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  1. Haven't we learnt from telling fans how happy they should be with how their manager is doing? Pearson has obviously improved them but the new manager bounce has faded. That Watford side is largely the same side that has comfortably survived in the PL for a good while now
  2. Its fashionable to label all England players as Sunday League players at best
  3. Brighton have been decent this half besides the first 10mins
  4. I've missed us being 38/4 at lunch (or tea today)
  5. Exactly its pathetic. We're Leicester, we're not in a position to back up CB's who are as good as Evans/Soyuncu who will be happy to be on the bench all season
  6. Tbf you react in the same way if you do something like that deliberately and then immediately regret it.. but I do believe it was an accident. I didn't even click what this thread was about judging by the title until I came in here, thats how much of a non incident it is
  7. Not a bad result considering atleast half the team aren't even Championship standard according to the match thread It is a decent result against a good side and a form team at a place we never do well, given our poor form aswell. Obviously with our situation it doesn't do much for us, but still
  9. One of the goals was against 11 men though
  10. With the rules the way they are now i'm surprised that the lino would flag for that?
  11. Not that Arsenal having 10 men is going to make any difference whatsoever
  12. Wonder how different things would be if we hung onto the lead at Watford
  13. Opportunity missed there for the FA, could have drawn a wonky line to overturn that
  14. What is it with back-up keepers playing blinders against us? Thinking the Villa keeper in the League Cup semis, not that Martinez is in blinder territory yet but deffo hasn't put a foot wrong
  15. Anyone spot the Tierney handball from Justin's shot? Not that it was in any way a penalty, unless it was Jonny Evans' hand
  16. To do a Wes Morgan type job then sure. Third choice then probably not.
  17. Chilwell has been shit AGAIN. Snap Chelsea's hand off for 5m let alone 50m
  18. If VAR won't overturn Sheff Utd's goal at Villa because technology failed then they aren't going to overturn that
  19. Don't think VAR would ever overturn that tbh
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