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  1. Just now, TheUltimateWinner said:

    Do they not go over any previous incidents in training with these refs? Don’t blow ****ing early!! It’s common sense, let it roll, blow after the balls in the net to show your on field decision was a foul and let VAR look.

    They are absolutely useless. 

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  2. Just now, Arriba Los Zorros said:

    Wolves don't seem to be as defensively tight this season do they? Has Nuno released the handbrake a little or if not, what's the reason? Their whole game plan is around defence so they can't go letting 3 goals in.

    Yeah they changed formation. This game aside they have still looked boring and turgid 

  3. 55 minutes ago, Miquel The Work Geordie said:

    Made a start on a decent selection to see this cretin of a year off; joyeux noel and a merry new years eve to everyone in this thread, truly one of the soundest threads on the forum and arguably the best thread since the Henleys v-neck jumper and Gio-Goi gingham shirt I wore on this very night in 2008 in Liquid and copped off to JLS Beat Again after being told five times I "looked like Tony from Skins."


    Have a good'un everyone, one love for the mothers pride x

    Happy new year mate 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Frost said:

    Ordered a bottle yesterday for £38.


    Taking a punt as I've never tried it before but for the price it's worth a go - should be a decent enough winter fragrance.

    Hope you like it 

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