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  1. Just all too samey now. Always a contestant or two edited out to be the disruptive figure, the clown, the mouth. The team splits and have different ideas every single week, the person seemingly the best fit to be PM always loses out in a vote. Really needs a shake up There's also absolutely no stand out contestant this year
  2. Playing for Chelsea counts for more
  3. Started watching The Good Doctor. I like it
  4. I'm not defending them and i'm not saying these people should go unpunished, but the majority of these people who commit these offences aren't racist, they're just thick, uneducated cretins who have heard this is doing the rounds in football recently and think it'll be funny to add to it. Much the same as these people who surf social media on 'fake accounts' thinking they can post anything with no consequences. As touched on above though I don't understand anyone who goes to a football match and feels the need to do anything like this, throw objects, spit, etc.etc. Heck it even rages me when people do the willy puller gesture or stick two fingers up at an opposition player, all because he wears a different coloured shirt to the one you wear
  5. Surprised to see Mane in the side after Albrighton's horror challenge
  6. This commentator doesn't half waffle on about irrelevant shite
  7. If people are going to stop reading at inaccurate comments then how did you get past the first 15 words....
  8. https://www.sportbible.com/football/gaming-news-take-a-bow-community-man-sends-football-manager-cv-to-serbian-club-and-gets-offered-job-20191014?fbclid=IwAR3sQ0wrg5R6GxIq9tjl8a4W9efQHNSvvdJZNj5W0YjYnbBSJqVlHGEzYWE Not me
  9. So what minute we walking off the pitch tonight?
  10. Is there a particular way you want the scarves to be held up?
  11. Walkers


    Hate to be that guy but why is this thread still open?
  12. The first bit doesn't apply here for Raikkonen but he lost more places and fell to the back at Russia having jumped the start and was given a drive through. Just seems weird because I remember when Bottas had that ridiculously quick start at Austria a few years back it was said that if you are deemed to have anticipated the lights going out then you can be penalised for it......
  13. A jump start is a jump start no?
  14. So you mean have most PL sides put out their reserves?
  15. So we just go to a Euros/World Cup every 2 years with a team that hasn't played together before?
  16. Anyone else watching the Andorra-Moldova game?
  17. Pleasantly surprised to see Vaclik in the squad, probably a lack of options in the net for them after Cech retired. Is that Ladislav Krejci on the bench too? Where's Pavel Kaderabek? Shame Vaclav Kadlec isn't around anymore
  18. Having lived in Czech Republic for 40 years on Football Manager I can't recall ever actually hearing the term Czechia
  19. Done and dusted now for Latvia, Poland 3 up.
  20. Does Coleen Rooney have hardcore fans or is he just weird?
  21. I don't think there was anything in the Vardy situation other than his style of play doesn't suit England's. And he wasn't going to displace Kane
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