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  1. Such a shame that it has come to this but it was all too predictable- thanks Sky Sports for turning English football into a South Park episode. I feel this could have been avoided if we moved on from taking the knee in every single game this season, or actually gave teams and players a choice and didn't judge them if they did or didn't take part. My issue is with Sky Sports who demonstrated after the Coventry QPR game that the knee is not a choice, but something which should be observed. The half time coverage was laughable and like something off Brass Eye. Pitch side analysis w
  2. don't wash on the days leading up to the game bring a flask full of hot tea bring a nice blanket in case it gets a bit chilly bring headphones so you can listen to the BBC Radio Leicester commentary at the same as watching the match live make sure nobody around you is enjoying themselves; and if they are, report them to a steward immediately request a seat on the back row and insist that everybody in front of you sits down hire a bus to transport yourself to the game and fill it with likeminded individuals so you don't feel out of place
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