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  1. Given how easy it was and what was at stake I think that miss from Sterling might be the worst I’ve ever seen. I cannot believe he missed it but it wasn’t even close.
  2. And after Semedo’s masterclass yesterday the question again has to be asked... ...how has Ricardo only got 7 caps for Portugal?
  3. Laying into Ederson when Sterling’s mistake is far, far worse.
  4. Tbf he is an absolute yes man and is just as clueless as everyone else most of the time. That bananas non-sending off for Lo Celso at Stamford Bridge was the nadir for his sycophancy.
  5. Christ Peter Walton just said something sensible. ”The offside is immaterial”. Absolutely spot on. Not sure about the foul.
  6. Atalanta are great fun. A bit foul-y in midfield but for their goal the furthest player forward was one of the centre backs. Tactically they’re unlike any other side I’ve seen.
  7. Yeah I fell for that and it’s not even close to being true. I think they’ve had about 25 penalties in the last 4 seasons.
  8. I can’t believe anybody is claiming we “dominated” against Brighton. They had all the chances including a penalty. I don’t remember us creating anything even resembling a chance. The comments on the rest of the games are debatable and come down to which side your bread is buttered on but given that this is a “positives” thread I’ll leave it at that. But I can’t leave unchallenged the idea we “dominated” against Brighton, it’s exactly the sort of possession-for-the-sake-of-posssession nonsense we’ve always stood against.
  9. Looking at the next year’s calendar we will be playing every single midweek except two (one of which is an international break) between Saturday 17 October and Wednesday 21 January. Obviously this is extended if we go past the Group stages of the Europa League and into the latter stages of the FA Cup. That’s 25 games (plus an international triple header) in 14 weeks. Our busiest equivalent spell this season had 20 games in a 14 week period. Given how much we struggled in the season just gone once the intensity of the fixture list picked up and how thin our squad looks at the best of ti
  10. Wasn’t it just that they offered £40,000,001 because there was a clause in Suarez’ contract that said they had to accept anything over £40m? For some reason people found this hilarious and a stick with which to beat Arsenal - it still is today. When in reality they were offering what his contract said he was worth. If something’s priced at £9.01 in a shop I’m not going to offer £10 just so I feel like I’ve paid a normal price.
  11. The first thing to say is that the OP is absolutely right and at face value it’s been a fantastic season. I might be in the minority but where we finish in a given season is largely irrelevant to me. I don’t live or work in Leicester; I go to the football with my brother and my dad, it’s something we do together, it’s a sense of occasion and something for us to do as a family. One day I hope my son is interested enough to come along too*. Really my experience of watching football is a series of 90 minutes strung together over a short time frame - I’m lucky if I can make sens
  12. Absolutely this - people were singing his praises in December and rightly so. He got the praise (and contract) for that in December. Since the start of December we’ve been dreadful, given the quality of squad we’ve got (which isn’t great but is at least top half) the performances have been shit. He deserves that criticism now - you can’t go through life taking credit when times are good and then pointing back to the good times when times are hard. I didn’t have a problem with his approach today until we went 1-0 down at which point I thought his tactics were p
  13. We spend an entire season saying “we need a plan B” and why don’t we show more urgency and get the ball forward quicker? Rodgers has his principles and steadfastly refused to change even when it was obvious in about mid-February we’d been found out. Then after an entire season of stubbornly backing his philosophy we just spend the last 20 minutes lobbing balls forward towards our short strikers? Makes absolutely no sense. Either you’re a zealot and stick it out to the end or you’re pragmatic and you change it up 10 (even 3 or 5 games ago). The last 20 minutes of watchin
  14. I think what makes it doubly disappointing this year is the fact that there’s likely to be no away fans for at least the group stage, and possibly no fans at all. When you think about qualifying for the Champions League, even in an empty stadium there’s a bit of pizzazz and it’s something to really look forward to. For the Europa League it will be a nice change watching us play some continental sides but that’s it, there’s nothing especially exciting about it when you can’t travel away or possibly even see the games live at home. And for those watching on TV they will do so without
  15. Unfortunately we have the double issue of needing a clear out of deadwood and also about 5-7 new players to give us a fighting chance of balancing the PL with the Europa League next season. The likes of Gray, Choudhury and Bennett are not good enough and need to be moved on. Fuchs and Morgan cannot be depended on next year for more than 5-10 games and need to be 3rd and 5th choice options respectively. So in reality we probably need 8-10 players in the next 6 weeks just to stand a chance of standing still next season. This is as we head into a global r
  16. What he didn’t want was for us to go behind and have our geriatric centre backs exposed to their pace. We saw what happened last week when we set out to dominate. We played well in the first half last week and went in 3-0 down. The finishing is a serious issue. Dont get me wrong I am absolutely adamant that Rodgers needs to shoulder the blame for this collapse but the only difference between us and our opponents in the last 2 games has been the finishing.
  17. I actually thought Rodgers did the right thing today and he was literally seconds away from getting to where he wanted at 0-0. Unfortunately that is the risk you run when you play to keep it tight. And it’s the risk you run when you go into the final day of the season needing something despite having a seemingly insurmountable lead.
  18. Cross into the United box Foul by Evans. Repeat
  19. Our finishing is absolute dog shit
  20. Surely if Chelsea and United’s chances are 88% then ours is 24%? Unless they’re including the chance of them winning the europa league in that?
  21. Got a feeling we might see young Harry Worley in midfield tomorrow.
  22. Albrighton’s fitness is a big issue here. If he is fit it gives us some flexibility in team selection/formation, if he isn’t then we pretty much have to play all 3 of Morgan, Bennett and Thomas which is far from ideal for obvious reasons. Realistically we are not going to line up with a back 4 with Barnes or Gray offering protection to Thomas but a fit Albrighton makes that more of an option. Alternatively we could play 3 at the back with Justin and Albrighton at wing back and not risk Thomas in such a big game. Or drop Bennett and have Justin at CB as others have suggested
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