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  1. But the amazing pseudo-science was telling us he was “in rhythm” and therefore couldn’t afford to miss any matches?
  2. Really poor performance so far. I know we’ve got injuries but this is not good enough. The passing is shocking. Nobody is showing for the ball.
  3. Are the commentators watching something different to me?
  4. It’s incredible that Liverpool saw Manchester City’s defence fall apart last season after adopting a policy of having just 3 senior centre backs and having a Brazilian defensive midfielder fill in as an emergency option and thought they’d do exactly the same thing this year and they’d be fine. Two of the many smart things Rodgers has done this season are a) to keep some fringe players around for another season to lessen the injury burden and b) to scale back the intensity of our play to accommodate the extra fixtures. One of the key reasons for Liverpool wanting 5 subs
  5. We played right into their hands on Boxing Day, the setup (which seemed to involve letting TAA have the freedom of the pitch) was absolutely suicidal. Rodgers has shown he’s not afraid to adopt a more reactive approach now in these sorts of games. Liverpool should still win but I would be very surprised if they steam-rollered us.
  6. In the game at the weekend Liverpool made 2 subs and Man City 1. Amazing given that it’s apparently a health and safety issue that means they now want 5.
  7. To be fair from about 2005-2008 making an assumption that we’d wasted midfield possession was the most logical thing to do
  8. Oh you remember the goal against a big 6 side Robbie?! Funny that.
  9. Sky’s commentary is nauseating but I think people are getting wound up over nothing. Rodgers does have much better players than Bielsa. Rodgers definitely got the better of Bielsa tonight but there’s a reason that Bielsa is renowned as the most innovative and influential coach of his generation. That isn’t something Sky have made up, it’s hard earned over 30-odd years.
  10. 100% right. Last week was a cautious tactic which could have gone either way (as happened the previous week). Tonight was another back 5 but so much more ambitious. First 20 minutes or so it looked like we had an answer for every Leeds attack. A really well orchestrated counter-attacking performance. We look so much better organised than January-July this year.
  11. That was a much better performance than the Arsenal game. Apart from a very wobbly 20 minutes at the start of the second half we were in complete control.
  12. If you’re not showing a yellow card for that then there is absolutely no point in having that rule.
  13. You’re not alone. I still look forward to the games but it’s principally driven by routine at this point.
  14. I was wondering this morning if actually we’ve reached a point where this is a national emergency and they should form an all-party coalition government. This is no time for messing about with party politics, people’s lives are at stake in the short term and livelihoods are at stake for the next decade or more. The Tories have handled and continue to handle this atrociously, Labour almost certainly wouldn’t have done much better either but we need to be sourcing smart brains and leadership from across parliament now. The whole business with the Tories trying to score points off Starme
  15. The more cynical amongst us might suggest that’s not a coincidence
  16. Playing Ricardo at left back or on the right wing is like playing Messi in central midfield. He’s still probably going to be the best player in that position but you don’t play your best players in roles that get anything other than their maximum performance levels if you want to go anywhere. Castagne has been very impressive since he’s joined but if Ricardo gets back to the same level he was at (and after 8 months out that’s a huge “if”) then he should be LB with Ricardo at RB. Ricardo hasn’t played left back regularly since he was at Nice, that was about 4 or 5 years ago now, C
  17. This was no more a tactical masterclass than last week was a tactical disaster. On both occasions Rodgers did the best with what he had available, on both occasions he erred on the side of caution. Last week he was unlucky, this week he was lucky - this is the nature of a low-scoring game like football, sometimes you win close games 1-0, sometimes you lose them 1-0. That we lost last week doesn’t make him useless, that we won this week doesn’t make today a masterclass. Manchester City was a masterclass. Today I think we made the best of a bad job and the last half an hour
  18. Tactics were effective against Man City a) because they’re a mess defensively and b) we had 2 attacking outlets. We’ve got 1 today.
  19. Ah yes so he did. At 3-0 down in the 90th minute.
  20. When was the last time we created a chance in a PL game?
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