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  1. Abrasive fox

    Man City 1-1 (1-3 on penalties) post match bickering

    There are lots of things i could question here but Ndidi is improving? He's getting worse every week, the pass he made for the goal was About his only successful pass all season. He has been woeful and needs dropping. Not sure how anyone can say we are improving, we are out of the cup at the same stage and behind on points with harder teams to play. The teams we have beaten this season are Watford, Soton, Wolves, Huddersfield and Cardiff - and we were bloody lucky against Wolves. The football gets worse every week and the last time we played well for a full 90 mins was over a year ago. Yes he has good ideas and is trying to change the system, but he doesnt have the furst idea of how to implement it.
  2. Abrasive fox

    Andy King to..........

    Good to know your view on respect and dignity....
  3. Abrasive fox

    Andy King to..........

    No, should be part of the squad though, and treated in a better way than he has been. Hes a model pro and hes been frozen out like a trouble maker.
  4. Abrasive fox

    Andy King to..........

    Bet he gets slated if ge goes there.... He brings into question why clubs should ask for loyalty from players when theyre just slung to one side when theyre surplus...
  5. Abrasive fox

    Adrien silva

    Yeah awful. Silva played pretty well against Man City and got taken off. Spot the difference.
  6. Abrasive fox

    Adrien silva

    He's been messed around by Puel and his confidence never recovered. Taking him off at half time against man city last year was a joke. Theres a good player there somewhere but he was never going to recover from that and the mess that was the transfer window. Its a shame as hes probably the only midfielder we have that isnt a sitting midfielder.
  7. Abrasive fox

    Just as we start to get going!!!

    Pascanu is in the squad, but would say it's likely that Maguire will be rushed back to play if Wes doesn't make it. Doesn't look like Evans will.
  8. Abrasive fox

    Watford (H) pre match

    Massive game today. We've been poor for a while and havdnt played well for an entire match for a very long time, nor have we beaten anyone good yet this season. 1-2 defeat.
  9. Abrasive fox


    But we are a family and all the loyal players are treated like sons....
  10. Abrasive fox

    Why can't we score

    This is it for me. Hes had a year and the players weve got cant implement the style he wants, it will take about 8 years at this rate!
  11. Abrasive fox

    Why can't we score

    He had all summer to improve this, and instead chose to focus on getting Ghezzal, who he prioritised over other players, and we signed Maddison, whilst he binned off all the other strikers with out replacing them.
  12. Abrasive fox

    BHA 1 - 1 Leicester City Post Match Thread

    I would imagine Vardy wasnt asked.....
  13. Abrasive fox

    Why can't we score

    Just because its been worse does that discount any hope that it could be better?
  14. Abrasive fox

    Why can't we score

    Anyone lay their hands on our possesion stats in the final third? I imagine quite low as our posession heavily revolves around our centre halves passing sideways to each other.
  15. Abrasive fox


    Hes fine against teams without pace but has been seriously at fault / a liability when weve played against sides with a quick forward. He needs moving on, and ive heard the chat about a new contract, however that would really suprise me particularly as there isnt room for him and evans.