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  1. Sure, but a 3-1 win means we only need to win by 1 goal.
  2. Am I right in saying that as far as we’re concerned it makes no difference if United win 3-1 or draw 1-1?
  3. Vardy definitely should have won it in 2017-18 and the fact he hasn’t won it despite all he’s achieved is mad. I just don’t think he’s been our best player this season. Ndidi, Evans and Ricardo have all had really good seasons too and you can make a case for any of them. People talk about Vardy being the best goal scorer in the league this season as a definitive reason for him having to be the player of the season but there’s more to football than shooting. Ndidi is obviously never going to win the golden boot but he has excelled both statistically and against the eye test t
  4. Barnes goal and young player Ndidi player Ndidi has been super consistent and performing at an elite level for 90% of the season. Interestingly according to the match ratings on here Ricardo is player of the season.
  5. Started Community. Brilliant.
  6. Of course you may be right about Bournemouth but the sheer number of decisive late goals we’ve conceded since Christmas suggests either a physical or mental fragility. Since the start of the year, we’ve conceded equalisers or winners in the last 15 minutes against: Southampton Burnley Villa (cup) Man City Watford If you push it out to the last 20 minutes you could add Chelsea and Norwich to that list too. Of course we scored late at Arsenal against 10 men but that is the only decisive goal we’ve scored even remotely late on since I
  7. But the xG shows that neither is Mourinho as smart as he thinks nor is Rodgers as naive as some are suggesting. Nor does it show we deserved to win, but it’s not a black-and-white tactical issue. Its easy to post-rationalise and say that Mourinho got it right and Rodgers got it wrong when you see the score line but the manager can only be responsible for the pattern of play. He’s not responsible for poor finishing or individual errors defensively - he can contribute to that by choosing tactics that put pressure on those players (as Rodgers did at Bournemouth) but the way th
  8. I know not everybody likes xG but an interesting illustration of the fact that the performance wasn’t that bad is that not only was our xG better than Spurs, it was higher at the point they went 3-0 down. This is really unusual - often teams will lose with a higher xG because the pattern of the game changes and the leading team sits back. Today Spurs sitting back actually didn’t do much for our xG at all. We were pretty unfortunate to go in behind at half time based on the way the game panned out. Going in 3-0 down was very unfortunate but that’s what happens when thing
  9. Well firstly thank you for engaging in such a thoughtful and respectful response. Secondly, the facts speak for themselves. We are not better than we were under Puel and haven’t been for half a season now. We were (much) better for the first half of the season and Rodgers rightly gained plaudits - plaudits he would have deserved had we taken even 10 fewer points in the first 16 games. For a spell we were better under Rodgers than under almost any manager we’ve had in the last 50 years. But right now - and for half a season (the idea that this is a post-lockdown thing is
  10. I’m not sure it’s right to say that before those last 21 league games we were heading downwards and that he’d held the players back. Puel had changed the playing style and we were sat in upper-mid table most of the season despite us losing one of the best wingers in the league that summer and it being the season after a World Cup from which several players had returned late. We had a forward-thinking centre mid (Tielemans) for 2 games under Puel and for one of them (Spurs) we played very well and in the other we got smash-and-grabbed by Palace. But by the end it was obvious he had to
  11. The small squad is of Rodgers’ choosing. You take the rough with the smooth when you go with a small first team squad - the smooth was a well-trained first XI and squad players who knew their roles. The rough is what we’re getting now.
  12. Last 21 league games we’ve taken 24 points. Puel was absolutely derided for our form before he was sacked. His last 21 league games yielded 23 points - and he had to deal with the fallout from the helicopter crash in that time. I think there’s a strong case to say that we’re no better now than we were when Puel left. And - I keep coming back to this - we’re paying our manager an absolutely elite level salary for this. We should be getting a top level performance from him and instead we’re getting no better than our most disliked manager of the last 15 years.
  13. This is exactly the same sort of defeatist nonsense we all rightly derided when people said “but you’d have taken relegation the year after winning the Premier League”. Edit: Not a pop at you @Fox92 sorry. But I just think this line of reasoning is a total cop out.
  14. We played fine for the most part, 9 times out of 10 we’re a goal up rather than a goal down after half an hour given the pattern of play. Unfortunately the team has yet again showed itself to have absolutely no resilience
  15. Good news is that it sounds like the Bennett deal is tied up
  16. Today is obviously not Rodgers’ fault. The fact we’re in a position that today even matters is completely Rodgers’ fault.
  17. We don’t deserve this. And I say this as somebody who has been very critical of Rodgers. We’ve played pretty well. Spurs have taken their chances, we haven’t.
  18. Also I would add that yesterday’s game is further proof that the problem for him from January to recently was not just a lack of supply. He looked sluggish, his touch was poor, the chances he was getting he wasn’t taking. None of that makes him a poor player, he was just in poor form. It happens. Vardy’s been through at least 4 prior prolonged spells of poor form since he’s been here and each time he’s bounced back.
  19. Top 5 Vardy performances (for me): 1) Man United 5-3 - a goal and 4 assists 2) West Brom 3-2 (title winning season) - in the midst of his 11 game scoring run, gave West Brom an absolute chasing and scored a vintage breakaway goal. 3) Newcastle 3-0 (great escape season) - probably the first time I knew he was going to make it as a PL striker 4) Man City 4-2 (hat trick) 5) Derby 4-1 - absolutely humiliated the Derby defence. I wasn’t at that game at Barnsley where the highlights made it look like he was playing on fast forward - maybe that would be up there t
  20. 4 points from the last 2 games gets us in the top 4. I’d have taken that this morning.
  21. On the plus side United look there to be got at. They look tired and they’ve got an extra game to play between now and when we play them.
  22. I’ve probably mis-stated that. I don’t mean that it didn’t get looked at - I’m sure it did, I mean more that it’s not been overturned. You think about some of the penalties we’ve had given against us this season and look at that and wonder whether the same set of rules is being used in each game.
  23. “Not a clear and obvious error” says Peter Walton as he watches Lindelof swipe Zaha’s leg away.
  24. The offside is offside. It’s a ridiculous state that the game has got itself into that they’re looking at that but let’s face it we’ve benefited plenty of times this season. The penalty not being reviewed by VAR is absolutely inexcusable.
  25. Remember when Schlupp was on loan at Man United? Weird.
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