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  1. Why on earth is Bancroft getting some sort of heroes welcome from the Aussie camp? (speaking about Langer's comments a few days ago)
  2. Better off finding an OHL Leuven forum or searching for Moore in the Leuven thread on this forum, think i'm right in saying they didn't rate him much
  3. Almost as good as his 100 from 32 balls or whatever it was last summer
  4. Also interesting to see the end of driver penalties for unsafe releases.. never seen the team fine penalty before. Was this a mid-race rule change or have I missed something?
  5. Why do you bother with that child?
  6. Wasn't the session slightly extended because we were 9 down at lunch? Were we even 9 down at lunch? Not been following that closely
  7. Will be interesting at the end of the summer to see if any scores we make in tests are higher than some of those we've made in the World Cup/Pakistan series
  8. Sure, but putting Ian Nacho with the kids is a stupid idea.
  9. Good to see a county like Notts getting absolutely nowhere despite weakening lesser counties
  10. I see Sheff Utd are going down the "decent Championship squad for when we get relegated" route of transfers
  11. There may be something in the kits thread Or the Championship thread...........
  12. Man Utd paid Stoke 1.5m for Grant!?!
  13. I like to see it as though we won it by a yard or two
  14. Brentford or Preston hopefully
  15. Its honestly hilarious how people only believe what they want to believe. 24 hours ago the guy was guessing at things according to most.
  16. Anyone off to Silverstone?
  17. If only the women had the same passion as the men play with
  18. They're okay with Sheff Utd/Palace as being part of it
  19. Scenes when Pakistan win the toss and bowl first because they're unaware of that
  20. Atleast we can't lose on penalties
  21. Maybe Newcastle fans will go a bit easier on Ashley now knowing that the ambition he wasn't sharing with Benitez was winning the Chinese Super League
  22. What sucks is that you get DRS down the next straight supposing you overtake with late braking
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