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  1. Couldn't agree more with this. Better getting money for him than having to sack him if next season goes south.
  2. Hes a ****. I'm normally sympathetic to players but he's an absolute ****.
  3. If he wants to go Spurs then let him.
  4. Its now over 5 years since Arsenal qualified for thr champions league.
  5. Rodgers has also been on record to say that we'll sign a striker so chill @filbertway
  6. Really interesting - you genuinely wonder if Evans and maguire would work in the system we have now - soyuncu and fofana complement him much better.
  7. This is where i think it is fascinating and only time will tell I guess. From the clubs perspective it doesn't sound like it depends on where we finish given they're trying to sort stuff now - it'll matter for players for sure, like gosens. Maybe 2 consecutive top 6 finishes really pushes up the financial stakes and we haven't seen that yet.
  8. I'm fascinated by this summer - on the face of it, we have no money. But we definitely want to keep Rodgers and a big part of that will be investing in the squad to take us to the next level so will be interested to see what we do. Now the training ground is out the way and some big wages out the squad maybe that alone has created funds.
  9. No ****ing way. You honestly reckon we've sat Barnes out to protect him from a move when his prescence in the team might help us secure champions league which could make us 70m???? Chilly also arrived at Chelsea injured and missed most of pre season. People read too much into the selling of our players, we don't proactively try and sell our better players whatever anyone thinks.
  10. I legit can't see this signing. Hes a phenomenal player and I think he'll go elsewhere. Fabrizio let me down with Trincao last year and I won't let it happen again.
  11. 8000, 25% allocated to key workers in the hospitality industry based on the Isle of man and if you get a ticket to the final, you'll immediately be given a ticket to this game - the only catch is you have to quarantine between the games in solitary confinement. No singing at the game and if you normally sit in the kop, you'll sit in the family stand. This is a test event so they need to understand how this will work in real life.
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