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  1. Court case against Vichai/KP

    Yeah what a ridiculous article, writing facts about a topic he specialises in. Just wants us to fail doesn't he.
  2. Court case against Vichai/KP

    No they certainly haven't done too badly.
  3. Court case against Vichai/KP

    Yes and it already happened when the king died. This notion that they'll be protected is nonsense - if that was the case, the case would never have been accepted. They're in big trouble, make no mistake about that. I have colleagues in Thailand who think they'll go down for this.
  4. Court case against Vichai/KP

    The case has gone on because they don't have any royal connections anymore - the King was protecting them, and the government have been trying to get them for a while. I'm not sure a deal will be done on this one, it's a massive corruption case and there is a possibility they could go down.
  5. Claude Puel - Contender

    Looks very likely, but not having this bollocks he was at the ground. Don't think the press might have picked up at that?
  6. Claude Puel - Contender

    Hate to break it to you but no he wasn't
  7. Claude Puel - Contender

    There's definitely been talks. My hope says they're lining him up as second choice and going to approach a manager currently in a job who'll they have to fight for.....that's a hope however not anything I know. The story in the mail is right, although it leans on the betting odds, which would likely be money from people who know there has been talks.
  8. Next City Manager?

    He'd piss the players off straight away - has done at every club he's been at, and he'd probably confuse them.
  9. Next City Manager?

    They only met yesterday to draw up the list of candidates. I feel like Dyche is his agent trying to get him a better contract, given he leaked the story. Could be anyone, Top wants Ancelotti but he clearly doesn't fancy it.
  10. Huth

    Senior players committee are very influential and Shakey isn't being strong enough. I know he's trying to change it, but Ranieri tried and failed, and he's wary of that.
  11. Huth

    I know that Morgan told them in the summer that he was first choice otherwise he'd be off, and that any centre half signed would be second fiddle to him.
  12. Huth

    He's far too competent and comfortable on the ball to play in our team.
  13. Huth

    He's almost there. Same with James, won't be long I think.
  14. George Thomas

    Should have a go in the league cup, he's far too good for the under 23s, if we can get a decent loan spell for him that would be decent.
  15. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    This is a joke and I'm completely fed up of it. Shakey didn't want Drinkwater sold, this was done without his blessing, and the club said they could get Silva as a replacement. They failed to do that, but they'll end up sacking Shakey in 2 games anyway. JOKE.