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  1. He's done it with Worcs before, both before and during his time in the England side
  2. Well with the new rule that we benefitted from last week people should probably be complaining. I don't know much of what happened in todays games but yet again, i'm not just speaking of todays football, it would be over the course of the season. Virtually every game last season you'll have a manager complaining about atleast one thing the ref didn't do for his team
  3. And if VAR wasn't around, we'd be putting those subjects to ond side and commenting how this ref and that linesman missed the most blatant foul/offside and how unfair football is on us
  4. I'm not arsed who the teams in question are, I stand by my point
  5. This is what I don't understand - why is it the sympathy is with the Man City fans having to uncelebrate a goal because it was (correctly) ruled out, when the alternative is Spurs have dropped a point because of a goal that shouldn't have counted? Surely the right decision being made is the most important thing here? Corky made a good point earlier on that it's ironic VAR exists today because people can't accept human error, now they seem willing to accept it.
  6. What and todays decision has ruined football forever?
  7. Like our Wolves match, your issue is as much with the handball rule change and not just about VAR
  8. Imagine all the goals VAR would have correctly prevented in the past, just like this one? Whats the difference?
  9. Exactly, I don't understand the fuss in the slightest. You're celebrating a goal that shouldn't have stood, get over it.
  10. Until tomorrow when he has a stinker and his ability is questioned
  11. Top 4 in Sweden are all at home to sides in the bottom 4 this weekend. All in decent form too except perhaps Malmo who have let their lead slip by drawing the last 4 So obviously 6600/1 for all away sides to win More seriously i've got Coventry, Blackpool and Solihull Moors are 6/1
  12. They preferred Leeds/Salford over MK Dons/Wimbledon so I wouldn't rule it out
  13. Can't get my head around some of the comments nationally re. Wolves disallowed goal. "Cant celebrate a goal now FFS!!!!!" It wasn't a legal goal. Surely teams not being shat on by goals going in against them that shouldn't have counted is more important than fans having to uncelebrate a ****ing goal? I know its not all Wolves fans saying this but I look forward to hearing a pin drop at Molineux when Wolves benefit from exactly the same situation.
  14. http://www.wcccfansforum.com/t4134-george-rhodes-to-leave-worcs#108540 Virtually everyone in agreement here Not sure if you can see the thread unless youre a member
  15. 2 very demoralised drivers at Toro Rosso right now
  16. He's a bit like James Vince to International Cricket, except Rhodes excels in the 2nd's and not County Cricket. Maybe a run in the team will see him be alright for you but if you're still struggling then I can't see him making a difference. 3 year contract seems very steep too
  17. Is a delay in celebrating a goal really more important than ultimately getting a decision right? Saw two Wolves fans on Twitter earlier saying they would rather be shat on by VAR than have to revoke their celebration from 2mins before.. laughable. Even if they benefitted from it they still wouldn't like it they said.
  18. Why is the diagonal hoof forward from kick off a thing!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!!
  19. Norwich really need some reinforcements before the transfer window shuts
  20. When did a side last get promoted and spend as little as they have? Not sure if thats ballsy or ignorant
  21. Best deal of the day, watch SSN pay no interest whatsoever.
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