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  1. They dont get anywhere near as personal when they sledge. There's a difference between talking cricket and sledging someone about their personal life - ask Bairstow. De Kock did the same to Warner and he lost the plot.
  2. Funnily enough, the Aussies are getting shitty again. Wade trying to sledge Root. The Aussies calling Stokes 'Bristol'. And Smith telling Denly he only scored runs because the pressure is off. All while the CA CEO complains about English fans booing their players. Matter of time before they all end up in tears on the telly again, why is it always Australia? 😂😂😂
  3. Because evans didnt make a fuss about it. Wilson was straight on tv crying about it, theyre so swayed by the media its a joke. Same with fellani and huth a few years ago.
  4. Are we that bothered? He's going to be revved up and wanting to prove a point on saturday. Leicester > England. Of our 5 england players i'd put chilwell 4th in terms of quality over the last 6 months or so, and he has the most caps. Weird. Southgate's love of mount and anyone that comes through chelsea is weird.
  5. Took the piss out of leach (ridiculous really) and lyon called the press *****. ‘Classless’ Steve Smith slammed after mocking Jack Leach with glasses celebration after retaining... thesun.co.uk
  6. Smith showing his true colours by getting personal and taking the piss out of leach. And lyon being the ring leader again. They're a horrible side and they'll be up to their old cheating tricks as soon as they lose a few games again. Wish more sides would get as personal to them as they do to others. De Kock did it to them and their whole world collapsed.
  7. Im as anti puel as anyone but giving youth players a chance is certainly what he got right, and he even gave the club a bit of identity. And the last statement sums it up perfectly. Dropping vardy was ridiculous though.
  8. Seems to me the aussies think its okay for cummins to try and bully woakes but then dont like it when archer does the same to smith. Doesnt suprise me from them, they hate receiving it. Class from joffra.
  9. Erm, hes got 50 over twenty times so im not sure thats correct. If you get a hundred, it doesnt count as a 50 on your stats.
  10. Who's that playing out from the back Is it Soyuncu, is it soyuncuuuuu To the tune of monster by the automatic in case you havent got it yet
  11. 80% of the revenue is that one so highly unlikely they won't win the others. Spending big this summer.....
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