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  1. Palace in sensational form at the moment so assuming they’ll win.
  2. Absolutely rock solid today. We obviously don’t have a lot of choice about who we pick at centre back at the moment but today was a perfect fixture for him.
  3. Absolutely outstanding today, as I said in the match thread that’s probably the best individual display by one of our midfielders since the title winning season. When you consider what was at stake it was absolutely unreal. Obviously he was brilliantly supported by Ndidi but he is an absolutely class act. That’s what you pay £30m-odd for. More of this sort of thing please Youri.
  4. Now there’s a haircut you can set your watch to
  5. Genuinely one of the best individual performances one of our players has put in since the title winning season. When you think about what’s on the line here he’s absolutely bossed the game, made some brilliant passes and tackles. Absolutely outstanding performance.
  6. After Crystanbul I think Brendan might have other ideas!
  7. Barnes might not be able to finish but his pace is frightening them. I’d be more inclined to take Perez off than Barnes.
  8. “If only he could finish” is going to be engraved on Barnes’ headstone
  9. What is it with referees not giving obvious fouls when in the act of shooting? If Barnes doesn’t shoot there it’s a stonewall penalty.
  10. Tielemans has been excellent. Best player on the pitch by a distance
  11. Somebody is going to need to explain to me how Tielemans isn’t fouled there as he shoots
  12. I’ve been happy to give him a good kicking recently because he’s deserved it. But what else is he supposed to do here apart from the blindingly obvious in picking Iheanacho. Other than that he’s not got many options.
  13. It’s got to be pretty rare to line up for a PL game with one player aged between 24 and 29
  14. And before. He’s scored more goals than Vardy since the bad run started.
  15. Also an underrated win was the 4-1 against Derby the year we got promoted.
  16. The 3-0 in Bruges was brilliant. Not sure it felt as good even as salvaging a 2-2 draw at MK Dons but it was an amazing experience.
  17. I would be surprised if the payoffs for Ranieri, Puel, Pearson and Shakespeare combined were even half what it would cost to fire Rodgers. Let’s not forget we also paid £7m or whatever it was to bring him down from Celtic. Would we really effectively break our transfer record just to fire our manager? Rodgers is here as long as he wants.
  18. There is no solution other than for Rodgers to acknowledge his mistakes and learn from them. He has shown no signs of doing either. I want him to succeed because I think he has a lot of good ideas about football and as we’ve seen when it’s going well he is capable of producing some great stuff. I don’t think he has the humility or self-awareness to acknowledge his own failings and last night was yet another example of that. I also don’t think people realise how much Rodgers’ contract has the club over a barrel. Spurs are in the same situation with Mourinho. We don’t have a
  19. I think the number of people actually calling for him to be sacked is actually very small. I think a lot of people - myself included - are sick of being told there’s not a debate to be had about Rodgers’ performance just because we’re in the top 4. We’re a significantly worse side than we were a year ago and he’s paid twice as much for the privilege.
  20. You could have said this about most of the last 20-odd games. So many stages at which you thought we’d hit rock bottom in that run, so many false dawns and we’re still repeating the same mistakes.
  21. Even at the time of making that extra defensive change at half time Rodgers had a back 5 consisting of players who’d all played centre back in his time at the club. It’s the sort of thing we’d laugh at Tony Pulis for doing. Not his fault with injuries etc but it’s hardly like we were gung ho before the change.
  22. I don’t think it has to be a sly dig at all, but it is absolutely spot on. Leadership is about accountability. Successful leaders do not pass the buck. I’m pleased Kasper realises that because it’s pretty clear his manager doesn’t.
  23. “Leaders look inwards and take responsibility” is an interesting comment.
  24. Imagine not making a half time change against Brighton or Everton but making one today.
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