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  1. All the focus is on getting him in. I reckon we will.
  2. Missed the bit where he said 'i signed because of Puel' and not the extra 20k a week we offered.
  3. He didnt say that 🤣
  4. Quoted as saying 'when we changed, we change for the better' about puel being sacked. Werent there some on here who said he signed because of Puel?
  5. Theres something going around in his mates snapchat. May be agreed but dont think maguire is agreed yet.
  6. Ahead of the euros he thinks hes more likely to get in the england team by staying here than moving. Hes close to his family here which has a big impact.
  7. 80% of the revenue is that one so highly unlikely they won't win the others. Spending big this summer.....
  8. Yep, new stuff though is the aim of the top 6 and they are not naive enough to think this wont happen without significant spend.
  9. Read the latest statements....
  10. Yep. As they quoted several times in the last financial statement. They're going for it now.
  11. They'll spend more than we have done previously. Strategy has changed and they promised Rodgers investment.
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