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  1. 6 minutes ago, shailen said:

    I feared the worse not gonna lie. The changes we made, the momentum they would have had, it would have been hard for us to get back in the game.


    The bigger moment for me was the Schmeichel save imo, world class isn't even a fitting description for how good that was. Like Kasper or not, he always does it for us in the big games! 

    I honestly think we were done if that had counted. To get so close and not see it through would have been awful and our formation would have been an absolute mess for extra time. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, StriderHiryu said:

    The Premier League was truly incredible, that will never be done again. But it did feel a bit "flukey" even if it was anything but. There wasn't any pressure from the outset, we built up incredible momentum, all the top teams had an off year, etc. Still for me the greatest story ever in sport, but it was unexpected.


    At the start of this season, we all knew we had a chance to win this cup. That we were good enough to do it and it was high time we put a run together. And we did it, winning a high pressure game against a team that is going to be in the Champions League final. People will say we were the underdogs, but after 36 games in the Premier League, we sat above our opponents coming into today's game. We had unfinished business with the FA Cup, 4 finals and 4 losses, and a team like Leicester should have won it once in the past at the very least.


    Now it's done and dusted! The set is complete, and this team proved they were good enough to win a cup we all felt we should have won at least once.

    I think part of it is that we (some of us) were there yesterday. As much as I wouldn’t change a thing about the title win, having the critical goal be scored in a game we weren’t involved in meant we never got that one explosive moment of delirium that we had when Tielemans scored yesterday.

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  3. Hopefully people will finally stop comparing him to his dad and just recognise that he is a top class goalkeeper in his own right.


    10-15 years ago we barely had a player who stayed at the club more than 2-3 seasons. To have had players like Schmeichel, Vardy, Albrighton, Morgan and before them King stick around for such a long period is really special thing and for the likes of Schmeichel to keep improving is testament to the club’s coaching and his professionalism.

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  4. 3 hours ago, murphy said:

    I'm quite ashamed to admit this but my plan for tomorrow is to watch the first 20 mins or so and then pause the TV and take the dog for a long walk.  When I get back, I will check the result.  If we win, I will watch it in comfort and stress free.  If we lose, the TV goes out the window.


    I know that I can't watch it live, unless I was there in person.  Watching at home I would be pacing and chewing my fingernails to the bone.  Every Chelsea attack would shred my nerves.


    I know, it's pathetic.

    This is a really good example of what it means for this club to be in an FA Cup Final.


    The Big 6 take this sort of thing for granted, this is our first FA Cup Final for 52 years and our first final of any sort for 21 years. It’s hard to imagine any Chelsea fans are going to be as worked up about their 4th final in 5 years as we will be about our first in 52.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, foxfanazer said:

    Wow just scanning through Rawk (Liverpool forum) and I'm actually staggered by the victim mentality on there! And it's not just a few crazy posters it's 90% of them. Blaming everyone else for their dismal title defence including VAR... Oh the irony. 


    Also seen a few on there stating that top 4 is firmly in their own hands...... Does somebody wanna tell them its really not



    It is in their hands though...

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  6. 1 minute ago, gerblod said:

    Sjolskaer - " they got a goal from a corner that wasn't a corner" - what a piss poor excuse for losing! What a piss poor excuse for a manager.

    Don’t get upset about it, we’ve managed to benefit from the fact that he’s basically one of the most obsessive Man United fans going, so obsessed with history and tradition that he’d happily play a reserve team today to spite Liverpool.

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  7. Just now, Dahnsouff said:

    Link posted above by @rachhere but its De Gea, Williams, Bailly, Tuanzebe, Telles, Matic, Van de Beek, Mata, Amad, Greenwood, Elanga.



    For some perspective it’s worth noting that this massively weakened Manchester United side cost about £210 million.


    Our XI against Newcastle was pretty much the most expensive one we could realistically have picked and was also about £210 million.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Le Renard said:

    Lets be honest, we as football fans change opinions like the UK weather.  I had my doubts about Rodgers at the end of last season, but those were generally gone for most of this campaign......until now!  If we get top 4 he will lauded by most on here, but if we blow it gain, we will take the glass half empty approach and maybe not see the season as a success.  Now if I was asleep for the whole season and woke up to find that my little old non significant outside 'the big six clubs' had finished 5th(I predicted 8th) then I would be happy.   The problem is I have to be awake and watch these next matches, when it could have been so much easier! 

    The line between success and failure is incredibly thin now. Two successive collapses at the end of the season will likely haunt Rodgers’ ambitions of landing a job at an elite club which is obviously completely daft given that in the cold light of day back-to-back 5th placed finishes is very good. 

    On the other hand, win the FA Cup and finish 4th and he’s a hero with a massively enhanced CV. 

    In a logical industry with more fairly distributed wealth it would make sense to judge Rodgers on his whole body of work at the club which is undoubtedly impressive. Unfortunately in football the financial difference between finishing 4th and 5th breeds an “all or nothing” culture whereby it is possible that the potential medium-term prospects of the club hinge on the results of the next 2 weeks. Finish 5th and the chances of retaining all of our star players are slim-to-none. Again, this is absolutely daft but it is the way of the footballing world. Rodgers’ good work will count for far less than it should do if he and the players can’t get over the line and I’m sure he knows that better than anybody.


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