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  1. No More Release Clauses!

    This topic has covered hundreds of pages of content here and this is the first time this has ever been mentioned. You'll forgive my scepticism. This clause - a specific one which activated only in the summer was it? Because Vardy had just scored in 11 straight games and didn't sign the new deal until February. If this clause actually existed we would have had bids "significantly under" £20 million in January.
  2. No More Release Clauses!

    We wouldn't have lost him for a lot less at the end of the season, that's just nonsense. Vardy had 3 years left on his existing contract. We had all the power in that negotiation. Kante one is absolutely fair enough, I understand that. The Vardy one was clearly a huge balls up by the club.
  3. Schmeichel 6 Simpson 7 Morgan 7 Maguire 7 Chilwell 6 Mahrez 8 Ndidi 6 Iborra 6 Albrighton 7.5 Gray 7.5 Vardy 6
  4. Life must be so hard if you're Sean Dyche. If every single little thing that rightly or wrongly goes against you is cause for complaint, how do you get through life? When he hits a red light does he throw his hands up and laugh sarcastically? When he goes to bed and wonders if he's locked the front door does he throw his hands up in the air and turn to his wife in feigned bemusement?
  5. Jamie Vardy

    It's nowhere near as stupid a point as is being made out and in fact is reasonably closely aligned to Puel's ambition to give us different ways of playing. We have been set up to get the best out of Vardy for a fair while now and he has paid that back in spades. But he's almost 31, relies a fair amount (but much less than he used to) on pace and he's pretty clearly lost half a yard from the title winning season. We should be looking at alternative ways of playing and thankfully Puel seems to be doing that. Still a great player for us, arguably our best player in fact, but the failure of other strikers is a symptom of how the style we have is so dependent on one man. It's not sustainable. Odd time to make that point though.
  6. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    There is a link above which really doesn't leave any room for interpretation. No way is anybody other than Vardy getting to that ball first.
  7. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    There was an incident in the second half where Vardy was putting Fernandinho under pressure. Fernandinho went down, held the ball between his legs, then stood up and the ball bounced forward onto the line by the corner flag at which point he put his arms out to stop it going out. This literally could not have been closer to the linesman without the Lino going on the pitch and he didn't give a handball. He also seemed to have a pretty loose grip on the offside law. Very trigger happy in the second half compared to the first.
  8. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Clear as day red card. Beautiful weight on the pass.
  9. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    9 Play Off matches now 7 goals 6 0-0s
  10. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Can't believe Italy went into a must win game with Darmian in the starting XI.
  11. England squad

    Really want to see Lewis Cook get some game time on Tuesday. Thought he looked excellent against us earlier in the season and obviously did great things with the under 20s. We're desperately thin in midfield.
  12. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    This was 15 years ago but when I trained to be a ref the rules were that once time was "up" (which was at your discretion anyway) the only reason you play on is to allow a penalty to be taken. If somebody wins a free kick 25 yards out, dead centre and injury time runs out, technically it was game over, hard luck. In practice obviously it doesn't work like that but I am surprised by how often referees seem to play on way past the indicated injury time just to allow a corner to be taken. Perhaps the guidance has changed.
  13. Schmeichel 8 Simpson 6 - footballing ability getting exposed a bit in this system. Still a good defender. Morgan 7 Maguire 6 Fuchs 4 Mahrez 8 Ndidi 7 Iborra 8 Gray 7 Okazaki 6 Vardy 6 subs: King 5 Iheanacho 6 Thought we played well.
  14. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    That first goal was the best goal we've scored for ages.
  15. Schmeichel 5 - kicking was all over the shop. Simpson 5 - stuck out like a sore thumb as we tried to pass it in the first half. Otherwise fine. Morgan 7 Maguire 7 Fuchs 4 - Looks by far our weakest link at the moment. Ndidi 7 - Great out of possession, less good ok the ball. Iborra 7 Gray 8 Mahrez 7 Chilwell 7 Vardy 7