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  1. Should be a good season though. The fact we’re even debating whether we, West Ham, Everton or Wolves could get into the top 4/6 is a huge step forward for the league. Unfortunately the Premier League is now split into sub-divisions but the bigger those sub-groups are the more interesting it is for everybody. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that a “par” finish for Lampard in his first year would be top 4 which I suspect is completely delusional. With a new, untested manager, a transfer ban, having lost their best player, their best young player injured until Christmas and Champions League football to contend with I think Lampard would do pretty well to have them finish 6th.
  2. Of course you would, they deserved to win that game, the fact they lost the game despite scoring the same amount of runs even after the super over and losing fewer wickets seems grossly unfair. Unbelievable spirit from Stokes, Buttler and Archer though.
  3. And Roy looked like he might have cost us about 2 balls earlier. So much drama in the last hour of that game - Stokes was 2 inches from being caught on the boundary in the penultimate over - that was game over if he’d gone then. Then obviously the nonsense with the “six” and, the super-over, both sides having somebody throwing themselves towards the crease knowing that if they got there they won the game and falling short. I’ve never seen anything like that in sport.
  4. The flip side of this is that the club wants to demonstrate to young players both in Europe and domestically that it is a place you can come and expect to play regularly at the top level whatever your age. If you’re good enough you will be trusted. Signing two highly regarded centre backs, making them wait a year for their chance and then taking it away and giving it to a mid-table centre back because they have experience is totally at odds with the way the club purports to operate and the manner in which the club has put itself in a position to have a crack at the top 6 in the first place. Evans, Benkovic, Soyuncu, Morgan (and Amartey) is plenty. Like anybody else we have a finite pot of money to spend and right now we’re riding high on being the ones taking advantage of others’ desperation in the transfer market. I could understand Dunk at £40m if we were absolutely desperate - say we didn’t have Evans or he had a long term injury - but we’re not desperate, we absolutely don’t need a centre back in the way in which Manchester United do. Perhaps Soyuncu and Benkovic are both not good enough. But I’d rather we give them 6 months - Dunk will still be there in january and even in this market it’s hard to believe that his asking price will go up by more than 10% in that time. Seems like potentially a small price to pay to give one or both of those two a chance.
  5. Looked very out, surprised at the bounce.
  6. Well I thought it was interesting. Anecdotally I feel like we concede a lot of long-range goals which I’d suspect is what causes a lot of the variance. Whether this is Schmeichel’s fault or not I don’t know but the Optapro xGOT would suggest he’s not helping. Obviously there’s much more to goalkeeping than stopping shots but it’s interesting that Kasper has a reputation as a great shot stopper and that doesn’t appear justified. It would also be interesting to see his stats before and after Puel was sacked. Vardy’s xG per 90 mins weren’t starkly different between Puel and Rodgers but obviously his goalscoring picked up dramatically under Rodgers. Consciously or not he wasn’t finishing at his top level under Puel and I wonder if the same is true at the other end of the pitch for Schmeichel - whether the 2-3% you lose from your game simply by not liking/respecting your manager shows itself most in the big moments in games: chances for us or the opposition.
  7. I actually think those stats make great reading for Barnes. 40 shots from the wing in half a season is great, he was getting into some brilliant positions and then fluffing his lines. We know he can finish - we’ve seen it in his half season at West Brom. Eventually his form in front of goal will revert to the mean and there’s everything to suggest he’s got a 10 goal top flight season in him.
  8. ttfn

    A. Perez

    I’m just not sure I’m buying that he’s a “proven premier league player”. He’s played a lot of PL games but then again so has Demarai Gray. Perez hit a huge purple patch at the end of last season which is totally out of keeping with pretty much everything else he’s done in his career to this point. He’s a 6 or 7 goal a season man despite having played a big chunk of games up front. Me suggesting that he’s over-priced even in the current market is not a condemnation of Rodgers’ or anybody else’s judgement in wanting to sign him, it’s simply that I can’t see that it’s a good use of £30m. You’re right to say say that it’s all relative - my point is that even in this market £30m for a player who hasn’t always been able to hold down a first team spot at a relegation struggler is not value for money. At £16m he’s a decent enough signing and that feels about right in this market. At £30m I don’t see the value for us unless Rodgers thinks he’s a guaranteed starter who is going to carry on his form from the last 3 months indefinitely.
  9. ttfn

    A. Perez

    I don’t care how inflated the market is, breaking the club’s transfer record for a player who hasn’t exactly been the first name on the team sheet in a poor Newcastle side for the last 5 years is not good business. I’m not saying he’s a poor player - I’d expect him to improve our match day squad but I’m not sure he’s a guaranteed starter for us. People say “it’s not my money” but every pound we overspend on a player like Perez is a pound less we have to spend somewhere else. It does matter how much we spend on these sorts of players: we’ve been stung on big money signings time and again and it’s money we’ll never see again. I’d be hugely underwhelmed if this is the only attacking reinforcement we bring in. When there was talk of a £30-50m winger earlier in the week, Perez’ name didn’t come up. It’s not because Perez isn’t a good player, it’s because he’s not a £30m winger in anybody’s book. Except seemingly LCFC’s!
  10. I would rather we take our chances on Soyuncu and/or Benkovic than spend £30 million on Dunk or Lascelles. Big Wes as 4th choice, Amartey as cover for emergencies. I’m really not sure we need another centre back, we’ve got far more pressing areas to cover.
  11. Really poor challenge from Choudhury.
  12. It’s all well and good pointing the finger at Stones and Maguire for the poor passing out from the back but they’ve been told to do it and there are no options for them. The movement ahead of them is piss poor. The bigger issue for Stones and Maguire is that neither of them is a particularly good defender. Once again Kane will get a free pass despite being an absolute vacuum on this England side.
  13. I can’t be the only one who just shouted STOP FOULING at Kane
  14. Evans is the best centre back I’ve seen play for us. Probably a pretty unpopular opinion given the series of legends we’ve had play in that position from Walsh to Morgan and Huth but he’s good at everything. Evans for Morgan/Huth is one of the few changes from our current team to our title winning team that I don’t think would make a significant difference.
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