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  1. Not directed at you because I’ve seen this written a lot but of all of the odd Puel Out nonsense I’ve read this is by far the most ridiculous. Theres absolutely nothing to suggest this was this was the case and speculating on it strikes me as utterly distasteful.
  2. But that’s not what Puel has said is it. It’s what the newspaper reporter says. It says “hitting back at his critics” - at no point does Puel have a pop at the fans as you and many others are insinuating. And you know what? Even if he was, he’d be right. This place was full of people after the accident saying “no matter what happens Puel needs our full backing for the rest of the season” after everything that happened. Absolutely chokka-block. People seemed to get that we were in a bad place and stability was what was required. Lo and behold a couple of bad results and many of the same people are calling for him to go. People HAVE forgotten.
  3. ttfn

    The biggest issue we need to solve...

    He’s got plenty of technical ability, we’ve seen that over the last 3 seasons, especially last season. The issue isn’t his ability, it’s his form. He’s had a poor season. That he keeps being selected is due to the fact that a) we have nobody else and b) a significant chunk of our fan base go nuts every time he’s left out of the team to give somebody else a chance.
  4. Benteke scored 3 goals last season. 2 of them were against us.
  5. ttfn

    In It Together?

    He spelled it out again literally yesterday. I know attention spans are short but Christ, it is really not hard to understand what he wants to do here. Is he good at doing it? Maybe not. But too many people have been set against Puel from the moment we had our first wobble last Christmas. He wants to do the right things for the club. He’s taking difficult decisions in the interests of moving the club on from being stuck forever in 2015/16. We ended today with 3 Academy graduates on the pitch, all under the age of 21 and 8th in the league. This should be a time where the fans and manager are in total alignment. For years we’ve wanted young academy players in the first XI - it’s part of what helps a club retain its identity - and now we have a manager who has managed it and maintained a reasonable league position we have the most divided fan base in the country. It’s absolutey crazy. I’m not surprised he’s said the fans aren’t his concern. No wonder he’s pissed off when he takes the team up to 7th, reaches quarter finals in the first 3 cup competitions he enters, all the while bringing through young players and is being slated for being boring by an unbelievably large minority of our supporters who seem to think that the rest of the division is playing scintillating passing football. Not once has his name been chanted in 18 months despite the fact that he’s actually achieved at least a “par” performance in that time by any reasonable definition. There’s been a lot of poor performances in there too and a lot of boring football but some huge signs of progress being orchestrated by a man who has a proper vision for what this club should be like. People have started to compare him to Pearson and you can see similarities. His reticence to engage with the press, his disregard for what the fans think, the willingness to take tough, unpopular decisions in what he perceives to be the best interests of the club. Pearson sorted out a bloated squad full of players who thought they were more important for the club and replaced them with young, hungry players buying in to what he wanted to do. We went on a far worse run than this under Pearson (peaking at Barnsley in April 2013) but he was allowed to stay and see the job through and the rest is history. Of course there’s no guarantee you’d get a similar return in showing patience for Puel, nor should we expect one. But we do have a recent example of where that patience can be particularly useful in circumstances like this and it is being totally ignored by people who are struggling to see past the next game. Perhaps rather than blaming the manager for the poor relationship with the fans, we as a fan base need to take a look at ourselves and work out what exactly it is we want from this football club. Because right now what I see is a group of supporters hugely divided between those who prioritise success today and those who prioritise a long-term sustainable future. Puel is never going to win the former round whilst the whole structure of the club is geared towards the latter. And if you’re unhappy with that then I’d politely suggest that your ire ought to be targeted slightly higher up the food chain than Claude Puel.
  6. ttfn

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    The first half an hour was absolutely appalling, I don’t think I’ve seen us pass the ball that poorly ever before, let alone under Puel. There must have been 8-10 misplaced 5 yard passes before we finally managed a couple of tame efforts on goal towards the end of the half. Schmeichel, Mendy and Ricardo in particular absolutely stunk the place out. The second half was a more extreme version of what we were all expecting. I have certainly never seen a half of football where one side has 90% possession before. Once again the lack of movement in forward positions was a serious problem. We may as well have had Richard III up front for all the movement Vardy was offering. It’s a tough job when up against 3 centre backs but he was repeatedly in the wrong place, and when the ball did come to him he invariably lost it. The lack of support runs from the 4 (!) attacking midfield players we had on by the end was really unacceptable - the only ones breaking the lines were Ndidi (for his goal) and Choudhury a couple of times. Maddison’s decision making is just dreadful. To be fair to him there is far too much responsibility on his shoulders in situations like this - hopefully the recall of Barnes will give us another dimension because Gray is absolutely no threat whatsoever. Only Choudhury and Wes come out of that with any credit whatsoever. As I said earlier in this thread, we’ve got too many thick players in this team and it’s costing us. Ricardo seems like an intelligent player, Choudhury has a bit to learn but appears to at least understand the basics of pass-and-move but beyond that we’ve got a squad full of players without the ability to create solutions for themselves on the pitch. Clearly there’s a coaching problem there insofar as this is a recurring issue. But to have four attacking midfield players and 2 attacking full backs on the pitch and still be lumping crosses into Vardy to create the square root of nothing smacks of a lack of imagination from the personnel on the pitch as much as anything else. I agree with others that given that we were clearly incapable of fashioning a chance through passing the balk through the middle of the pitch, sticking Maguire up front would have been something at least resembling a solution for the last 20 minutes or so.
  7. ttfn

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Exactly the same world as the one where a good portion of our fans blamed our defeat to Cardiff on not doing this. Poor tactics but he can’t win.
  8. ttfn

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    The main issue right now is that too many of our players are thick as two short planks. Vardy managing to be offside twice in the last 10 minutes against a deep defence and Maguire hoofing a shot from 30 yards into row Z just as we were turning the screw were particular lowlights.
  9. Well said Claude. He comes across as very engaging in the written press.
  10. ttfn

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    Must be time for another new contract.
  11. ttfn

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I’d be amazed if he’s not playing in Turkey next season.
  12. ttfn

    Newport away match thread

    Certainly knows where the back of the net is which is more than can be said for the rest of them
  13. ttfn

    Newport away match thread

    Why are you still wasting your energy?!
  14. ttfn

    Newport away match thread

    No movement from Iheanacho. He makes a run there, he gets a good chance. Instead he just stands still, marked.
  15. ttfn

    Newport away match thread

    On the plus side this is a much better game than when we played Fleetwood this time last year