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  1. They also don't show replays on red button games. I wasn't watching when the keeper did whatever he did, I cant rewind it either First time i've heard a co-commentator on a red button game though so thats something
  2. You can tell it's a winter break when Sheff Utd and Leeds are the main talking points in the football world over the last week
  3. What is the reason (because there must be one) that Sky plumped for Swansea vs QPR instead if Brentford vs Leeds as the main TV game?
  4. Totally agree with what Pickford says. In general new England players have a honeymoon period of about a year where if they are being picked regularly for squads while not being the best player in the league, their heads will be called for. Maguire was a bit of a cult hero for England even as recently as last summer, then off he trots to Man Utd and suddenly he's not even League One standard. The same will happen to Maddison if and when he leaves to join a bigger side. Everyone wants him in the squad now but his popularity will soon go down. Those calling for Henderson to be our #1 ahead of Pickford will soon blush when they realise he's on Man Utd's books.
  5. Doesn't really count as a break though does it with them training the week building up to today. Might cause problems for Man City later in the season with fixture congestion
  6. Yeah Chris Jordan is just one of them guys whos good days are ignored and his bad days are scrutinised
  7. You nailed it anyway (Amarillo) He's a product of our academy Been playing for Leicester since he was 13 Englands left back, scored 2 goals this season Even though he's in ropey form But even so SHA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA
  8. Yeah heard that one at the end Give Leeds a tap on the shoulder and say THIS, IS NOT DONE.
  9. There is no bigger soundbite commentator than this guy who does the majority of Championship games. Such a cringebag
  10. So are we writing the guy off completely from a debut performance at a club he never knew existed 3 weeks ago?
  11. Can't see anything official about that but guess it's only a matter of time. Not sure if what you have seen says cancelled or postponed but not seeing any date they could realistically change it too. Also Sky have all of testing live aswell as F1TV
  12. Hardly a punishment for them, sure Klopp would happily accept that
  13. Wow, cracking equaliser
  14. Wouldnt surprise me if there was some sort of law over how many games young players can play in a week or even be named in matchday squads
  15. If I were at Man Utd i'd be wanting Maddison not just to make a rival wearker, but because he's better than Grealish
  16. It's not just a case of 'still' being 6pts clear in a few games. If that happens then it suggests we have gone off the rails in terms of form and there is a decent side (maybe more) below us picking up form. If someone said before the season if i'd take being 6pts clear of 5th at the start of March i'd say yes. But not so much when we were 15pts clear a few months ago
  17. Hate hate hate hate hate goalkeepers catching the easiest ball and falling to the ground for 10 seconds+
  18. How much have Spurs declined the last 12 months Celebrations like a World Cup final
  19. 45mins away from a full house of 0-0's on Sky this weekend
  20. Can't wait for Man City to score a hat-trick of penalties in a few weeks against us, probably all given on soft handballs blasted at Soyuncu from 2 yards away with his hands down by his side
  21. Partly because the majority of fans, and I don't just mean Spurs/City fans in this case, can't make a judgement without being biased to whatever suits them
  22. Should be a penalty but i've always felt with those sort of situations that Sterling was never going to get the ball after kicking it anyway. Think it's one of those classic: not in the area = foul, in the area: no foul
  23. Liverpool's Rhian Brewster's Swansea have equalised at Preston
  24. Won both games, both at home strangely enough, the final game being against 22nd place Northampton. Started 2pts behind them and obviously needed to win to send them down instead
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