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  1. Having a 'dodgy' start yet hes got 1 assist and 1 goal in his first 2 games. More to come from him.
  2. Rumours of a more formal transfer request submitted in France.
  3. No - first game of the season. Looks like he was involved in the friendly last week. I have a feeling this will be much easier to do than fofana as leverkusen are looking to sell 1 or 2 and hes lost his place there. Would imagine we'll fancy a loan to buy though.
  4. Not in the leverkusen squad today.
  5. No. Hes just reporting that dodgy Italian article
  6. Can't see this being a problem. May explain why its delayed, but they'll get it sorted.
  7. He was on 5live yesterday saying he has top contacts. Dont know how that bloke sleeps at night - hes full of shit.
  8. Wolves selling jota seems a strange move. Always thought he's one of their best players. Seems like its a done deal.
  9. Doesn't even sound like its that. Very hard to see anything other than him staying based on those photos.
  10. Firstly their celebrations are way over the top and secondly, I doubt if something was lined up they'd have risked losing out on 29m euros.
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