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  1. Liverpool's Rhian Brewster's Swansea have equalised at Preston
  2. Won both games, both at home strangely enough, the final game being against 22nd place Northampton. Started 2pts behind them and obviously needed to win to send them down instead
  3. People moan when they look at things
  4. Nope, think thats for an attacking side. Which also makes no sense, but not the case here
  5. Thats how football fans work though isn't it? Everything goes for us is a correct call, everything that goes against us is bullshit
  6. Barnes has now extended his period of immunity of the position of 'Scapegoat' for 14 days
  7. Now in 2106 Proper started to turn in the 2060's...Weirdest season is a top 3 of Watford/Fulham/Brentford, shoutout to Blackburn for a 3rd there too Watford have won it 16 times in that time. Fulham have finished in the top 3 in the last 15 seasons and counting. Brentford had a spell in the top 3 in the 80's. Man City not finished in the top 3 since 2058. Chelsea haven't finished outside the top 4 since 2035. Man City have spent 7 seasons in the Championship since the 70's but bounced back at the first time of asking every time. Liverpool Sky Bet Championship winners 2098. Arsenal have spent 22 seasons in the Championship in the last 30 years. A lot of PL records still stand from before 2018 but Watford now have the highest attendance at their 92k stadium. They also hold the record for most wins with 35.. most points with 106. As for Leicester, currently 18th in the PL with a 65/35 split of time spent in the Championship. No totally unusual FA Cup winners except perhaps Burnley in 2027. Champions League, Watford 13x winners. Fulham have won it, Schalke twice, Arsenal. Europa League has Sampdoria, Leeds, Partizan, Brighton, Brentford, Stoke, Salzburg, Chesterfield, Notts County Bury and Rotherham have all been in the PL. Forest Green currently in the Championship. Wrexham, Leyton Orient, Stockport, Bromley, Carlisle, Maidstone and Salford have previously reached this level. Newcastle haven't been in the PL for 60 years with a few trips down to League One and back. Wolves very similar to Newcastle's path. Maidstone, Darlington and Sutton Utd are all in League one, Harrogate, Telford, Aldershot, Ebbsfleet, Chester, Boreham Wood, Chorley Boston Utd and York City have been here in the past too. Havant & Waterlooville , FC United and Guiseley have been in League Two. Bristol City and Oxford have fallen to the Conference. MK Dons, Wigan and Sunderland have spent time in the Conference North. Gillingham, Wycombe, Plymouth and Colchester have been in the South Have taken a job at Chester, 2 games left of the season in League 2 and im 4 points from safety
  8. Would have taken a draw before this, will definitely take one now
  9. No contact, he appealed, so book him for diving
  10. Poor Derby, wonder when they're going to get their club back. First Lampard, now Rooney
  11. Are you also one of these people that hold the belief that a player who loses a football match shouldn't be seen smiling or laughing for a 24hr period?
  12. So 24hrs ago you would have preferred winning the League Cup over finishing in the top 4, or even 6? I hate that argument sort of argument admittedly, but we can win a cup any season. Seasons where we can break into the top 4 and play the worlds best the following season don't come around every season.
  13. I can't for the life of me understand people who reckon Grealish had a better game than Maddison. I don't recall him doing anything particularly wrong but what is it he did that was so brilliant? He spent most of the match camped with his side behind the ball. Maddison could have had a hat-trick in the first 10mins but for 2 great saves. He had a few other chances aswell which he should have done better with I suppose which takes a bit of the shine off his performance. This considered though how the heck is Grealish taking the plaudits? (tell a lie, Grealish missed a fairly easy opportunity putting his shot wide at the near post).
  14. Who else wants to make a rally call for likes?
  15. I don't think anybody wants to finish 3rd because they'll be able to celebrate exactly that... Its that it gives you champions league qualification. Think we have a few memories of the last time we qualified for that right!?
  16. I was joking! More of a carry on from another thread where I said if we got rid of everyone who fans had an issue with we'd have a squad of 5 On that note I'd like to remove Evans and Schmeichel from the side based on comments I've seen in the last 12hrs
  17. When these seasons where we can finish in the top 4 come around as rarely as they do, I can wait another season or two for a Cup win
  18. Thats the point though, you're 3rd choice but if you're ever needed they look for a replacement so what is the point in being there in the first place?
  19. Schmeichel Soyuncu Evans Ndidi Vardy Can't field a full side because the rest of our team are shite
  20. No wonder he gets the plaudits he does when an alright-at-best performance like that is declared as fantastic
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