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  1. Did you stop marshalling races or did you just stop updating your sig?
  2. Goteborg Sparta Rotterdam Nomme Kalju Palermo Jihlava Monchengladbach 17/1 I like Cambuur tonight 9/2 away at Go Ahead Eagles based on their H2H
  3. Sorry, i've only spent a week with Ludogorets over there. Liechtenstein is my cup of tea
  4. I only needed 10 minutes to think back on the season I have watched to make you look like a mug.
  5. The ref literally looks rather dumb let alone referees like it
  6. Xhaka should be gone now aswell after the ref didn't book him for holding back
  7. Is that really a free kick.... certainly theatrical at worst
  8. Refs been an absolute joke so far. Arsenal should be down to 10 and have 2 yellows and we should have had 2 penalties. Can't wait to see how he will cost us a goal
  9. Feels like Man Utd away except we're not already trailing. Except we will be when the ref gives a penalty for Lacazette tripping over air
  10. Why did Holding get booked for that but Xhaka not for an identical foul? Literally 90 seconds before.
  11. the last 14 years seem to really be getting to you dear. Do you need reminding of Russia? I'm sure you don't. Anybody suggesting that whoever won this season because they had the fastest car is deluded. From the best of my memory, with 3 different options, Australia: Merc better car Bahrain: Ferrari China: Ferrari Azerbaijan: Ferrari Spain: Mercedes Monaco: Ferrari (or Red bull really, but ahead of Mercedes nonetheless) Canada: Ferrari France: Mercedes Austria Even Britain: Even Germany: Ferrari Hungary: Actually quite hard to say but based off the practices, Ferrari) Belgium: Ferrari Italy: Even Singapore: Mercedes Russia: Mercedes Japan: Mercedes USA: Even Thats Ferrari 7-5 Merc. Either way Bottas has too many weekends where you forget he's even racing, Azerbaijan was one of them until the SC and then he was unlucky not to win. Bahrain COULD have been different, And he'd have won in Russia if he was allowed lets be honest. Possibly even Germany. Rosberg though had weekends like Bottas had yesterday aswell, commonly at Monza and Malaysia one year where he was well behind Hamilton. So yeah, about time Raikkonen won especially given he has a dominant car. I cant even count, I think Thats 8-6 to Ferrari
  12. Who is it you're trying to troll here???
  13. I must have missed Stix's post stating Hamilton's wins are nothing to do with the car
  14. Thats weird I thought he signed for a Formula E team? Still, he's been better than Norris in GP2 this season
  15. Weird how neither team have names?
  16. Interviews for applying for a passport........... is this guaranteed? I thought it was (for everybody) but anyone I ask gives me different answers
  17. I'm about a few quid down on what I was a few months ago thanks to a few wins recently, still have far too many accumulators where only one let's me down though including today
  18. Very rarely do you see a CB subbed off just because he's on a yellow
  19. Probably booking their trip to Salisbury cathedral at the wheel
  20. I know Wessels is the wrong side of 30 but that could turn to out to be a better deal for Worcs, given that Clarke will probably walk into the England squad now he's moved to a test ground side
  21. Don't see Benfica going in for any of those players either
  22. Had a nice win on Salzburg, Zenit, Leverkusen and Krasnodar (13/5 to beat Sevilla at home) at 13/1
  23. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 110 seconds  
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