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  1. What's more baffling than the 46% that want him gone is that the Mercury have run a poll asking if fans want to get rid of a player I bet not many people know exists?
  2. In fairness there probably isn't a rule saying if they decide later during the match they ****ed up, they can take action 15mins later
  3. Not a rugby fanatic so excuse me if this is a daft question but why is it that winning the grand slam seems to be the be all and end all, and winning the whole thing in any other way seems doesn't seem to be celebrated? Just an observation
  4. Fair play to Luiz for not going down holding his head there. Think we all know a side or two though who would have seen that goal disallowed in their favour
  5. Was for it, was for it even around Christmas because I think we avoided most of the controversy but the last month or so for us have been beyond ridiculous. Think it's better off just being used to check for the legality of goals. Convinced the referees don't wanna watch the monitor because of how close they are to the fans at some stadiums. Think abroad i've seen they put some sort of sheet over it to block out fans and noise somewhat. The one I saw here recently (Palace?) i'm not surprised if referees don't want to use it given how moronic some fans are in this country these days.
  6. Makes me somewhat glad we're not in the Cup Final next weekend tbh
  7. What is the difference between a player sliding in and winning the ball, then catching the player on the follow through. Usually thats a red card. Why is the same principle not followed here? It is as dangerous as a slide tackle
  8. Funny thing is about the De Bruyne incident is that the player should know there is a very high chance that not only is the ball going to come towards you, it might also hit you. Very possibly in the face. There should be less leniency in that situation for what De Bruyne did. The Praet one, yeah its a penalty but (whoever kicked it at him) could have done anything, passed it, dummied it.
  9. It's understandable that there is no consistency in the decisions when you have somebody different sat behind the TV screens every game. That is something that needs to change without a doubt. However there is no excuse when two similar incidents in the same match watched by the same crook of a referee have different outcomes.
  10. I think generally if your shirt has King Power smacked on the middle of it, it's a penalty And if you play for a team playing against such a side, there's no such thing as handball
  11. Our next mini season begins on Friday IMO. A couple of iffy results in the next two and then i'll be worried
  12. I'm confused, do people honestly reckon that was offside????
  13. That **** couldn't finish his ****ing dinner the other night
  14. Repost from an hour ago. Still wouldn't say anybody has had a bad game. Maddison quiet, Vardy still a bit off the boil but can still see another chance falling his way. Praet, Schmeichel and Evans stand outs.
  15. Some chump like Mendy is gonna fluke a last minute winner
  16. It exists to assist top teams doesn't it
  17. Lets be honest though if Schmeichel did that we'd be a bit miffed if he got a red card
  18. Thats never gonna get given but I don't understand how you can get in trouble for a follow through for a slide tackle but not something a boxer would be proud of?
  19. I'd rather Maddison try and score direct from a corner than take one short
  20. That ain't a penalty if Nakamba's wasn't................
  21. Don't think anybody has played badly so far. Can't wait for Man City to take the lead so we can discuss how shit Schmeichel, Chilwell and Tielemans have been
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