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  1. As of Friday a friend who works at the club told me the new kit designs are under lock and key then less than a week later we’re doing photo shoots at a local park and out on the street
  2. Black shirt looks like a knock off of the 15/16 away shirt
  3. They were doing a photo shoot in the car park across from the stadium yesterday they had 3 massive security guards and the model covered up by a massive black cover no attention was bought to it at all
  4. Not seen it yet but we’ll be wearing it against Chelsea
  5. These have been in the club shop for a while king power sent a load over and not one had been sold
  6. The whole ground sang from the 60th minute until the 65th minute it was absolutely fantastic let’s try and do that for 90 mins absolutely loved it
  7. Kasper Ricardo Morgan Evans Chilwell Ndidi Gray Maddison Tielmans Barnes Vardy
  8. Win as many games as possible take that momentum into next season and go again
  9. Did he mean Swansea both welsh same thing
  10. My dad was listening to the radio upstairs cheered when Morgan scored and came down to watch the goal on the stream I was watching about a minute later
  11. Semi finals Liverpool v Juventus Man city v Barcelona You’d have thought
  12. Going to wait abit longer we have loads left over so they’ll only be further discounts and I have £8 in foxes rewards 😂
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