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  1. No idea why we even had to give it back, It went out following a 50:50 between Pukki and Ricardo. Iheanacho was perfectly within his rights to play on from the throw. That said he was bloody awful apart from that.
  2. We’ve been so poor. No intensity, no pressing. Looks like they thought all they had to do was turn up.
  3. People will say that if we qualify for Europe next season we need new signings to bolster the squad and that’s absolutely true. But the priority with any extra cash we get has to be paying the players we’ve already got. Like it or not it is extremely hard for a club like ours to sign established players who are ready to play at that level so retaining those players who have got us that far is critical for our progress as a club. This isn’t like 15/16 where it was a bunch of experienced pros who we knew would likely not be there in 4-5 years, this could be the start of something gre
  4. Absolutely superb today, picked up some great positions off Vardy and his ball to Vardy for the first goal was weighted perfectly in difficult conditions. He’s finally looking like the player we signed.
  5. Not even read this yet but it is magnificent
  6. Michael Oliver is one of the best referees in the country but this is an absolutely pathetic refereeing performance. If one of our players gets injured he will be responsible.
  7. Nothing questionable about it, it’s one of the worst tackles I’ve seen this season.
  8. Done with it now, absolute pile of shit. For Oliver not to show a red is one thing, for the VAR review to last about half a second before backing it up is another.
  9. It’s getting to the point that I’m wondering if he might be the best player I’ve ever seen play for us.
  10. Really recommended listening.
  11. Yeah the replay they showed in the ground was atrocious, they’d have been better off just showing nothing.
  12. In the first half Everton took about 90 seconds celebrating their goal, there were at least 2 or 3 reasonably lengthy stoppages for injuries and a VAR incident which went on for about 3 minutes. The ref added 2 minutes of stoppage time. They have to take timekeeping away from the referee, it’s mad that in a 90mph sport like this they’re also supposed to ensure that time is kept. Especially when there’s a simple solution in stopping the clock, a solution which is used in most other time restricted sports. You could shorten Premier League matches to 2 30 minut
  13. I think the protocol is that the linesman is supposed to keep his flag down unless certain. But as others have said the linesman’s flag has only ever been advisory. Everton have nothing to complain about.
  14. They surprised me as well, there’s a lot of quality there and actually a lot of effort too, they didn’t look like a side not playing for their manager. Their shape completely went after we equalised though and were pretty lucky to survive that 65-80 minute onslaught only conceding once.
  15. I don’t know why people are getting worked up about this, Rodgers is not going to go anywhere this season and in the unlikely event he does: 1) He leaves us in a much better position than we started 2) We’re an extremely attractive proposition for a new manager 3) **** him, man’s dug his own grave for his career at that point. People getting worked up about the £14m fee too - you know if Arsenal pay it he doesn’t have to go? Arsenal triggered Vardy’s release clause and he stayed put despite them being a far more attractive option at the time than they are today.
  16. I enjoyed this period of the season back in 2015-16 more than I’m enjoying now, largely because I never dreamed that we’d even get in the top 4 at this point in 15-16 so there seemed to be very little at stake. As far as I was concerned the main benefit of our good form was that we weren’t going to be in a relegation battle which was something in itself following the previous season, plus we were great fun to watch with Vardy, Mahrez and Kante all in top form. Obviously once we got to about February every game was pretty much completely unbearable.
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