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  1. Yes currently loving the ad hominem attacks coming from the "other side".
  2. Didn't realise that station was still going. Always was crap
  3. To anybody suggesting Pearson coming here... Do you honestly believe KP will sack a manager at a sister club just to employ him again here...
  4. Wonder how many of the "don't boo the team" lot actually go to the game. Anyway it is through the father, the son, and the holy mods that I am graced to post this content.
  5. Well I'm calling for a Claude Puel reality check, you need to get real ya boring pillock, stop playing defensive sideways bollocks at home, start exciting the crowd, then I will get behind you
  6. Depends how easy it is to get to the bookies
  7. I see a lot of emotion and insults but nothing worth actually considering about your post. Nice try though.
  8. This Hirst character seems a terrific little player, you name it and he's got it.. first touch, technique, great turn, speed... and above all, guile. Surprised Chelsea are not in for him.
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