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    **** off ******
  2. Didn't he sign a new contract after that? Or was it before?
  3. @Swan Lesta ........................
  4. Can we close the thread now
  5. Fairly certain he's responsible for the Aussie bushfires too
  6. Any idea how much tickets are (or were, for future reference) for T20 finals day this year?
  7. Well Stan beats Urban Spaceman this week
  8. I'll put a tenner on him being back at the start of March
  9. Im surprised I haven't seen anybody suggest flogging him for 60m because he is THAT bad
  10. If Vardy gets booked for not touching someone then shouldn't Guilbert get a red?
  11. **** me this referee is the worst I have ever seen. Never EVER seen a good performance from him and im not just talking Leicester matches.
  12. Chilwell will take the scapegoat honours for a few more weeks then
  13. He isn't (not even good enough to get in our first XI tbh) but I would imagine he probably does think he's too big for us
  14. Bloody hell cheer up! Its the start of a new decade tomorrow, smile
  15. Don't remember WBA fans being too complimentary about Evans come the end of his time there. Plus these Milan fans probably don't rate most of their players right now.
  16. Never heard Shearer do commentary before but he did Man Utd/Newcastle (of course) on Amazon the other day. Only caught 10mins of the game but heard him use the phrase " __________ is full of confidence" atleast 4 times,
  17. Isn't it convenient how managers never see incidents that go in favour of their side?
  18. Liverpool. If 2016 didn't happen i'd perhaps be a bit more ambitious about a title fight but we're chasing a team so far infront who have only dropped points once in what, 30 games? Call me a bit paranoid but i'm looking behind us now. Disappointing that Chelsea won today but i've said before I am more worried about Spurs chasing us down. Maybe even Wolves although their EL campaign might hinder their progress. Man Utd are looking a little better lately too. Chelsea have been very inconsistent
  19. He's so full of himself he should try out on the Apprentice
  20. Does that suggest we had our Christmas party in late February or did we actually plan to go twice?
  21. I think collectively football fans are mostly morons
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