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  1. Feels like Chilwell all over again to me based on what the noises are. Player surrounded by pushy agents / family who think he should be playing for Madrid before he's even made his debut. Wants to leave already or at least has an agent putting out a lot of stories about interest in him. Hes probably a decent kid and Rodgers etc know that, it's just who he's surrounded by. It'll be interesting to see what the future holds. His first touch was him rolling his studs over the ball- certainly looks the part. Hope we get this sorted and he goes onto to be a world
  2. Mid march I reckon. The great news is that Fofana trains from Monday and Praet is way ahead of schedule with perez not too far behind. April and May are now the critical months in the season. Here's hoping that resting a few last night really helps us over the next three games. We can't afford any more injuries and it's starting to sound positive getting players back.
  3. Interesting words from Rodgers after the game, and I have some sympathy for him after last nights game - he really couldn't afford more injuries. I've become accustomed to watching european games hoping we don't get anymore injuries more than anything about the result. Since the Stoke game when we almost had a fully fit squad we've been losing on average a player a week. January Newcastle - Under, hamstring, 1 week Stoke - Praet, hamstring 3 months Chelsea - no injuries Southampton - no injuries Brentford - no injuries Everton - Wilf, 2 wee
  4. Aside from the fact that losing is annoying and that absolute whopper of a journalist thinks he's hilarious. This really could be a blessing in disguise. Injuries are really getting to us and we were likely to drop off somewhere. Yes we need to respect the europa but in this season of all seasons its the one which should have the lowest priority. We can go full strength now week in week out and hopefully have players return from injuries. The club will learn a lot from this campaign - I doubt we'll see the amount if players out on loan next year. Our side i
  5. Laura Woods is very good. They've also recruited some really good people recently like Reshmin Chowdhury. Darren Bent is really good too. Agree with you mostly though the old boys club there is terrible. Brazil is pure comedy gold, but has little insight. Struggle to know how he's kept his job tbh.
  6. Talksport talking about the europa league this morning - United, arsenal and rangers games all mentioned. Zero mention of ours, invisible. No one cares despite our games probably being the most interesting of the three of them. Spurs were even mentioned and they don't play tonight 🤣
  7. February was always going to be a brutal month. We're getting away with an injury a game at the moment. 🤣
  8. Very different to voting away for a break away league. Leicester were the most outspoken critic of the plan according to reports.
  9. Had heard he was progressing well but it'll be late March / early April best case.
  10. Well apart from the manager saying they don't believe he needs one yeah, what do you want? A written note from the doctor? They'll have spoken to the specialist about it.
  11. The good news is that he doesn't need an op. Feels like weeks rather than months to me.
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