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  1. Fair play to those critical of Hamilton and the tax theories for declaring they would voluntarily pay tax in a country they chose to move out of
  2. If Liverpool had won all the games they'd usually win this season they'd be well clear at the top. Strange that
  3. So what are these expectations? Win the league? The person above you is right, however our record against the bigger sides before this season was fairly poor, and when we do lose to the likes of Liverpool/Man Utd it's more frustrating because we know we are better than we had probably showed on the day. I think generally whenever we lose matches, or even fail to win matches these days given the horrendous overreaction from some on here, we don't really seem to have played well in them. When we play well we usually win. I know that sounds a bit obvious but its true. But
  4. How can you say that with such confidence? WBA won't be the first team to have acquired his services in their position and they won't be the first side to have stayed up if thats what they do.
  5. WBA fans must be livid that they didn't get to see their side play free-flowing football and lose 5-0
  6. There's also a world of difference between Liverpool and WBA. Why would they turn up and do anything different to what they've done? Their squad is woeful
  7. I mean you could just disagree without getting personal
  8. We didn't like a players comments who criticsed the way we played that match, but we still judge (criticise) others on how they play. Whats not to get?
  9. I suppose those of you who criticise Allardyce's style of play didn't give a shit when Rodri criticised what we did at the Etihad?
  10. Burnley take a shot, gets a deflection off of his own player (Benson) and Burnley players all appeal for a corner, including Benson himself. Footballers are ****ing embarrasing. Refs undoubtedly sometimes are swayed by heavy appeals from players and its no wonder they **** up sometimes when players flat out cheat.
  11. Weird how you can play on for minutes on end after an incident, even rule out a goal scored after said incident and bring it back for a penalty, but you can't give a penalty for something because the ref penalised the wrong team originally?
  12. How is that not a review for a penalty though??
  13. Makes a change to not be losing on penalties to Man City tonight
  14. This co commentator should go into coaching. He knows EVERYTHING
  15. Egg. Zack. Lee. Not a chance thats real anyway. Two freak results and you happen to have done a double on it? Okay
  16. Not saying 100% literally be in backwards order, just be more balanced. Liverpool would probably have been first with a comfortable 2-0
  17. The way I see it the running order on MOTD should be slightly biased towards the later games. With how easy it is to see highlights within hours or even stream matches, people have had most of the day to catch these goals in the Liverpool match. Newcastle game finished no more than an hour ago and you know its gonna be 3rd at best (out of 4??)
  18. Some people are deluded in the way they believe we can have a the first 11 that we do which is generally quality, and then a back-up player for each position who is no worse than the player he is replacing. We are Leicester ffs, top quality players are not going to come here to sit on our bench
  19. Can't wait for Man Utd to take the lead against us
  20. I swear they used to atleast describe the goal or whatever, these days they more or less just write "goal"
  21. Twitter admin is so miserable when the opposition score
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