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  1. Brilliant footballer but we reinvested the money in perreira, maddison and evans, the dressing room is no longer unsettled by the drama of him wanting to leave whilst he sits on the bench at man city. The side we have now play wonderful football and our tactics are no longer 'pass it to Mahrez and see what he does'.....It's not worked out too badly has it.
  2. Have seen it and its already gone before he gets there from what i can see.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/Goal_India/status/1191184820681854976 Its caught there.
  4. On a second look its Son's tackle which did it. Whilst it looked innocuous he was trying to give one back for the elbow. Obviously didnt mean that though.
  5. Aurier should have been sent off rather than Son, but Son lost his head and hacked him.
  6. Always thought rugby was meant to be about sportmanship and graciousness. Now i read the england players refused to wear their medals. The rugby family being hypocritical......never.
  7. But the rugby family are always so respectful to referees unlike those uncouth football fans.
  8. https://www.sportbusiness.com/news/barnett-takes-leicester-city-commercial-role-after-leaving-us-ski-snowboard/ One other to be announced i believe.
  9. If I'd invested serious money into a project i'd probably sacrifice a but of sleep to see how they were getting on 😂 Lovely note though, he's done a brilliant job of empowering his team around him. Club has made some very good appointments internally recently as well.
  10. With Morgan likely to leave in the summer. Signing a centre half and sending Benkovic on loan isnt a bad idea at all.
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