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  1. Thats what the club hope too.
  2. Expect us to sign at least one striker, a winger, try and get Tielemans permenantly, and then another midfielder who can play where ndidi plays.
  3. Made one error thats cost us on his first start but lets hammer him for that shall we?
  4. Davies is still only 20 and has already captained them. Most everton fans really rate him. Lookman looked good on loan. Not sure its like Gray, who is Redmond part 2.
  5. A friend of mine interviewed him and described him as more confident than the average footballer. Theres probably something there. You need a bit of it, i've no doubt he might seem a bit of a tosser but virtually every young bloke with that much cash in the pocket would be.
  6. And this is why many of stats touted in the modern game are utter shite.
  7. You're so easily triggered. Btw, thats not what was said.....
  8. I think getting moral on the whos bigger than who debate isnt a good debate to get into for a leicester fan. There was clearly something not right with our accounts when we got promoted otherwise why did we pay a fine to the football league?
  9. The report says that is our aim. Several times.
  10. Didnt you say the club were consolidating and that every communication from the club siggested that? Be interested to now have your view given they say they want to break the top 6....
  11. Keeping diabete at the club over him was pretty baffling.
  12. Pretty well, didnt start the first 2. He's played well in the last 3. They're keen on him permenantly.
  13. Certain players such as Ndidi, Maddison and Chilwell are often bigged up on here, but still have a long way to go in my opinion. Maguire is also massively under performing this year.
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