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  1. 28 minutes ago, when_you're_smiling said:

    I don’t really understand the point in having Traore on if you’re not going to play to his strengths. Either in behind or even when up against someone like Chilwell give it to his feet. I’d have thought he’d have destroyed him. You did have the better chances though. 

    Traore doesn't get in behind as his movement off the ball is terrible. That's why he never works played as a striker. 


    I agree we should have played it into to him more often. The one chance he had one on one down the right with a chance to beat his man and cross it to the new big guy and he cut inside and ran a cross the pitch before giving it away. Probably just a confidence thing at the minute. 


    Stopping the silly defensive mistakes and getting some sort of result was the key tonight. Only two other teams have come away from Stamford Bridge with a clean sheet this season. 

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  2. Just now, jayfox26 said:

    Fair enough mate and hope you guys come good again. Would rather have you guys up near the top than Villa. You have a good manager and hope you guys stick with him through this sticky patch. Is he still the main man for you in the eyes of Wolves fans?

    Yes definitely. He'll have a good chance to evolve us into more than a defensive side. Whether he can do that is another matter. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, jayfox26 said:

    What's the deal with Wolves? I'm interested to know the thoughts of a wolves  fan as you seem to have regressed hugely this season and you have had less games with no UEL. Jiminez clearly a big loss but selling Doherty and Jota for low fees seemed odd. What's your thoughts on your owners? All seems a bit dodgy to me with the whole agents thing and a constant hard on for signing Portuguese players. But I dont really know much hence why I'm interested in your view. 

    I'll keep this short as people on here have heard much of this before. Poor season so far. Quick turnaround, no break, long season before that. Injuries haven't helped, particularly Jimenez. Trying to evolve to a back four hasn't helped defensively either. 


    Jota didn't go cheap, he cost Liverpool £45m. Doherty is truly shite in a back four so £15m is a reasonable fee. 


    Owners are in this for the long haul. Not afraid to spend either. Mendes connection has been done to death, he's a good connection to have and helps gets deals done for us, even if he doesn't represent them. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Hoopla10 said:

    Chelsea vs Wolves has to be one of the dullest games I've seen. What the hell is going on with Wolves, NUFC had more about them the other night. After seeing how Chelsea has been over the last few weeks why are they playing for a draw? And Traore is a bit of a donkey isn't he. For all his speed and strength he's kind of useless. 


    Because we're in a terrible run of form, haven't kept a clean sheet in 12 games and are desperate for a clean sheet and some points. 

  5. 14 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

    This is ****ing disgraceful from Wolves.


    Making Burnley look ambitious. Jesus.


    12 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

    Well that was dull. Zero ambition from Wolves and Chelsea really slow on the ball. 

    Yet we've had the best chance of the half. Not really a high bar though. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

    Southampton's entire ethos relies on momentum, confidence and fit and healthy players. All 3 of that is being tested right now and it's no surprise they've hit a sticky patch. 

    Southampton were one of the teams listed outperforming their xG in that Sky article. Only natural they might drop towards the mean as time goes on. 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, LC/FC said:

    I'm thinking people are confused with other clubs managers that we've gotten sacked after beating them.

    I know Chelsea are the main victims but I'm sure we got Watford or Brighton or some other team's manager sacked after beating them too, so hence the 4/5 Chelsea managers confusion.

    I remember Nigel Worthington's last game in charge of Leicester was against us. That was last game of the season though. At the Walkers, we won 4-1, I went to that one. We got Lee Jobber banging his drum for us. 

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