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  1. ttfn

    Argentina v Iceland

    Can’t believe he’s not brought on Higuain or Dybala.
  2. ttfn

    France v Australia - Match Thread

    Thought that worked well.
  3. ttfn

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    This was a great tip (touch wood). As others have said the market has gone now.
  4. ttfn

    Egypt v Uruguay - Match thread.

    Best part was Keown still thinking it was a “goal” for a few seconds after seeing the replay.
  5. ttfn

    Egypt v Uruguay - Match thread.

    Pearce and Keown
  6. ttfn

    Marcus Rashford

  7. I thought it was a nice touch that for England’s first game in Yorkshire for about 10 years we started with 5 Yorkshiremen (Stones, Maguire, Rose, Delph, Vardy).
  8. ttfn

    Big Banter Ben Departs....

    Club legend for everything he did in the title season.
  9. ttfn

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Exactly. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we played without wingers next season.
  10. ttfn

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Great call by Oliver. Hazard’s first two touches in that run for the penalty were absolutely perfect, brilliant play. The low sun is really annoying.
  11. ttfn

    England world cup poll.

    My prediction is 2nd in the group, beaten comfortably by Colombia in the last 16.
  12. ttfn

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Scored 4 or more goals away from home 3 times in the league and twice in the cup this season. Got to be a record surely.
  13. ttfn

    Spurs 5 (FIVE) - Leicester 4 (FOUR)

    Once again we look like a decent side going forward when the opposition don’t sit on the edge of their own area for the whole game. Iheanacho’s performances in the last 2 games have been a real positive. In the past our problem has been that we’ve only had 2 goal threats in Mahrez and Vardy. It’s comforting that Iheanacho a time least looks like he might make up for Mahrez’ goals, if not his creativity.
  14. ttfn

    Arsenal post match 3-1

    I’ve always been a big “Puel in” person but don’t underestimate how much of yesterday’s performance was facilitated by Arsenal actually turning up looking to play football. Our last 7 home games before this have been Huddersfield, Watford, Swansea, Stoke, Bournemouth, Newcastle and West Ham - all struggling sides content to sit with a deep back 4 and another block of at least 3 players sat not too far in front. This is the first home league game against a top side since December (at which point we were playing fine). Thats not to take anything away from the team’s performance yesterday - the intensity was much better as was the speed of passing but Puel (or whoever comes in to replace him) still has to find a way to break down the obdurate sides which will come here and do the same again next season.
  15. Today’s performance was terrible, I actually think it was quite significantly worse than last week.