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  1. So seriously shit that the last two season we finished a cumulative 5 points off the top 4🤣
  2. This bit we probably have. And he's clearly available. He'll have said his preference - he wants to play in the Premier league, his hero is Drogba and he will want some assurances about being first choice. Which is probably why he chose us - Liverpool won't offer him that. If Salzburg start upping the price then that could scupper it but they're not renowned for being difficult or not looking after their players.
  3. Manuel Veth (@ManuelVeth) Tweeted: An update on Patson Daka to Leicester City. It’s indeed advanced but not done at this point. #LCFC have made an offer, which has not been accepted yet. Internally, #RBSalzburg and Red Bull had different plans for the striker wanting to move him to #RBLeipzig. Sounds like it's not done just yet. Just that Daka does want to join us. Fee still to be agreed and we know that can go wrong.
  4. Even if we don't sign him it's obvious now why Rodgers was so bullish about staying. He knew he was getting the backing he wanted.
  5. Yep. Usual form is the more meh the better. We were however all quite excited about fofana.
  6. Feel bad for taking the piss out of the bloke who was asking for patson daka to be released now.
  7. I just don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't happen.
  8. I refuse to get excited about this one.
  9. Edouard has gone very quiet hasn't it.....I do wonder whats go on there.
  10. Were stacked with cm's too currently assuming Soumare gets announced. If we want the flexibility to play 433 or 343/1-2 then maddison doesn't really fit. A proper right winger could play behind a number 9 with Barnes in either system and we'd need a more combative midfield to do that. I've always really liked Praet and think he'd much more suited to a number 8 role than what we ask him to do currently. You're probably right though a number 10 who's comfortable outwide too is preferable on top of a right winger.
  11. 65m and I'd sell. Not sure I'd even replace him like for like either. Buy an out and out right winger and another winger.
  12. Villa don't seem that clever at transfers imo. No assurance he'd want to go there and also silly money. They got a load of credit last year but their scouting is basic.
  13. 'Please release Patson Daka'
  14. I think hes been great actually. The defenders around him have been poor.
  15. The guy doesn't really understand how transfers work.
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