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  1. 'I wanna be edouard' is a great chant. On this alone we should sign him. Also the current French under 21 team is absolutely mustard - we should just try and sign the majority of them and the next 10 years will be golden. Aside from his obvious fouling was impressed by diallo on Saturday.
  2. Exactly. If our home form was good we'd be out in front by a mile.
  3. According to BT if we want to be in the mix we need improve our home form if we need to be in the mix....they mentioned it about 900 times, disregarding how good our away form is.
  4. Time for another poll? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9156449/Labour-surges-four-point-poll-lead-Tories.html
  5. I don't know how you put up with this tbh coming on here with us lot all claiming we should sign your team 🤣
  6. Amazing how the pitch looks an absolute minefield after looking dead an hour ago.
  7. Bairstow needs to calm down here - already cost the skippers wicket
  8. A good time to play Southampton but second half I thought we were very good. Should have been out of sight really. Maddison and Barnes are really chipping in with goals now which makes a massive difference for us.
  9. I bloody love cags. If you were inventing a centre half they'd look like him.
  10. Unsure what the game plan is at the moment. Seems to be to get it to the left but Barnes is being muscled out of it.
  11. Not yet but then again under and castagne didn't either before they were announced as done deals. The transfer window for premier league clubs is very quiet currently - I can't see it being a busy window but I certainly can see a few bits of business. From what I hear the financial situation of many clubs is seeing some players become available who weren't necessarily previously. Agents will be biding their time and trying to squeeze out more cash for their players by playing the deadline card.
  12. Anyone think ings will play? Personally think it was just a smokescreen- if he's back in training yesterday he'll play.
  13. Iheanacho imo is more suited to a 2 and plays the support striker role well. What he won't do is play in behind and stretch the play, specifically Rodgers wants his striker to do that. Perez is the same. With the injuries to praet I think both could cover the number 10 position if needed. If we do sign edouard I'd keep nacho around for 6 months and then sell in the summer, we could replace with and 18-21 yo as third choice striker. That Turkish lad we were linked with would be ideal.
  14. Covid has definitely brought the worst out in people. As a society it demonstrates how judgemental and hypocritical we are.
  15. Yeah I saw this and thought this must be a big deal. Seems quite highly rated.
  16. Hes better than most tbh. I don't think SFE has commented on efouard either.
  17. Everyone knows the team a day before kick off too right? And that under was signing a month before it was announced?
  18. To be fair he said Rooney was getting the Derby job full time a week ago - he knows his stuff.
  19. Rodgers didn't necessarily play down our interest in him yesterday- said he was a player he knew well. It'll come down to his availability and price essentially- feels like celtic might be more open to selling him now though with his contract ticking down.
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