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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 73 seconds  
  2. Hull just made Alan Hutton look like Riyad Mahrez.
  3. I thought this thread was about certain defenders looking like they are stoned at times....
  5. Anyway, love, Maguire is not a good defender. Most of his hype is because he scored a goal...
  6. Chilly. What a cross. This is very encouraging.
  7. I'd rather have lost this 4-0 and kept Maddison fit.
  8. Hope that's not as bad as it looks for Maddison.
  9. One of our immortals. In 15-20 years time, when his career is long behind him, he'll be welcome back here as one of our legends. I'm gutted he never scored. He came soooo close when Okazaki darted in and scored against Swansea. From a team perspective, he seemed to be really great mates with Vardy, so it will be interesting to see how it all works out. And the funniest thing about that Flintstones song for him (which was really catchy) was that he could have secured 20 clean sheets and scored 15 goals, and Gareth Southgate would still never, eve
  10. Fair play, Derby were by far the better side second half. And Tom L's goal was taken beautifully. And Reading fans. Start of a season, new hopes, possibly on their way to the Prem, and an empty ground. Jeez.
  11. Are these “blind luck” and the fate of pure chance, or are you suggesting these are directed by some controlling force or power? I can totally believe in “shit happens” being a massive influence on people’s lives, but I struggle accept there’s a plan or predestined outcome.
  12. The will to eat energy-laden food or to have sex, because your genes compel you to, might very well be genetically programmed, but the decision to act on those impulses or not is dependent upon one’s own free will. Without willpower, modern society would just be full of obese sex maniacs. Oh, wait, well, maybe we don’t have free will, then, after all...
  13. There is no God. Or Gods. Or Goddesses. There are no Ghosts. Fairies are fiction. Astrology, astral planes and the like are used to dupe people. There are only the human approximations and models of reality which we call “science”. When you die, you rot. You end. There’s no second chance. There’s no grand plan. Its all chaos. A cruel, empty, soulless void. Given all the above, you’ve just gotta work your own shit out as best you can. Have a great Friday. Up the City.
  14. There is no fate but what we make.
  15. The commentary on Wednesday evening mentioned the ball "hit him in the midrift". I've tried to not post in here about it. I've failed.
  16. Ah well Aberdeen fans, it's just a six hour drive northwards to get home...
  17. Aberdeen got about a twentieth for finishing second than Burnley got for finishing 7th. Financially, Burnley are much bigger. And Aberdeen are, by definition, about as provincial as you can get. Their recent forays into Europe have been very brief. So some kudos to Aberdeen, too. Of course, from a selfish Leicester City point of view, of course we want Burnley to progress and play in the group stages and be weaker for it. But I know more Aberdonians than Burnleyers....
  18. This ref's "no penalty" gesture - dramatically miming opening the curtains - is awesome.
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