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  1. Should point out he'll have been fed info from city who have throughout been adamant it'll get overturned so unlikely to be entirely accurate, although I still think they'll get it overturned.
  2. He's apparently quite reliable. If you want some crumbs of comfort we were making similar noises ahead of our Silva transfer appeal.....and that went well.
  3. Fairly certain I told everyone we were trying to sign luka Jovic before he went to Madrid, well the star are reporting us and Chelsea are in for him
  4. I think man city will get out of it. All the noises man city are making are really confident about this.
  5. They wont ban him. If the mail report is to be believed theyve probably included nothing in the post match report.
  6. It was given as a foul so they must have done.
  7. Where is the talk about retrospective action by the way? Only seen this as a social media campaign by Arsenal.
  8. You can tell by his reaction he didn't - he goes straight away to check he's alright. Utterly ridiculous if he gets done on this.
  9. Hes a number 10 not a winger. Much better today, his role in the first goal demonstrated exactly that.
  10. reports in France weve discussed a deal and hes available for 20m. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-city-arsenal-everton-transfer-4280207 Would be a very Leicester transfer.
  11. That would be some turnaround. Are they awarding a special bonus point if you win three in a row too?
  12. Cancel that - what i wrote didn't actually happen.
  13. I can only remember one game where he's played well from the start though - Villa away. Beyond that he's best performances have been a sub? Could have missed some games though, feels like ages ago.
  14. I get the criticism of Rodgers - it's fair. Calling for his head at this stage is ridiculous though - if we finish 7th then that's still the 2nd best top flight finish we'll have had. If we're 16th next season then it'll be a different conversation. The challenge for Rodgers is that he's everything he wanted - Congerton, a new contract, the players he's wanted. On him to deliver now.
  15. A bit like the 2012/13 season when we came back the following season and steam rollered the league?
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