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  1. Waiting for the comms to end the game with "the last FA Cup game ever held at Griffin Park..."
  2. How many Brentford players has this commentator sold today and for what profit?
  3. Typical FA Cup tie, they're a decent team and we're not currently playing our best. Swear people assume we have a right to be playing them off the park and 4-0 up
  4. Can't really dislike the guy but we (and the way we now play) have outgrown Albrighton...
  5. What a waste of a corner especially when they had 2 players marking a short ball
  6. Just waiting for the comms to say that Brentford aren't good enough to play out from the back
  7. Literally zero acknowledgement of that pass from Praet.... if that was De Bruyne
  8. What a pass from whoever the hell just gave that to Justin...................
  9. At what point am I going to have to mute BBC's Brentford-biased commentary? (would you look at that, BBC stands for Brentford Biased Commentary)
  10. Sean didn't call this two days ago so did it even happen?
  11. This would be a weird thread even during the off-season... but during a match?
  12. Probably answered elsewhere but no Praet on the bench.. - why?
  13. Never understood the hype around Brighton and Potter. Nicer football on the eye perhaps but the same rate of picking up points?
  14. Well yeah precisely that. And Neville's ooooowhooaoaooooooooooooohhhh (Torres' Chelsea goal) that comes out atleast once a game
  15. Another gripe with football... why is it so widely accepted for players to speak to officials the way that they do? To suggest they speak to them like dirt is putting it lightly to say the least. Even with VAR you have Man Utd players furiously surrounding the referee to insist a goal shouldn't have counted. If they are correct it will be spotted, ****ing get on with it. Henderson clearly ran the ball out of play late on and turned around and mouthed off at the linesman, and also called for a goalkick a few mins later when a Utd player clearly kicked it off him for a corner. Why does football have this culture of dishonesty where other sports don't? I have no idea why anybody would want to be a referee
  16. Why does a neutral broadcaster insist on having fans of the two clubs sat in the commentary box when they simply cannot stay neutral? I don't want to hear Carragher celebrating ffs
  17. I just hate what football seems to have become. Not just with ourselves but every fanbase really, particularly the more successful you are that whenever you lose, no... whenever you so much as concede a goal, that x player or even every player is the worst player on the planet. So much so that we should just flog them immediately, for some obscene amount of money to a better/bigger side than us.
  18. Amazing how we're only in for a centre back 😂 literally need 2 wingers to start with
  19. Matches would last about 3 hours..
  20. I've thought for a while that whoever sits in 2nd in the table is cursed
  21. How many years is that now without scoring 500 in a first innings?
  22. Think I've missed the boat on that 😂 we look a little light compared to previous years
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