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  1. 5 years in the Prem. They've earned hundreds of millions only for them to play Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood up top in a rigid 442. Its a myth that smaller clubs can only survive by playing archaic agricultural 18th century football (Dyche relegated Burnley once already playing that way).
  2. Somehow Chelsea are favourites at the bookies to win against us. :/
  3. If we had signed Sigurdsson for the £40m or so then Maddison probably wouldn't have arrived a year later. The #10 spot would have been filled.
  4. Waiting patiently for the day Sean Dyche is out if this league. Occasionally they will produce decent stuff like their winner against us and Jay Rod goal last night but most of the time they play horrible route 1 garbage. Percentage football 101. Im usually not snobby about how teams play but when you see lower league teams like Brentford and Fulham and Leeds play progressive innovative football with coaches who have foward thinking ideas, you wonder what the **** Sean Dyche does with his time and the millions they earn by being a Premier League team. Get Burnley in the bin and Dyche out of the league.
  5. Matic was beaten in the air quite comfortably before it landed at Woods feet. Yet not one word about how 6'5 Nemanja Matic didn't win his header. At this point Maguire is hust being scapegoated.
  6. Agree man. How can you be in the Premier League since its existence and barely achieve anything. 1 Cup win and no CL football in nearly 30 years of football. And its not like Everton are a small club who are just happy to be there like Charlton and Wigan. And of course last night's result was funny as ****.
  7. The 2 biggest clubs in England with the 2 largest fan bases, yeah of course the viewing figures are so high. Stick to spitting at little girls, Jamie.
  8. Play a strong side against West Ham and Villa, and a mixture of first teamers and squad players against Brentford. If we play a first 11 v Brentford we will be dead on our feet after 55 mins at Villa Park next Tuesday.
  9. Unlucky lad. He was just getting into some form.
  10. Koke


    He's an OK player but thats all he is.
  11. Good times man. I enjoyed our 3 week title challenge.
  12. Good thing the teams below us are inconsistent. We need to win this though.
  13. Good thing the teams below us are inconsistent as ****.
  14. Very scrappy this. Burnley are anti football and we cant get our rhythm rhythm right
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