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  1. 9 hours ago, Ian Nacho said:

    People who type in accents, namely the Scottish. What’s the need for it :dunno:



    (don’t even think about it)

    Yeah this is a good one, it is so pathetic. Not sure why they do it either maybe they are just uneducated scotch people.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Strokes said:

    I can’t use most hand sanitisers as they flair up my psoriasis, I usually carry my own but I’d be more than a bit annoyed if I couldn’t enter a shop because I’d forgotten or run out of hand cream.

    Don’t go to a co op then 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Nalis said:

    Harry Maguire is a decent player.


    His cumbersome nature makes his errors look worse than they actually are.

    I think most people would say he is decent or at worst average. Just no where near the price tag paid for him which isn’t his fault. 

  4. 29 minutes ago, Mark 'expert' Lawrenson said:

    Rick Stein’s German bite.

    Watching Rick travel through Germany sampling the cuisine of his ancestors.

    Ive mentioned before I love Rick Stein’s style of presenting, he’s one chef I enjoy watching and having been to Berlin and Munich I’m interested to see what he thinks of German cuisine.


    What is this on? I like Rick Stein he is living the dream and seems genuine in his shows.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

    This mask wearing in Morrisons, won't people just say they've got a medical exemption? As no proof is needed.

    Yeah but then they are not allowed in

  6. Just now, FoxesDeb said:

    There have been plenty of examples in this thread already, I'm not going to dig them up but we've heard many reasons given for being happy going out in the midst of the pandemic, but seemingly unable to wear a mask 

    I know but I’m interested in what they are.

  7. Looks like Nathan Jones was right when he said the other week he could see Justin at the likes of Barca eventually. You could see how confident he is now yesterday, he clearly now believes more in himself. Credit to Brendan for helping him improve. 

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  8. 49 minutes ago, Soup said:

    A few cans from the offie this evening. Very enjoyable both of them 














    Had them before, very nice. I’m off the booze for the next few weeks. 

  9. 24 minutes ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    There's been strong evidence to suggest that bed capacity has been a problem for years on end.


    In Leicester,  the General reduced it's ICU capacity from 12 to 1 in 2018. From 2012, Glenfield Hospital - it was planned to close it's heart centre and only through controlled campaign it's remained there until 2021 when it goes over to an already over-subscribed, over-capacity Leicester Royal Infirmary. Again in 2018, the LRI was subject to four hour waits for a bed - the ICU had close in the same year due to staff shortages. The existing capacity has been poor for years - and it's continually been reduced. 


    I found this out to my own sad personal circumstance.


    My dying Mum called an ambulance on a Saturday morning and it was 24 hours before she was finally placed in a bed within a manned ward. Approximately nearly four hours awaiting the ambulance, followed by a three hour wait in the queue outside A&E of ambulance and then agonising wait within the building itself.


    Now I could go in detail how simply the building itself was a cluster**** in terms of lack in space. Equally I could go on about in the last seven years, I have done condition surveys for about 350 to 400 buildings across the country in NHS trusts and continually spellbounds me how trusts, have either gave away land, allowed other hospital to literally mothball, worked it down so basically the repair bill is huge that it borders impossible to maintain. 

    Sorry to hear about your situation mate. December 19 my mum was rushed to hospital (LRI) at about midnight, her situation was critical. I managed to get to the hospital about 2am and my brother from London about 3:30. It was an absolute shit show, even though it was critical there were no ICU beds at all. She never managed to get one and died without us while having a MRI at about 6am. Anyone who can say that the NHS is not underfunded needs to get in the real world. To think that was before Covid 19 too is scary. 

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