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  1. You could say the same about most their policies right now. I agree, I think they're taking great steps but they're ain't half undermining what they've said for the last ten years.
  2. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/politics/article/dr-li-wenliang-death
  3. Really interesting and as you say probably disproves that theory, how is the spike in the younger population explained?
  4. My understanding too.
  5. This is agree with, however they didn't have a test for the disease earlier this year until Feb, however one of the causes I understand for deaths (with the coronavirus) is pneumonia which they do test for, so I'd be interested to see what statistics were like for that. I'm curious as to how if it's so contagious, how did it take three months to spread particularly when a number of sufferers have zero symptions and lockdown in Wuhan didn't happen till mid Jan and there were a number of accusations of huge cover ups.
  6. Respiratory deaths were up year on year in the first quarter this year - so it's not as crazy as it sounds. One in six deaths this year recorded as a respiratory death.
  7. Much needed to actually tell us the true extent of the danger of this.
  8. Agree, and hence why the focus absolutely has to be on more and more testing (which I believe it is).
  9. Also a theory that they've already missed counted and misdiagnosed a huge number of cases in the country already. Would be interested to see the number of respiratory related deaths in the country this year. I don't understand if it's so infectious and so many have mild symptions how it didn't spread earlier.
  10. Exactly, it doesn't make sense - they're paying 350 quid through private healthcare, make a mockery of the whole system.
  11. Mild symptons, yet another celebrity who has had a test but displays virtually no symptons, there's more to this than is being demonstrated by the media yet the lack of testing doesn't give us any answers.
  12. Yep, fascinated to see if there's a study on this. Statistically we've never been safer in the world than we have today, however it really doesn't feel like that does it.
  13. Some of this makes sense and some of it doesn't. It makes sense when you think they've only been tracking the disease since someone went to hospital, it seems there are a number of cases with zero symptions, therefore when they say the first positive case was in Dec, it could have actually been months earlier, and if it's as infectious as it sounds and they didn't lock down Wuhan till mid jan surely the disease would have spread quickly given everyone in the region could travel anywhere. They've only done proper testing in this country really since Feb, so how do we know the number of cases isn't much much higher and happened much much earlier? What it doesn't explain is the high number of hospitalisations in Italy though and the rest of mainland Europe. That said in the East midlands, I know GPs were reported there was a terrible mysterious cough going round late Dec, early Jan. It's all speculation clearly, but there's a lot more to be understood on this. Factually though if you're looking purely at statistics mortality rates are down 4% YOY compared to the previous 5 years in data before the virus hit the UK though, will be interesting to see how this evolves. There's a magnificent book on how looking at statistics is so rarely done in the media called factfulness. Part of me wonders are we looking at the wrong thing. They really need to get on the testing properly and develop the antibody test, as this will have the answers to this.
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