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  1. Some quite smart stuff under the radar too today, I liked Amartey pushing up from centre back to the right wing to compete for headers from our goal kicks.
  2. You’ve gone peak Finnegan here, Vardy has scored one of the best backheeled goals you’ll see and your favourite part is the left back pressing?!
  3. Brilliant tactics from Rodgers today. I’ve been one of his biggest critics but his game plan was clear and despite an early set back it was clear we were going to get opportunities playing that way as the game went on. Clearly learned some lessons from last season. I’ve no idea what people are talking about when they say he gives the big teams too much respect, the problem he’s always had here (and at Celtic before) is that he gives them too little respect and tries to beat them at their own game. No sign of that today. Masterclass, well done Brendan.
  4. It’s boring but it’s effective. This game last season we went in 2-1 down at half time and it could have been 6-1.
  5. It’s one thing doing it when the time has elapsed but when we’ve not even had the allotted time?
  6. Walker should be off for that. No attempt to win the ball. Clear DOGSO
  7. Anyone else annoyed by the 40 second replay whilst the game is going on?
  8. I’m not enjoying this, it’s rubbish. As others have said this was a good chance for us to have a go with them having so many players out and Brendan has come up with the most boring of boring shapes for us. But last season we came here, played way too open and got hammered. The team’s confidence was then totally shot. Before we went 1-0 up here last season we should have been about 5-0 down. They battered us. So far today they’ve had 2 half chances and scored one. I don’t like it and I can’t abide Rodgers tactically but I see the merit in what he’s doing.
  9. I’m not sure that’s fair at all, I’d say the opposite is true of Rodgers most of the time. The way he set the team up at the Etihad and at home to Liverpool last season was suicidal. Way too open in key areas. We’re set up today like we did under Puel (positionally if not by formation) in those big games where you’re right we tended to do better. We did get beaten 5-1 here under Puel when we tried to defend too deep.
  10. Really looks like he’s being put through his paces there
  11. And the inevitable impact on our public services. We’re still cleaning up the mess from 2008. There’s an entire generation of people who will be paying higher taxes for worse public services for their entire working lives.
  12. He will set up a goal as a substitute in November and people will be asking for him to get another chance.
  13. Another chaotic game this weekend and easily the most entertaining game we’ve had against Burnley in recent memory. Tielemans once again the difference maker, he’s an absolute class act and needs to retain this level of responsibility and maintain this level when Maddison comes back. Barnes is on the cusp of being a very special player. It can still go one of two ways for him but the upside on him is like nothing we’ve had from a young player since Heskey.
  14. Barnes pretty much always looks good. He’s really close to being the best player our academy has produced since Heskey
  15. It’s exactly the sort of decision that if Mason sees that on the screen he has to give a free kick. Because it is an obvious foul.
  16. Absolute joke of a decision that, you can point the finger at Justin all you like but that’s dreadful refereeing
  17. First half an hour was just as bad as it has been for the rest of the year. Last hour we absolutely dominated, the team looked more organised than it has done in a while and funnily enough as soon as we started to commit bodies into the box we looked like a dangerous team again. Maybe that’s partly a confidence issue rather than a tactical one? Castagne looked decent throughout and it was pleasing to see him get in the box in the way we see Ricardo doing. Mendy’s best game for a long time (if ever for us). West Brom were horrendous, I’d be amazed if they sta
  18. Can we make it a bit easier and predict our first shot? Expectations are so low now that we seem resigned to this being ok. It’s not. Not having a shot in the first half an hour of a game against a newly promoted side is atrocious.
  19. 1 man in the box from that cross there. Absolute carbon copy of the last 8 months so far.
  20. All so avoidable as well. 3 centre backs in the home leg for 90 minutes against 0 strikers.
  21. Ndidi centre back, Ricardo on the wing, Vardy in goal.
  22. If you’ve still only watched 20 then you might just want to give it until the end of the first season. The paintball episode at the end of season one is great TV.
  23. If you don’t like series 1 you won’t like series 2 or 3. I’m surprised you don’t like series 1!
  24. Mahrez still hasn’t been further in the CL than he went with us.
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