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  1. Surprised so little talk of Tielemans, absolutely running the show and barely misplaced a pass. Comfortably the best player on the pitch for me.
  2. Whoever is leaking the team needs weeding out
  3. Interesting post, thanks. That drop off in xG is huge but (as ever) unsurprising. The shots on target going up but the xG going down so much is a sure sign of a team running out of ideas. You only had to look at Maddison repeatedly shooting on Sunday. If there’s one thing you don’t do against Burnley it’s shoot from range, they stick so many men behind the ball it’s never going to find a way through. It was a similar story against Wigan and Villa too, two games I guess don’t feature in your analysis but to the naked eye appear to follow a similar trend.
  4. Surely nobody is “gripped” by this? Watching Liverpool win every week is just about the least entertaining thing I can think to do with my free time.
  5. Aside from the more pervasive societal issues that unfortunately seem to permeate football stadiums there is nothing that annoys me more about the sport than the inability of the referees to ensure a fair amount of time is played. Diving, tactical fouling, bad tackles are all problems which will exist forever, there’s no obvious solution to them. VAR and the inevitable associated delays have exacerbated the issue football has with timekeeping. People have mentioned plenty of examples on here but it happens every week. In the Arsenal v Chelsea game the other day the referee added on (an already way too light) 3 minutes, Azpilicueta went down injured for 90 seconds of it, the ref pointed at his watch as it to say he’d stopped the clock accordingly and then blew his whistle at 93:03. Our game against Villa in the League Cup was punctuated by time-wasting, injuries and substitutions and there were 3 minutes added on at the end. 6 would have been too few. The Burnley game on Sunday, again 3 minutes despite 5 subs, 2 goals (both of which took over a minute and a half for play to restart) and a penalty which took nearly 3 minutes from play stopping to restarting. What is most frustrating is that there are 2 obvious solutions to stop this from happening: 1) Take the timekeeping away from the referee. I’m convinced that the biggest issue is that referees just have too much other stuff to focus on. You could easily give time management to somebody else, a third party or even a computer to manage with a clear set of rules - any time the ball is out of play for over 30 seconds gets added on - goal, corner, whatever. 2) Use a stopped clock with 30 minute halves. This would be just as effective as option 1, but you would have to change football away from being a 90 minute sport at the top level. Currently the ball is only in play for 55-60 minutes of most games and making the ball be in play for 90 minutes would lead to a completely different game as it couldn’t be played at the same pace. Such an easy thing to change but nobody seems interested in doing anything about it. I leave most the ground most weeks feeling cheated by how much football I’ve seen, particularly in the second half.
  6. There were at least a couple of occasions in the first half today where Burnley pressed us, we beat it and then Perez or Maddison pissed about with it for 2 or 3 seconds and the advantage we got from beating the press was gone as Burnley were able to get back in shape.
  7. I agree with what you’re saying but it’s not been 3 months. We were still playing well in mid-November, but since then we’ve had about 15 games and played well once.
  8. We’re carrying 4-5 passengers every game at the moment and with no Ndidi and even Ricardo and Vardy our of form it is genuinely hard to see where the next win is coming from. To salvage the last few weeks we needed a minimum of 4 points from Burnley and West Ham and to progress in at least one of the cups. Losing to Burnley in the form they’re in is a shocking result for any side let alone be with European aspirations. 7 points from the last 7 in the league. Yes we’ve played Man City and Liverpool but all of the other 5 sides are in the bottom half.
  9. No fight, no leadership and perhaps most worryingly of all no quality.
  10. This is the point though, now it is balancing out. Realistically we weren’t going to carry on finishing so efficiently all season. The cold truth is that we were never as good as people thought we were back in October/November. The xG supported that, as did numerous other more traditional metrics that people are universally happy to see the value in. It doesn’t help that in addition to being less clinical, we’re simply not playing well at the moment.
  11. We had better wingers in the Championship than we have now.
  12. That was good, 2 minutes and 10 seconds of pre-match coverage.
  13. 4-1-4-1 is definitely not hindering Maddison, he’s streets ahead of where he was last season and a massive part of that is that Tielemans is there to feed him as well as taking away some of the creative burden. I liked Puel but the way he set up the team (style and system) put way too much responsibility on Maddison’s shoulders to create. Chilwell looked pretty good in a 4-1-4-1 throughout October and November having been quite poor in August and September when we were chopping and changing systems. The team looks so much more balanced in a 4-1-4-1 but it’s dependent on Ndidi being fit. This has compounded the main issue that right now we’re lacking any quality wingers. As for Chilwell, I think he’s just out of form, not for the first time this season.
  14. Not to mention that Liverpool won the lottery with Coutinho. He’s no better than, for example, Mahrez but they got twice as much for him as we managed.
  15. Definitely 2 penalties, one after about 30 seconds.
  16. Tbf I was saying the same thing in the first half on Wednesday. They could barely string 2 passes together until they scored, had their tails up for 5 mins and then did nothing afterwards. Wednesday was a really poor result especially with penalties available after 90 mins of the second leg.
  17. Judging by your post below I can only assume you have mid-read what I’ve written as we seem to be in agreement about the need to change the left back in the short term. At this point if you think persevering with Chilwell through this sticky patch is worth doing when Fuchs is in the squad you’re a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. Its no big deal, he’s young, he’ll have bad runs of form and he’ll be back a better player. But he needs to be taken out of the firing line for the sake of the team.
  18. I don’t think any reasonable analysis of our performance can be made without the context that Southampton are a) in good form, b) massively up for it and c) were excellent. Within that context, a few things are still worth drawing out: 1) Today highlighted not only the volume of work Ndidi gets through but also his importance in helping us get moves going. Choudhury is energetic and aggressive but has little else going for him at the highest level. That said he has to play at the moment as the team is so lacking in fight elsewhere. 2) Chilwell was beyond awful and that first half was pub-level stuff. His confidence is completely gone and I think it all dates back to Rodgers’ decision to isolate him against Mahrez and De Bruyne one week and then Salah and TAA the next. As others have said I’d imagine he could do with a couple of weeks out of the firing line. 3) Tielemans makes this team tick. Maddison does a lot of the flashy stuff but he didn’t get into the game until Tielemans started making the passes to get Maddison “between the lines”. 4) Barnes (now) and Perez (ever) are not good enough wide players for a side with aspirations of finishing in the top 6 with any regularity. Perez has looked much better playing centrally and I’d have been minded to bring him inside and put Gray on the wing at some point in the second half. 5) The whole performance was lethargic and careless, starting with Barnes’ inexplicable pass across the face of goal in about the 3rd minute. We didn’t pick up after that and our goal was an aberration in a totally one-sided first hour. 6) We are not good enough, especially without Ndidi and Tielemans, to play out against a high press. I know Rodgers is an ideologue but the season is on the line over the next 3 or 4 weeks and he needs to come up with an alternative. Even Man City aren’t afraid to use their keeper’s big kick from time to time...
  19. I don’t think the two things are mutually exclusive. Personally think that was the second best away performance I’ve seen here this season but the amount of cynical fouling that went unpunished was next level.
  20. Tough conditions but played today like he’d never encountered wind before.
  21. Absolutely shocking today, almost indescribably poor. Obviously young and a good player with the potential to be a great one but he was all over the place and today’s performance was the culmination of a month in which his confidence has been gradually eroded. There is no way that Justin or Fuchs could be any worse at this point.
  22. Conceded first in 6 of the last 9 home games, amazing given the season we’ve had.
  23. This handball rule is ****ing ridiculous.
  24. Particularly enjoyed the incident about 20 mins from the end where Evans pursued Grealish for about 60 metres (and 10 seconds) across the pitch, being sure not to intrude on Grealish’s metre-radius safe space he has around him. Eventually Evans let his concentration slip, got within 99cm and down went Grealish for surely the most predictable free kick in the history of football.
  25. League record with Kavanagh is 10 points from 11 games.
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