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  1. I’ll add to the Kisnorbo and Fryatt love-ins.
  2. This is a palatable idea and one I could live with in the Premier League if it came down to it. I don’t think it’s “fair” but it’s fairer than writing off the season altogether. The big fear has got to be that this season is voided/rolled over into next season and then you can’t play a full season again next season because the virus comes back.
  3. ttfn

    Corona Virus

    More testing
  4. ttfn

    Corona Virus

    The communication was dreadful - simple bullet point messaging was needed. Finally it seems like we’re getting it.
  5. ttfn

    Corona Virus

    I think he’s been much better today. At the start of the week he looked to be enjoying it, the tone of the press conferences wasn’t serious enough.
  6. ttfn

    Corona Virus

    If you do go to the supermarket in the next few days think about leaving something for the food bank - I couldn’t believe how little was in there last week and people are going to need them more than ever in the next few weeks.
  7. ttfn

    Corona Virus

    The advice is so unclear, I’ve just been on the NHS website and what they deem to be self isolation isn’t even that clear. If it’s serious enough to be holding a daily press conference, it’s serious enough to be very proscriptive about what people should be doing.
  8. Why would you abandon the FA Cup with 3 rounds to go? It doesn’t make any sense. The 2020 FA Cup Final doesn’t have to be played in May, they could play it on Christmas Day if they have to. People are talking like football is going to end forever. Season start/end dates can obviously be moved for situations like this.
  9. They are not going to cancel the season. Absolutely no chance. There’s billions at stake here and it can all be resolved in a fair and safe manner just by postponing for a couple, or at worst a few, months. The only precedent for cancelling the season was 1939-40 when a) there’d only been 3 games, b) there was (almost literally) no money involved and c) it was suspended because of a war which nobody had any idea how long it would last. There’s good reason to think that things will be back to “normal” (with due respect to those affected to date and in the future) within a few months at most.
  10. Exactly, there is no need to cancel this season. Even if no football can be played for six months or a year they can still finish this season. Far more important for the integrity of the sport that this season is finished properly than next season starts on time, or even that it operates a full season. Even with the FA Cup, although it sounds a bit odd there’s nothing to stop this year’s competition from finishing after next year’s has started. Same goes for Champions League and Europa League, albeit it’s complicated slightly by the fact that the winners of each competition qualify for the following season. My guess is that they’ll put in a month-long suspension now to get us through to the end of the planned international break with football theoretically resuming on 4 April. That doesn’t sound realistic but they won’t want to panic anybody. The Euros will either be moved or cancelled. In the event that the league can’t be finished until, say, July, they’ll push back the next season until the end of September and use it as an excuse to sack off the League Cup and FA Cup Replays.
  11. This is such a hysterical reaction. There are five months until the start of next season, there are 9 league games and potentially 3 FA Cup games to squeeze in in 22 weeks. Even if we have to suspend football for four months there’s plenty of time to finish the season. There is absolutely no way they’re going to leave the season incomplete at this point. We might see a mass postponement of games but it will be caught up.
  12. I agree that abandoning the euros is starting to look like the smart move. However if that frees up June then there is no need to cancel the FA Cup. There is plenty of time to fit all the games in even if we have to stop everything for a month or six weeks.
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