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  1. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Total joke again today.
  2. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Someone tell Iheanacho this is our biggest game of the season and not an end of season dead rubber for the Dog and Duck.
  3. Spuds and Semi finals at Wemberley

    I agree we should get on with it, but Spurs are better at home than at any other ground so I don’t think your table does anything to dispel the idea that Spurs gain an advantage from being at Wembley for a one-off game. I don’t disagree with your point, I just don’t think the evidence you’ve provided supports it.
  4. Spuds and Semi finals at Wemberley

    Doesnt this table show they do have an advantage? They get more points at home than away.
  5. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    About time we won a Quarter Final, I make it that we’ve lost the last six: 2001 FA Cup (Wycombe) 2005 FA Cup (Blackburn) 2012 FA Cup (Chelsea) 2013/14 League Cup (Man City) 2016/17 Champions League (Atletico Madrid) 2017/18 League Cup (Man City)
  6. Iborra - Key Player?

    Always available for a pass and helps us move the ball forward a lot quicker than with James there. Whether he’d have had the same level of success against teams happy with a point like Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth is certainly questionable but I’m sure he’d have been more of a presence than James in the Bournemouth game at least. That said I wouldn’t say it’s a foregone conclusion that he starts next week. James and Ndidi were very effective in cutting off Hazard’s space in the game at Stamford Bridge and I wouldn’t be surprised if Puel goes back to that on Sunday.
  7. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Second part wasn’t aimed at you, I agree that they can’t have any complaints at all - had the timewasting not happened the Mahrez free kick would have just taken place earlier in the day. As for the first part I’m not sure he did change his mind, it’s just that there were further delays. A Bournemouth sub happened at 90 mins so that’s another 30 seconds and then there was a 90 second delay for an injury. So 6 sort of became the 4 that was originally put up if that makes sense...
  8. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    It wasn’t that bad. Had we run out 2-1 or 3-1 winners I don’t think Bournemouth really could have had cause for complaint. There must have been more than 5 occasions where the ball ended up in their six yard box, 3 of which ended up with us having attempts (Morgan x2 and Iheanacho). The shape of the team was fine when we started 4-3-3. It gave us a good grip on midfield despite James and Silva’s shortcomings (more of which later) and we were in control until Amartey went off, at which point Puel appears to have had a bit of a brain fart in changing to a back 3 which served only to confuse our centre backs and Albrighton and isolate Vardy. Once we went to 4-4-2 after the hour things looked much better even if Iheanacho somehow continues to fail to do anything particularly constructive in league games. The last half hour was as one-sided as you’ll see and we were well worth a goal at the end. As far as the shape of the game went from where I was sat it looked like we were the better side for half an hour, they were better for 15 minutes and the rest of the game it was fairly even. On another day we would have won that game, as with the Swansea and Stoke games before them. We need to separate the poor performances from the poor results. The performances are not good at the moment, but to suggest that they’re indicative of a side looking likely to be relegated next season is misleading. In each of the last 3 home matches we’ve drawn to poor sides who’ve come here to defend. And all 3 of them will count themselves fortunate to escape with a point. Forget possession or shots statistics for a moment- expected goals focuses on the quality of chances created and in each of those games we’re a clear goal better than our opponents - we’re just not taking our chances and unfortunately they are. It is extremely frustrating that we seem to create very little until we “have” to but a lot of the time we’re getting into promising positions to do so and then individual errors are costing us. A couple of very poor Mahrez passes killed great counter-attacking chances at 0-0 yesterday and Albrighton had an absolute stinker, surely one of the worst games of his professional career. A key part of our title-winning success was our freakish conversion rate of counter-attacks. We’re still getting opportunities to do it, but individual errors (or in the case of one second half break, the officials) are letting us down. There’s a lot to be frustrated about with Puel but for me it mainly comes down to selection. If we’re going to play a possession game we need full backs who can overlap and Amartey was out of the side for too long. James is great for games where we won’t see a lot of the ball but he’s not worth a place in the side for games like the 3 we’ve just had at home. He had the fewest passes of any of our players who played more than 20 minutes yesterday, which for any central midfielder is absolutely incredible let alone one in a side with a focus on short passing. If we’re going to pick open packed defences we need ball players first and foremost. Iborra is not exactly world class but he does know how to move the ball up the pitch quickly and should be in the team. That said Silva, who we’d hoped would be a more creative option, was very wasteful and didn’t deserve to stay on and our inability to properly integrate him despite a 4 month lead time before his debut is really concerning. Back on Iborra the other thing he gives us is the option of having a Fellaini-style number 10 for instances like the last few minutes yesterday. With no Slimani or Ulloa we need all the presence we can get in the penalty area. There’s a lot which can be fixed quite quickly in my opinion which is why it’s frustrating to see the same things happening game after game. I do understand others’ frustrations with Puel but the reality is that he’s steadied the ship and we’re obviously a work in progress, as Southampton were last season. 7th place remains a realistic target and we’re in the QF of the FA Cup. Had that been offered to me inthe aftermath of the reverse fixture I’d have snapped your arm off - look at the ridicule that one poster got from virtually everyone for thinking we could finish top 8 back when Shakespeare was manager and yet here we are, 8th.
  9. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    The referee tells the 4th official how much stoppage time will be played, all the 4th official does is put the sign up. Also people saying”its Bournemouth’s own fault” are surely the missing the point that timewasting is never adequately punished. We didn’t get “extra” time because of their timewasting, if anything we ended up with less of it. All their timewasting achieved is ensuring that we scored a goal in the 97th minute rather than the 87th minute. Final point on added time - I can’t believe that in this day and age the referee is still responsible for keeping time. As IFAB and the FA continue to wrestle with the how best to introduce VAR they’re missing an extremely simple and easy fix to something that frustrates a lot of players and fans by not giving timekeeping responsibility to somebody else or introducing a stop clock and 30 minute halves.
  10. A defence of Matty James

    He’s Andy King without the (limited) goal scoring threat and 10 years of goodwill. Yet another example of a player who’s got better by not being in the team.
  11. Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Albrighton is in one of those phases where he shows absolutely no quality on the ball whatsoever. He looks like a particularly fit Sunday league player at the moment. James might as well not be there. Forever a second late to where he needs to be and the only thing he’s doing in possession is making 40 yard backpasses.
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 131 seconds  
  13. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    The goal is all about James’ positioning. What he’s doing following Ndidi out to the touchline, leaving the entire centre of the pitch vacant, isn’t anybody’s guess.
  14. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    The odds of this happening in both the FA and League Cup quarter finals are so unbelievably small it’s hard to believe that this it’s a totally fair process. Still at least we’re at home.
  15. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    In a post of absolutely startling condescension and a total lack of self awareness, this sentence takes the biscuit.