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  1. I can’t believe there was a time Sane was keeping Mahrez out of the Man City side.
  2. Since we’ve been promoted 9 referees have officiated 10 or more of our matches. Of those 9 referees our record with Kavanagh is the worst. Under 7 of the other 8 refs we average over 1.2 points per game, under Kavanagh it is less than 0.8 ppg. In fact we’ve had 24 refs officiate more than 1 match and our record under Kavanagh is the worst of all 24.
  3. That was an absolutely incredible pass, he’s off balance as he plays it first time through the eye of the needle to Ricardo. I doubt most people would have seen that pass let alone executed it.
  4. The “pay off” is not winning or losing 1 game of football. It’s Rodgers setting a precedent that wilfully ignoring his and the club’s instructions is not acceptable. The “pay off” is his ability to run a properly disciplined team that he can be confident is pulling in the same direction. As disappointing as today was we still have 21 points to play for and some big games at the end of the season. Hopefully this will prove to be something which unites the squad rather than something which divides it.
  5. I reckon Brendan would probably agree with you and Roy Keane would agree with me. Not sure how I feel about that! I know what you’re saying and I am sympathetic to it - I think you’re slightly over-simplifying what I’m saying. I’m not sure if we lose at home to Palace, for example, it would be a sign of a poor mentality, much as I haven’t pointed to other similar games throughout this season where we’ve lost. You can’t win every game. But equally you can’t fail to be concerned about the absolute poverty of some of the performances we’ve seen in “big games” - you keep mentioning th
  6. No, that’s not “basically” it at all! Last season’s capitulation means if we capitulate again this year then we struggle in high-pressure situations, I would have thought that is self-evident? I think you’re arguing a straw man here. The wins in the middle of the season, consolidating 2nd and 3rd place are fantastic and the players and staff have done incredibly well to get us to this point. All of these games (many of which we’ve won) are high stakes, that’s part of playing in the Premier League. But the season is not decided in August, we see time and again that certain sides fly
  7. There was a pretty huge majority condemning them before kick off.
  8. Sure 2019/20 Liverpool home - League Aston Villa home and away - Carabao Cup Chelsea home - FA Cup Bournemouth away - League Manchester United home - League 2020/21 Manchester United home - FA Cup West Ham away - League We didn’t even turn up for the games we lost there - it’s not like we played well and lost, they were all insipid performances. If you were being generous you could add wins over an out-of-form mid-table Arsenal in November last season, Sheff United at home after lockdown and an out-of-form Chel
  9. Right and this is the crux of the “mentality issue”. People are in absolute denial that there is a mentality issue. Of course there is. We’ve had about 6 or 7 really defining games in the last 2 seasons and won 1 of them. Players believing they’re above the law, and more importantly that they’re above their manager’s instructions, is indicative of a lack of focus and respect, two things that underpin winners. Doing this at this point in the season is absolutely incredible, it’s a huge middle finger to Rodgers and the rest of the team. Rodgers is going the ri
  10. Dawson looked right at him, changed direction and clocked him on the side of the head. It should have been a penalty and a red card. Not that we can have any complaints with the refereeing overall, how Ndidi stayed on is absolutely beyond me.
  11. We’re too ponderous in possession, the only three players in the squad who pass and move quickly are Ricardo, Perez and Tielemans. One of them is not currently the same player he was, one of them has let his teammates down and the other once again made absolutely everything happen for us. There was a point in the second half we were building up some momentum, Castagne who is obviously technically competent had the ball with a couple of options ahead of him and turned back into the one West Ham player no was behind him. I nearly threw my laptop out of the window at that
  12. They’ve been really average, I’m surprised how poor they’ve been. They’ve still been better than us.
  13. We look like 11 strangers who’ve met in the car park 20 minutes before kick off.
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