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  1. Amazing that they rushed the whole of the last two seasons but found time for half an hour of sentimental guff at the end.
  2. Never mind the fact that a huge reason for their success is that they managed to con £140 million out of Barcelona for Coutinho which was only a possibility because of the insane levels of money being thrown around by oil rich states. Without that they’d not have at least one of van Dijk or Allison and would be nowhere near the league title. All of the big sides benefit to some extent from this crazy money going round. The teams losing out from Manchester City’s extraordinary wealth aren’t Liverpool or Spurs - teams that qualify for Europe season after season and can keep their very best players more often than not - it’s teams in the rest of the league whose only hope in beating these super-charged sides is to sit 10 men behind the ball and hope to pinch one on the break, knowing full well that any concerted period of achievement is beyond their grasp because they will be raided by the big 6 at the first opportunity. Football is a totally different sport to what it was even 10 years ago and there’s only six clubs in the UK benefiting from that. Only a matter of time until they set out on their own.
  3. I’m not sure it was even a foul by the Leeds player at all. Pretty sure they both just fell over their own feet.
  4. Unless the course is for time travel I struggle to see the point.
  5. Wish them nothing but continued failure domestically but I’d far rather see Liverpool in the final than this Barcelona side.
  6. Shaqiri knows he’s playing in red? I’m amazed that he’s seen as such a success at Liverpool and Mahrez a failure at Man City when Mahrez has better stats in virtually every regard. Perhaps it’s a price thing given Mahrez cost 5 times as much...
  7. What cracked me up was the way he confidently swept it into the corner of an imaginary goal. The way he struck it it was almost as if he’d caught it perfectly. In a parallel universe he’s tucked that one away into the adjacent goal and he’s cartwheeling around the Etihad.
  8. Delicious final straw, dripping in onion gravy.
  9. It is so frustrating that Man City can just go and buy our best player and leave him to rot on the bench. As exciting as this team is at the moment, this is why we will never permanently establish ourselves as a top 6 side, and nor will Wolves, Everton, West Ham or anybody else. Any top-level players are lured to the big sides before any of the growing sides are able to establish themselves.
  10. Probably because he scored 3 times as many goals for them in fewer games.
  11. He’s 73, I can’t believe he hasn’t been pensioned off. Then again when your competition is Darren Fletcher it’s hardly surprising he’s still employed.
  12. Anybody criticising our lot for that goal needs a good, long hard look in the mirror. Good shape, as it has been all game. You let Kompany shoot from there every time.
  13. Second half has passed him by. First half he was very good, several good passes into overlapping midfielders/full backs
  14. Genuinely one of the best long range goals I’ve ever seen. Battered it into the top corner.
  15. We look great, we’ve gone toe to toe with one of the best teams of all time.
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