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  1. That air shot by Ndidi was the stuff of nightmares. So nearly a complete defensive cock up.
  2. West Ham have played a good away game so far. Soak up the early storm, quiet the crowd. Fair play.
  3. Albrighton working his socks off. Surprises no one.
  4. He’s here, he’s there, he’s every blummin where,, Albrighton.
  5. West Ham’s right back the only person in world football not to know that Marc Albrighton turns inside and crosses it with his right...
  6. When was the last time we smashed it on telly?
  7. Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You might remember me from some previous pre match “Manager Out” thread meltdowns as EVERY FRIGGING SINGLE TIME WE PLAY... Sigh.
  8. I'm in Cardiff for work. Just got to my hotel room. There is a busker outside with an amp, electric guitar and microphone. He's been doing 12 bar blues nurdling for about 10 minutes. Oh, and now he's just started "Hey Joe". FML.
  9. Ah, navel gazing during the international break. Don't ever change, Foxestalk.
  10. Our goals were great, but if Spain has tabloids, they will be saying the equivalent of "We wuz robbed".
  11. Would be a bit of a cauldron to send him into.
  12. Pickford should see red and that should be a pen. Why did he not hoof it?
  13. Yes. And another shot straight at him and some poor shots going nowhere near him.
  14. Let's be honest. Pickford has been been unbelievably jammy and Harry Maguire has looked lumbering. But we looked like we would score before we scored the third, and its nice scoreline with some lovely goals.
  15. Come on, let's have these eight or nine nil....
  16. Still want a slo mo of that amazing air shot in the build up.
  17. You would think that McLeish, with his 75% loss ratio, his bizarre and illogical ramblings after the Israel defeat, and who was a bizarre appointment anyway, is toast. There will be a lot of booing at the end.
  18. Ross Barclay? More like Dross Fart-gay. Or something. Err, Amarite, lads
  19. Apart from corners, Kane hasn't had a sniff. Just like the World Cup. Edit: I meant the latter games
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