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  1. Kroos is an interesting comparison. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Real Madrid came in for him in the next 18 months. Kroos has hinted at retiring quite early and he’d be a ready-made replacement.
  2. Edin Dzeko is apparently on the naughty step at Roma. We could certainly do worse for the next 18 months. Would give us quality backup/support for Vardy.
  3. Watched this on my own in Shepherd’s Bush Walkabout.
  4. Great performance, looking really strong at the moment. With Soyuncu and Ricardo ready to come back in we’re in a great position.
  5. Ricardo coming on means Reece James is now the 4th best right back on the pitch
  6. Micah Hyde is a proper throwback. Hopefully Bruce Dyer, George Ndah and Graham Kavanagh will be on the post match analysis.
  7. Just sums up the hyperbole of everything in the way this game has been talked about.
  8. “The strike’s perfect, it’s just the accuracy”.
  9. He’s not perfect but he is a good goalkeeper and a good fit for where we are as a club. That in itself is an amazing achievement when you consider we were a mid-table Championship outfit when he signed for us. When you think about some of the seemingly (at the time) equally decent players we signed or were already in the team when he arrived who’ve dropped off along the way it’s all the more impressive that he’s still here, saving penalties in Champions League knockout games and being a permanent fixture in a top half PL side. The likes of Dyer, Nugent, King, Morgan - all of w
  10. A lot of big European teams will be looking for a player like him in the summer.
  11. Same, I couldn’t believe how bad it was. Kiefer Sutherland’s character is probably the most 2 dimensional one I can remember in a programme with pretensions to be taken seriously. No depth or hint he’s capable of wrong doing whatsoever. The FBI agent running around in her preposterously tight top in every scene she’s in is all well and good but too ridiculous to take her character seriously. But worst of all is the absolutely shameless product placement. There’s an episode where they get a takeaway pizza and then spend about 30 seconds explaining where in DC
  12. I think it’s unfair to put them in the same bucket. Whitty seems to be a man of honour and integrity doing his best in very difficult circumstances. The less said about Hancock the better.
  13. Sums up the difference between lockdown 1 and lockdown 2
  14. Pretty sure he scored that game we were 4-0 down in at half time. He also might have scored a penalty in a game we lost there under Puel?
  15. Amazing that it has come to this.
  16. Typical media focus on the big 4
  17. I have to say I thought the contact was outside.
  18. Article in the Athletic today about Sami Khedira wanting to play in the Premier League. Feels like more of a Spurs signing but might be worth a look given the countless times a lack of experience in midfield has been cited in the past few years.
  19. They should put that on the “Welcome to Bedford” signs.
  20. Costa is finished at this level. 1 in 5 since signing for Atletico again.
  21. I think we’d be better off buying another wide player and using Barnes as an alternative to Vardy until such a time as Vardy is either no longer good enough or Barnes has surpassed him. Once Vardy retires we then need to spend big on a replacement. Nobody worth their salt is going to come and sit on the bench for 40 games a season and any young player we bring in is going to struggle to develop significantly enough with the limited minutes on offer to replace even half of Vardy’s output when he retires. As it is I think Barnes has everything to be a top class striker, except
  22. Frustrating. Threw away 2 great opportunities at domestic cups and CL qualification. Some good stuff since September but even that is tinged with frustration at some really poor results in games we should be winning.
  23. No issue with today, Rodgers has a long season to manage and playing 2 games in 48 hours is ridiculous. Comparisons to Aston Villa are a) premature (let’s see how they get on with 11 tired players) and b) irrelevant (they’ve played far less football than us this season- 2 fewer league games and 6 fewer games in Europe). As for the game itself the manager is only responsible for the pattern of play - he can’t control what goes on in both boxes. We were well on top in the first half, he reacted (surprisingly!) quickly when Palace got on top in the second half and unfortunatel
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