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  1. somebum

    Puel goes. Who do you choose?

    I would give big Sol Campbell a punt. And anyone disagreeing with me is a racist.
  2. that old chestnut. Go to hell with that one mate. I love this club yes I might moan but no I won't celebrate inside. But I know you are simply writing this because it pains you to know I was right about puel.
  3. Absolute trash from start to finish. It's interesting to see the wind change direction once more here on foxestalk and for the Puel out movement to gain momentum once again. But we won't talk about it for fear of being labelled negative and against the team. He will be gone by Christmas without a doubt, said it since back half of last season.
  4. Do you think they would have been picked if this was played at Old Trafford?
  5. Gets the punters in, end of
  6. somebum

    PES 2019

    Trying too hard. Never beat kick off 2
  7. Seem to recall we still lost 0-3 to them under sven
  8. Losing 3-0 to Portsmouth by half time, early second half we got penalty, Agnew stepped up, guy in kop goes nuts hurling abuse at Agnew from upper tier, Agnew smashing pen so far over bar I swear to this day tried to hit the idiotic abuse at him..
  9. Rubbish as usual only play well in small sections of the match another loss
  10. somebum

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    no good
  11. why not start fast tracking the cnuts
  12. somebum

    FIFA 19

    idiots will still buy it
  13. somebum


    Only one way this will end unfortunately
  14. They also got some sea front property in Birmingham if anybody wants to buy it?