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  1. The Man United fans really fancy themselves with that Stone Roses chant, don’t they....
  2. There’s a LOT of getting into advanced positions and turning around and playing it back to halfway.
  3. Another early goal. Ricardo at fault, but he knows that.
  4. Sky giving it Maguire can “make the step up” to a big club. I hate Sky.
  5. We could have told you all this after our own divisive, close-call referendum up here in Scotland in 2014. You can't eat national flags.
  6. The Rangers were awarded FOUR penalties in one game yesterday. One was a yard outside the box.
  7. How jammy were Wales? A ball thrown up on the try line and an interception.
  8. Blimey, I know some people in here have a low opinion about Iheanacho, but when I went to look at the ratings, I was shocked:
  9. I just watched that 4 extra times, for the shear pleasure of it.
  10. How many other sides got anything at Anfield? Superb rearguard action after an early concession. Our back four were solid.
  11. Ein Spittlefleckenrunnentouchlinehuggen
  12. We might win or draw this, but if we do go on to lose, I hope the usual moaners lay off, because we’ve proper put a shift in. Bravo.
  13. “Jurgen’s seen enough..” Blimey, MacMannnaman, would you call Leicester City’s manager Claude?
  14. Please let Atkinson give us a dodgy pen for a dive.
  15. Those disagreeing with me about Mendy, he let them in for their goal.
  16. Unpopular opinion in here, but I think we deserved that equaliser. Since their goal we’ve defended quite well and had a few chances. Well played so far: Ndidi Ricardo Maguire Albrighton Chilwell Meh Kasper Evans Could do better Gray Vardy Maddison Probably needs a rocket Mendy
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