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  1. 👍 Hope everything is alright for you.
  2. No idea what Hamza's done apart from play badly. I'd advise leaving out the wild speculation on chilwell he wasnt out drinking and hes not had a spat with anyone.
  3. Been told Grealish is uniteds preferred target, as they think maddison will be too expensive.
  4. I dont think he was great. I think he was average, he started well but I cant remember too many games where I thought he was great.
  5. It's a rehash of the athletic story. We should be all over this lad though.
  6. Have done for a while.
  7. Certain comments have been made that hes had his head turn, known 'for a fact'. I'm not buying it personally. Hes had plenty of chances to leave in his career before now and not had that problem.
  8. From what I've heard hes a really sound bloke. Rumours of him having his head turned and he wants to leave sound pretty far fetched to me, he signed a new 6 year contract last year. From what I can see hes a massive confidence player and is struggling with that. Some time away from the firing line may help. Booing him / claiming he wants out are hardly going to help him.
  9. Saw several where I was sat.
  10. Meanwhile the fans give Tielemans a standing ovation for probably a worse performance.
  11. Paco Alacer wants to leave Dortmund after the signing of Haaland. He'd be very decent, can play wide or up front and would compliment Vardy nicely.
  12. Disagree. He looks forward much more than he used to. Hes not a pirlo but hes made massive progress in this area.
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