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  1. I hate the blame culture in modern football. Sure it's frustrating that officials make mistakes but how many times does a losing manager (or drawing in Pellegrini's case yesterday) not mention a decision made by the referee?
  2. QPR would be a good match for him. Also Ipswich if they were to get rid of Lambert but I can't see that
  3. Probably been answered elsewhere but what would happen if, say, Spurs and Chelsea won the CL/EL and finished 5th and 6th in the league? 6 English sides in the CL or nae? ahh nevermind, explained here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47806720
  4. Strictly speaking surely that isn't possible unless i'm reading it wrong. I presume CL sides tend to play on Saturdays so there would always be a 2 whole days minimum between games either side of CL fixtures. EL sides on the Sunday after EL fixtures. What would happen say if last weekend and PSV were still in the EL, Ajax played on the Wednesday with the 2nd leg this Tuesday, but inbetween they were due to play PSV who couldn't play until the Sunday because they were in EL action on Thursday. Think i'm just being super pedantic there's no doubt the way we do it is pathetic though
  5. I was taking the piss, however i'd be interested to know which games you have seen Barnes and thought he is poor. Not much end product yet sure but that should come in time. He's certainly not been poor for us so far and you'd probably do well to find a WBA game where he was poor judging by his stats and reputation there.
  6. I watched James Forrest once and he was the worst player on the pitch so based on that I want him absolutely nowhere near the club (unless he's playing for the opposition, in which case we'll have a field day)
  7. It was a shite race but don't see why people are being negative about the prospects this season. Merc were quickest in Australia and China and got a 1-2. Ferrari were quickest in Bahrain and would have got a 1-2 as comfortably as Merc did today if Vettel didn't spin and Leclerc's car didn't break.
  8. When did we last win a game on TV?
  9. In the 89th minute, over the tannoy Tonights scapegoat as voted for by Foxestalk is number 7 - Demarai Gray
  10. Hardly an inspiring set of substitutes
  11. Not seen football as bad as Newcastle's since Palace at home and every Leicester game before that
  12. We've had some successful caretaker managers
  13. I don't see the problem either. Rules are rules, they aren't going to void the fine because the incident we were upset about was an incorrect call by the ref.
  14. I don't particularly disagree with that but as a player, you would believe you can force your way in especially when the buying club is happy to spend silly money to get you. He also probably thought it was a way to get into the England side regularly even playing the odd game here and there, which happened a lot more back then than it does now.
  15. God forbid a player thinking he can cut it at a higher level than us
  16. Just seen Notts declared overnight with Joe Clarke 97no and about to make his 2nd century of the match on debut? !
  17. Blimey that must be the first time Hameed has reached double figures for a good few years
  18. Walkers


    We've had over 24hrs to watch the Liverpool highlights/goals, why is that on first????
  19. No its that stage of the season where every game of title challengers are on TV instead
  20. Bored so i've stuck the City game on. Will be disappointed if they dont hit 10. And there's 1
  21. Scott Brown probably has the advantage with the fact that his brother is the referee
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