times a Kebab at 2am. Up the next day and play football in the afternoon before trying to avoid the kebab with mates at 2am after a session in Town trying to pull again. Sunday morning I’d still be up for football at 10.30 kick off before an afternoon on the beer again. I’d go work on Monday and as this was before mobile phones existe
  23. I am the same and want to know what the end target of all these restrictions is. Is it zero cases? You look at the panic mode the Western Australians went into for one single case and wonder will that be us next Autumn every time a case is found. Or do we have a figure that we are accepting will die each year through Covid related infections. As some posters have said there is a decent proportion of the population who love this new Covid restrictive life we now have. There’s plenty who don’t work or work in a sector that they think is safe from going under due to the economic crash that awai
  24. I know It’s negative thinking but I can’t help thinking what the panic button figure number will be later this year. It’s inevitable there will be cases but at what level will SAGE take over and massive restrictions reappear. Got a few business opportunities I’m looking at but another problem winter will make them bad investments.
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