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  1. ttfn

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    The biggest compliment I can give Southgate is that I can’t remember the last time I saw Dier or Barkley play this well and they’re up against Thiago, Busquets and Saul which is an outrageous midfield 3.
  2. I’m not sure if it was bad enough for a red just because it was high and from behind - certainly it wasn’t in the same league as the one Vardy was sent off for. What really irritated me about it was the same thing as what annoyed me about the Gosling hack on Vardy at Bournemouth. In both cases the offender has committed 2 very clear yellow card offences in one tackle: 1) A professional foul to stop a counter attack. 2) A dangerous challenge which some referees may consider worthy of a red in and of itself. It’s absurd that it seems that you get the same punishment for a violent hack or a dangerous lunge as for a sly trip (which is obviously worthy of a yellow) in breaking up a counter attack.
  3. I can’t believe that they let him take that. But I can’t take any pleasure in him failing, I want him to do well there. He’s been their best player in the second half and that will be forgotten.
  4. ttfn

    Square pegs, round holes and unbalanced

    Maddison is not playing on the left wing at least not the extent that it can be considered to stifle his ability to create. When we have don’t have possession, his job is to offer some protection to Chilwell. When we have possession he comes inside and plays as a number 10. The left wing role is played by Chilwell, not Maddison. Somebody else mentioned it in another thread but we play 4-4-1-1 in defence and 3-4-1-2 in possession. Iheanacho is the man behind the striker in defence and Maddison in attack.
  5. It strikes me that a number of the people talking about the number of shots and shots on target are also the same people who refuse to engage with the concept of expected goals. Shots and shots on target are almost entirely meaningless. They don’t give you the context of the chance at all. Saying “we had half as many shots on target as Everton” as if that is a failing of the team or the manager is totally reductive. It ignores the fact that Vardy and Amartey both missed absolute sitters. Im perfectly happy for us to have half the number of shots on target as Everton as long as we continue to create that quality of opportunity with that regularity.
  6. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate that goal by Sigurdsson. A lot of doom and gloom in here but in the end we were only beaten by an incredible goal from a top class player.
  7. People booing and chanting “you don’t know what you’re doing” after Puel replaced Maddison is proof positive that a decent chunk of fans have made their minds up and are unprepared to let what happens on the pitch sway their prejudices. Maddison had a really poor game today and had absolutely no influence at all. Unfortunately once you’re down to 10 men you can’t just throw dozens of attacking players on to complement existing ones, otherwise you end up with a situation like the game against Spurs a couple of years back. Realistically it came down to one of Ndidi, Mendy or Maddison and whilst you could have made a good case for any of them, taking off a “creative” player who had created nothing and seemed exhausted looked like a reasonable gamble to me. Somebody above described Maddison as “our best player”. He’s not, he’s nowhere near. He’s understandably inconsistent. He’s learning the league and will have more games like today when it just doesn’t work for him. It serves nobody any benefit to leave him on the pitch on occasions like today (and Liverpool) when he’s clearly running on fumes and not contributing anything in attack or defence.
  8. I set my expectations for this game so low I didn’t think I could possibly be disappointed. I was wrong.
  9. The Gosling hack on Vardy is the sort of foul that needs to start being punished by a red card rather than a yellow. It’s one thing tugging somebody back or tripping them when they’re breaking away - nobody likes to see that happen to your team but it’s part of the game and highly unlikely to result in an injury for the other player. What Gosling did yesterday was just boot Vardy in the shin as hard as he could. Not only did he have no intention of winning the ball but it was done in such a way that it could easily have resulted in a bad injury for Vardy.
  10. I think Morgan is far ropier these days than Maguire is (irrespective of the quality in possession Maguire adds which I think perversely makes some people hold Maguire to a higher standard) but we’ll have to agree to disagree!
  11. That’s just not true, every time he has anything other than a good game there’s a raft of people on here saying “told you he wasn’t a good defender”. Its like when people say “if Messi had done that you’d never hear the end of it”. You never hear the end of it because Messi does it all the time. People poke holes in Morgan’s performance more frequently than Maguire’s because he’s more regularly deserving of that criticism. Maguire had a poor game yesterday and he wasn’t great against Liverpool. He was perfectly fine against United and Wolves and outstanding against Southampton even before his goal. Some are using yesterday to claim hes been poor all season for goodness sake. Overreactions everywhere since yesterday’s game.
  12. As much as I'm relieved Wes won't be starting next week there is absolutely no chance that's a yellow card offence, it's not even a foul ffs.
  13. I’ve never felt so confident of getting something from a game in which we’re 3-0 down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we’re going to make a comeback but we definitely could if we keep attacking like that.
  14. Rashford is the most overrated England player I can remember and there’s been a fair few to choose from.
  15. What I find particularly interesting about our approach to defending set pieces is that it appears to be a pure zonal approach rather than a hybrid with man-marking (which I am led to believe is the norm). The statistics bear out that whatever we’re doing is working but that doesn’t make me feel any less uneasy about allowing the likes of van Dijk to go about their business without a designated marker. I’d also be interested to know if any teams mark zonally and manage to leave men up at corners - I wonder if about the extent to which the two things are interlinked. I suppose the more men you have back in the box the smaller the zone for each player to defend.