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  1. You'd have thought a black and white flag for squeezing him off track, and then later on cutting the chicane and moving under braking would have been enough to get some sort of penalty???? I presume its not the same at T1 like it is at T2 where you outbrake yourself you have to follow that line around the outside? Drivers (such as Hamilton later on) should have just tried to make the corner anyway and cut the chicane since it loses you less time
  2. Would be interested to know how Maddison's stats compare to Mount in their previous seasons in the Championship? Either way there is no chance Mount gets in this England squad if he didn't play for a top 6 club, let alone coming off the bench today
  3. Even when Roy doesn't open, he finds himself opening
  4. Saw that coming a mile off, pretty sure they wouldn't give themselves 20 seconds leeway to get around if they were the last car on track let alone when they're queueing up with 8 other cars I remember a car at South Korea years back cutting across a chicane to gain time to set a laptime in quali and I think they were penalised for it? It's tactics and those cars that crossed the chicane at T1 should be penalised too, although drivers (Vettel inparticular) would argue they locked up and would be kinda hard to disprove
  5. Signed an opener from Northants Seconds who averages 17 on a 5 year contract
  6. I agree Denly has probably had his chance but this is our issue now. We've been in a rut with batting for years and now any new players coming in feel under pressure if they don't score big straight from the off
  7. Have faith, Burns and Denly will be here batting this time tomorrow After Australia enforce the follow on
  8. Just waiting for a "Smith has scored more runs in 4 innings than England players x.y and z in 6 innings combined" stat to go viral
  9. If only we knew someone who had access and contacts in the club
  10. Thats a difficult first four fixtures. Sheff Utd will still have momentum from last year and have showed they might be a nuisance to most in this league, Bournemouth the easiest but we've struggled against them since they've became a PL club. I'd have taken 6 or 7 points but it wouldn't have been impossible to have came away with a couple. 8 is a great return and any thoughts of top 4/6 have only increased with our potential rivals dropping points against lesser sides already. The next 4 are very difficult, i'd take 4, maybe 5 at a push but thats maybe still with the mindset of a few years ago where Man Utd/Spurs/Liverpool should roll us over. Newcastle at home have been difficult for us over the last few years with their lack of attacking intent. I'd very happily take 3 pts from either Man Utd/Spurs.
  11. Why manage Coventry when you can manage HKF Jfeneknafeanfkea of Bevbnaeklvja?
  12. I think what's smarter is that we got Benkovic to go to Celtic when we knew we were going to get rid of Puel and hire Rodgers, so they could get used to each other
  13. He was one that was probably destined for F1 tbf, quite a lot of F2 drivers you know will never make it and have been hanging around that level for years. Just catching up on the race if thats what you want to call it, the mess left from the crash was one of the worst i've seen and you just knew there would be fatalities.
  14. Record chase in English T20 in just 18 overs.............. Morgan 83no from 29
  15. Anyone for T20? Middlesex absolutely mullering Somerset chasing 227, 60 off 3 overs
  16. Could they even afford Vettel alongside Verstappen? I wouldn't be surprised if they took the bold move and dumped Gasly or Kvyat from their programme, I guess you've got Matsushita in F2 who is alright on his day. Is Albon actually confirmed for 2020? He's been no more impressive than Gasly was for TR so again it wouldn't surprise me if he flopped and went back to TR and they lined up next year with something like Verstappen/new signing and Albon/Matsushita. Or maybe risk Albon for a year and keep Kvyat and do something similar to what you said for 2021. Albon's rise is actually crazy, I thought he was no worse than Norris in F2 last year despite finishing below him and I got the impression he was a bit of a reluctant pick for the TR seat this year.
  17. I know hes not in their programme but I wonder if Red Bull will regret making a decision with Gasly/Albon already.. Hulkenberg would make a solid #2 for Verstappen
  18. Such hypocrisy around. All the media talk about is PL clubs making a big number of changes (otherwise known as making use of your 23 man squad...) I caught the end of the debate on Sky last night and watched Mark Warburton kinda side with the media, when he was asked what sort of team he'll put out he said a strong one, not many changes. 7 changes made Not sure on the state of their side at the weekend just gone mind you but still
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49500292 "I'm maybe not the most talented, but I make it up with hard work," he said. What a thing to say
  20. Ward Justin Soyuncu Benkovic Chilwell if fit and play Fuchs vs Bournemouth, or vice versa Choudhury Mendy Albrighton Maddison/Tielemans Barnes Perez/Ian Nacho Maybe Praet in place of either two DM's, don't care who
  21. Doesn't need changing but why play 14 games and send half the group through? Make it 2 from each group
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