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  1. Good post Strider, my only counter is that I don’t think we will play a false 9, I think Barnes will probably just play Vardy’s role. Could be wrong...
  2. I will say though that I think Barnes is a striker in the long run and I am looking forward to seeing him play there. His finishing is dreadful but he has everything else to be a top level centre forward.
  3. I got the logic for the Man City game. I don’t get this at all, Arsenal are there to be got at. Reminds me of Man United last year where Rodgers picked a team and formation to counter the name on the opposition’s crest rather than the players wearing the shirts.
  4. This reminds me of that quote about Boris Johnson: ”He waits to see which way the crowd is running and then runs to the front and says “Quick, follow me””. Lots of worthy causes here that hopefully people will donate to but leadership was needed from fan groups a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure the overwhelming majority of people have already made their minds up about whether they’re going to pay when this was being discussed a fortnight or so ago. Perhaps Marcus Rashford’s work with FareShare night also be worth adding to the list. https://faresh
  5. Last season only 5 sides won fewer games by 1 goal than we did. 3 of them got relegated. We’ve not won by a single goal in 2020 yet.
  6. I do think that for all the praise Mendy gets (and he has been good in possession) we’re really seeing the impact of not having a fully fit Ndidi, which of course we arguably haven’t had for almost a year now. It’s a recurring theme that despite not being able to create a chance we’re caught on the counter attack. Villa had 3 or 4 counter attacking chances yesterday that ought to have led to chances and of course the goal came from a quick pass into the centre of the pitch. This came up repeatedly at the end of last season and has been again in the last two games.
  7. Missing 5 of our starting XI we did pretty well to keep it tight. But that’s two home games running we’ve failed to create a single chance. That’s not good enough.
  8. There’s absolutely no need to have 10 different kick off times when half of the games are on PPV anyway. Barely anybody is going to use PPV anyway, the chances of people wanting to pay for 2 different PPV games on the same weekend must be next to nil. I am not opposed to PPV in principle but: 1) The cost needs to be much lower, £7 or below and I would consider it. £5 feels right for one game, especially given as it will be filmed by the Premier League’s in house TV for overseas coverage regardless of whether Sky or BT pick it up. £15 is an absolutely preposterous p
  9. Evans played in Belgium too so might know a bit. Albeit that was in Antwerp which is Flemish speaking.
  10. It’s almost identical to one he made for us in the CL game in Copenhagen.
  11. £15 is profiteering from the clubs. Once again they’ve been given a chance to engage with their communities and chosen to rip them off instead. Also, I’m sure I’m not alone in having split the cost for PPV stuff before with friends. Not really an option at the moment, is it? (And not just because I have no friends)
  12. I can’t believe he’s got the brass neck to complain about young English players not being developed. Its clubs like Manchester City (and we are guilty of this too) hoovering up good young talent with no realistic intention of ever picking them for the first XI. In our case this is something we did with George (?) Thomas who’s now at QPR and the lad we signed from Bury last year. These are relatively established players we’ve signed essentially to play for our under 23s. In a properly functioning system they should be developing further in the clubs that they’ve been nur
  13. We had one earlier in our game when Evans ushered Rice towards our goal. That’s not to say Maguire’s wasn’t in the top 5 but that can just be put down to him being clumsy, the Evans thing was inexplicable.
  14. Tielemans completed 83/99 passes today. In the first half every time Pérez was getting the ball in the pocket of space in front of the defence it was Tielemans feeding him. He didn’t have a good second half.
  15. Rodgers got it all wrong but the players have to take a huge chunk of responsibility for their performances. Evans and Soyuncu were absolutely pathetic today. Antonio bossed them about to the extent that Evans was so worried about him that he was marking Antonio in an unthreatening position as Rice basically walked in a straight line towards the goal. Justin looked out of his depth (not for the first time) and the less said about Perez the better. Rodgers’ tactics were really poor but he’s been let down by some individuals there. We can have no compl
  16. That defending by Evans when Rice hit the bar is one of the worst things I’ve seen at PL level. Below Sunday league level stuff, if you saw that in a kids’ game you’d be wondering what was going on.
  17. The ball has been in play for about 5 minutes of this second half
  18. This is a great example of where Rodgers has got to be big enough to say “I made a mistake”. He should have done that at half time, instead we’re labouring on with this stupid formation and unnecessarily defensive personnel.
  19. Another 7 minutes wasted with 5 at the back
  20. Tielemans is having another very good game, he’s released somebody into the pocket of space in front of the back 4 probably 5-8 times and every time Pérez or Barnes has either run into trouble or passed to nobody.
  21. West Ham have executed their game plan very well. I’ve no idea what our game plan was today. Picking 5 at the back and a 4 man midfield against Manchester City makes sense, whether you liked it or not you could see the sense in it. Today we’ve pissed away 45 minutes with a nonsensical and possibly non-existent plan.
  22. Good for Everton, nice to see one of the non-top 6 clubs having a great run. Hopefully they can push on for a top 4 finish as long as it’s not at our expense. Obviously talk about it being like when we won the title is mad not only because it’s four games but because of the money involved. Our starting XI that season regularly cost less than £20m that season, Everton have about 12 players on their books who cost more than that on their own. Even adjusting for inflation that is probably 5 or 6 players.
  23. Boris blaming the public’s “discipline” for cases going up. This despite a nationwide campaign to get people out to pubs and restaurants which ended only a month ago. He might be right in that the public became complacent but no more so than the government.
  24. Commentator: Welcome to the Etihad where today “City” hosted Leicester. Leicester were unchanged from their usual XI of players I haven’t researched and Jamie Vardy whilst City were without several regulars meaning that they had to field their new £40m centre back and the £60m winger they signed from the team they’re playing. *cuts to full time* City scored 2 goals today today [insert former Manchester City player here], weren’t they amazing? [Ex-Manchester City player] What an amazing strike from Mahrez but let’s talk about the goals they conceded, such poo
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