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  1. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Missed that!
  2. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Erm? Vardy?
  3. Ricardo Pereira

    Not on this one no. I think Puel is getting the sack in the summer though.
  4. Vardy

    A golden boot in the world cup?
  5. Was always going to be the case. You're never going to prove if he was playing for a move or not, but he's certainly not been the same player since the man city debacle.
  6. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Wooooooow. Explains a lot.
  7. 12 months ago today

    Sarcasm mate.
  8. I think that's fair enough and I agree with much of what you say - my concern is that people keep saying we're a few purchases short of what he wants.....given we're most likely going to lose Mahrez and maybe even Ndidi or Maguire I'd feel he'll need more than a few, and with the recruitment we've had in the last few years I'm not sure that's even possible. He's inherited a very good squad with players with a lot of players who already suit his style, and some that suit his style more than others, but yet he choses others.
  9. Southampton pre match

    Draw I reckon, they're not very good and we're not arsed. Actually scrap that, can't see us scoring more than one the way we're taking our chances at the moment and they've scored twice in the last two games against decent opposition and our already poor defence will be even worse with Hamer. 1-3.
  10. Shakespeare as I think you're trying to say was probably out of his depth in his role, however the stuff you quote about Puel happened about 19 years ago (when he won the league - only once, i assume you meant his playing career, which I'm not really sure is relevant in this). His recent history is him being sacked from clubs and falling out of favour with players. There's a reason he didn't get another job in France and why no one else came in for him in the summer.
  11. Southampton pre match

    And it was the most boring game I watched all season.
  12. I think the league position is a fair enough point to be honest, experience and whatever else is shite.
  13. Their records are near on identical - Shakespeare's slightly better actually so you can actually compare them without it being dismissed as a ridiculous point to make. Also keeping the players on side and getting the best out of him is the managers job - if he can't get on with the players then he's going to lose his job, exactly the same thing happened at Southampton.
  14. Genuine question - why are so many pro Puel people so keen to give him time, when virtually the same lot were chomping at the bit to sack Shakespeare? You can argue that Puel has a way he wants us to play, but then so did Shakey, and you could argue that the football was crap under Shakey but Newcastle was worse than virtually anything we offered up under him. Just curious? I'm imagining people will go on about his record in France, but it's weird that he hasn't been able to get a job back there.