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  1. Kepa legitimately brought a Chelsea staff member out of retirement. This guy has turned into a meme.
  2. Lakers could have wrapped it up last night if Danny Green didn't bottle a wide open shot.
  3. Arsenal's mascot is the ugliest mascot in football.
  4. Big fan of Burnley spending £1m and selling £0m. Burnley: Spent £1m, Sold £0 It’s been a quiet window for Sean Dyche’s side amid uncertainty surrounding the ownership of the club. Dale Stephens was signed for £1m from Brighton but the main bit of business was to keep James Tarkowski amid interest from West Ham and Leicester.
  5. This guy has made a fortune out of football without contributing much.
  6. He's produced some absolute stinkers in a United shirt but somehow sees fit to have rows with team mates.
  7. Yes. It was with Lindelof. He also has history of doing it at Sporting. Man comes scross as a ****. Better players than him dont act like that when losing.
  8. I hope this isn't true but if it is then I feel bad fir Maguire. A lot of people are on Bruno's side but Bruno Fernandes have a history of doing this. He comes across as a petulant child. Nobody likes losing. No need for this.
  9. Dan Walker and Mark Chapman are both better than Lineker.
  10. Yeah just seen the goals as well. At least 4 of the 7 were deflected and 1 was from terrible keeper error.
  11. We had no shots on target against West Ham. If we were battering their goal with 25 shots and 10 on target then i can accept it just wasn't our day but we were weak as piss against a David Moyes team.
  12. The 2016 summer window was pretty bad. , Slimani, Luis Hernandez, Zieler, Ahmed Musa. Only Papy Mendy turned out to be OK-ish and even he can't be called a successful signing.
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