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  1. As much as the cringeable bbc tried to big up this utter garbage, it was still on standard with any Sunday league football you will ever see. Absolutely awful. I'm wondering when criticism of it will become a 'hate crime'.
  2. somebum

    A. Perez

    Good price at 3 million.
  3. Just one question...actually several but as I am writing on my phone screen and getting frustrated by pressing 12 buttons at once... Do you ever get the feeling the game is scripted? May seem a silly question as obviously by it's nature it is, but the notion that no matter what you do, there is no chance you are going to win that one game? Also did you get a temptation to quit game and play again if you lost one?
  4. Walkers, I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed your diary, it's great stuff mate and really brings to mind the beauty of football manager.
  5. Time to start getting your priorities right mate "big fear" indicates something a lot worse go out and do more stuff
  6. Geordies deserve better, great fans
  7. Weather is crap, England embarrassing, can only mean one thing, it's summer
  8. Always thought tigers / rugby crowd took themselves too seriously, as though they are in some kind of secret society that only the initiated could possibly understand. Certainly not riff raff like football fans. Couldn't care less if they bulldozed the ground tomorrow. I'd like to see a nice big mosque there myself.
  9. Very true.. I think if anything 4 would be even more complicated. Don't let it put you off. I sat listening to a YouTube how to guide for a start.. some of those are four hours. I have restarted many times, it's all depending on my patience levels. I find these games more enjoyable nowadays, as I've completely lost the plot with controlling action characters
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