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  1. Of course they did....no wonder Leicester sacked you last summer.
  2. 👍👍👍👍
  3. I do get your point but it's Fairly well documented but he kicked off because Ranieri explicitly told him they wouldn't sign another striker and then they did, and various other promises which were unfulfilled (new contract for one). It was a very personal fall out. Leo is a very popular member of the dressing room.
  4. I don't think Leo is better than Slim, he's slightly more comfortable playing a lesser role, I also think Leo suits us more as his flick ons and hold up play is better. Slim plays on the shoulder, and does his best work in the box (he doesn't do a lot around it). In terms of the squad decision I get why Leo is being prioritised over Slim.
  5. To be fair Radio Humberside reported it first.
  6. Offers been on the table for a while as I stated a while back. Should probably merge threads no?
  7. Lovely stuff, at least someone got something out of pre season last year.
  8. Ah is that when you were working for the club out there?
  9. You're very welcome to him.
  10. 👻👻👻👻 So sensitive.
  11. No it won't.
  12. Old article from the 5th July.
  13. I imagine he'd just drive given it's 2 hours, but nevermind.
  14. Actual news, it doesn't look like he's traveled to the US
  15. Not as far apart as you think on this one. Could well happen in a few days.