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  1. We played right into their hands on Boxing Day, the setup (which seemed to involve letting TAA have the freedom of the pitch) was absolutely suicidal.


    Rodgers has shown he’s not afraid to adopt a more reactive approach now in these sorts of games. 

    Liverpool should still win but I would be very surprised if they steam-rollered us.

  2. 13 hours ago, StriderHiryu said:



    Absolute banger!


    Let me tell you, you were not alone in thinking that. Look at the reaction of some of the fans, they don't celebrate till it's gone in because no-one was expecting a goal like that! I thought he was playing a terribly overhit through ball and had wasted good quality possession in midfield. :whistle:



    To be fair from about 2005-2008 making an assumption that we’d wasted midfield possession was the most logical thing to do

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Corky said:

    I doubted the "masterclass" tag from last week but tonight, in the first half, was us playing at our very best. Pounced on every mistake, movement all over the shop. He's moulded Vardy into a player that defenders seem perplexed how to deal with.

    100% right. Last week was a cautious tactic which could have gone either way (as happened the previous week). 


    Tonight was another back 5 but so much more

    ambitious. First 20 minutes or so it looked like we had an answer for every Leeds attack. A really well orchestrated counter-attacking performance.


    We look so much better organised than January-July this year. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Footballwipe said:

    Just wanted to thought dump this somewhere, because it's been niggling at me for a while


    As arrogant as it sounds, football is losing me. Fast. I didn't watch our Villa game at all (not even listen to it) and I don't think I've watched a full 90 outside of Leicester. I was nodding off during the Arsenal game. A match that ended up in us breaking a massive hoodoo, and the UEL games so far haven't been inspiring for me. The Villa game was the first match since Ipswich in 2013 I hadn't watched in person or on TV.


    At first, Man City pulled me back in, I thought. I was so happy, buzzed. I thought my spark was raging inside me. Then it fast receded again. I just feel like the lack of fans for atmosphere, and (personal to me) ever increasing interest in College Football/NFL has shown me that heck, 90 minute football games can be so dull. Especially when there's no atmosphere.


    I'm so tied to this team. My bloody enormous archive of video content, attending nearly every game. But even before lockdown I was starting to feel fatigued attending matches, following the ins and outs. I don't know if my interests/attention span is naturally changing. Now I see the starting XI, tune in at kick off, tune out at FT.


    The knock on for me is the guilt I feel for feeling like it, and that's where my struggle is so real. I follow so many fans on Twitter, read people on here. I try not to, but I keep comparing myself to their level of support, and yet why do I feel the need to justify how I follow my club to myself!? It's mental.


    I kind of hope it's just lockdown temporary. Full capacity crowds again (if they ever happen this side of the millennium!) will probably reignite it, but at the minute it's so hard for me, which I'm finding hard?

    You’re not alone. I still look forward to the games but it’s principally driven by routine at this point. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Pliskin said:

    They surely can’t put it in place until December the second? The country will go mad as soon as it is lifted.... they’re lifting it at the start of the national piss up season.... not to mention the Christmas shops......

    The more cynical amongst us might suggest that’s not a coincidence 

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  6. Playing Ricardo at left back or on the right wing is like playing Messi in central midfield. He’s still probably going to be the best player in that position but you don’t play your best players in roles that get anything other than their maximum performance levels if you want to go anywhere. 


    Castagne has been very impressive since he’s joined but if Ricardo gets back to the same level he was at (and after 8 months out that’s a huge “if”) then he should be LB with Ricardo at RB.  Ricardo hasn’t played left back regularly since he was at Nice, that was about 4 or 5 years ago now, Castagne (albeit in a 5) and Justin were doing it last season.

    Ricardo is one of the best right backs in world football, why waste him on the left?

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  7. This was no more a tactical masterclass than last week was a tactical disaster.


    On both occasions Rodgers did the best with what he had available, on both occasions he erred on the side of caution. Last week he was unlucky, this week he was lucky - this is the nature of a low-scoring game like football, sometimes you win close games 1-0, sometimes you lose them 1-0.

    That we lost last week doesn’t make him useless, that we won this week doesn’t make today a masterclass. Manchester City was a masterclass. Today I think we made the best of a bad job and the last half an hour was the best we’ve played in months.


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  8. 1 minute ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    At the very least you need a winger on the pitch who can push their full backs back into their half occasionally and then have some threat on the counter. 

    You have Barnes st the moment whose job is to solely screen Partey. 

    Tactics were effective against Man City a) because they’re a mess defensively and b) we had 2 attacking outlets. We’ve got 1 today. 

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