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  1. He was one that was probably destined for F1 tbf, quite a lot of F2 drivers you know will never make it and have been hanging around that level for years. Just catching up on the race if thats what you want to call it, the mess left from the crash was one of the worst i've seen and you just knew there would be fatalities.
  2. Record chase in English T20 in just 18 overs.............. Morgan 83no from 29
  3. Anyone for T20? Middlesex absolutely mullering Somerset chasing 227, 60 off 3 overs
  4. Could they even afford Vettel alongside Verstappen? I wouldn't be surprised if they took the bold move and dumped Gasly or Kvyat from their programme, I guess you've got Matsushita in F2 who is alright on his day. Is Albon actually confirmed for 2020? He's been no more impressive than Gasly was for TR so again it wouldn't surprise me if he flopped and went back to TR and they lined up next year with something like Verstappen/new signing and Albon/Matsushita. Or maybe risk Albon for a year and keep Kvyat and do something similar to what you said for 2021. Albon's rise is actually crazy, I thought he was no worse than Norris in F2 last year despite finishing below him and I got the impression he was a bit of a reluctant pick for the TR seat this year.
  5. I know hes not in their programme but I wonder if Red Bull will regret making a decision with Gasly/Albon already.. Hulkenberg would make a solid #2 for Verstappen
  6. Such hypocrisy around. All the media talk about is PL clubs making a big number of changes (otherwise known as making use of your 23 man squad...) I caught the end of the debate on Sky last night and watched Mark Warburton kinda side with the media, when he was asked what sort of team he'll put out he said a strong one, not many changes. 7 changes made Not sure on the state of their side at the weekend just gone mind you but still
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49500292 "I'm maybe not the most talented, but I make it up with hard work," he said. What a thing to say
  8. Ward Justin Soyuncu Benkovic Chilwell if fit and play Fuchs vs Bournemouth, or vice versa Choudhury Mendy Albrighton Maddison/Tielemans Barnes Perez/Ian Nacho Maybe Praet in place of either two DM's, don't care who
  9. Doesn't need changing but why play 14 games and send half the group through? Make it 2 from each group
  10. Not particularly sure how you've came to that conclusion because I was agreeing with someone who failed to see us chasing anything north of whatever it was, when a day earlier we had been bowled out for 67, but okay
  11. What timezone is Izzy in?
  12. Its hardly a barbaric opinion
  13. We're either going to win or get bowled out by lunch
  14. Convinced the ball went out of play before that penalty was given aswell
  15. Not watching another minute of this
  16. I wouldn't back us chasing 100 no matter what happens this innings
  17. Have those that said we just need to make 400+ watched us bat in test cricket in the past 4 years?
  18. Would be nice for Charlton, Leeds and Wednesday, even Forest to come up. Proper 90s Premiership feel to the league Bournemouth, Burnley and Palace can piss off Not sure if Charlton were really a 90s PL club but they were when I first started paying attention to football
  19. Get Vince back. His 30's would be pretty handy at the top of the order nowadays
  20. He's done it with Worcs before, both before and during his time in the England side
  21. Well with the new rule that we benefitted from last week people should probably be complaining. I don't know much of what happened in todays games but yet again, i'm not just speaking of todays football, it would be over the course of the season. Virtually every game last season you'll have a manager complaining about atleast one thing the ref didn't do for his team
  22. And if VAR wasn't around, we'd be putting those subjects to ond side and commenting how this ref and that linesman missed the most blatant foul/offside and how unfair football is on us
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