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  1. Nah, I’ve played my triple FPL Captain token on Vards this week so your bet will be safe as houses.
  2. He’s not gonna carry that price tag sadly. 😆
  3. Rather than possibly lose him on a free and enable us to get say a Tarkowski... it’s good business sadly. If he’s got 3 years left in him okay but with his back the way it is... Don’t get me wrong, hope signs up for 2 years but if he’s had his head turned to finish up his career at Man U, get him gone now for a fee rather than on a free... we wouldn’t get 25 million anyway I doubt!
  4. I think it’s may be more unlikely to get the Chelski Spurs draw!
  5. If Chelsea and Spurs draw today... and we win tomorrow, are we heading back to the top again?
  6. He’s Here! He’s There! He’s Every Fooking Where, He’s...
  7. Man U can have him back in January for a cut price £25 million.
  8. Manchester United are watching Jonny Evans' contract situation at Leicester and could make a move to bring their 32-year-old former defender back to Old Trafford.(Sun on Sunday)
  9. Witty explained it well I thought the other day... Tier 1: Doesn’t stop cases rising. It does however stop them going through the roof. Tier 2: Doesn’t lower cases but keeps them on a flat rate. Tier 3: Actively lowers transmission rate and cases.
  10. Diagnosis still going on though fewer people are presenting at Docs with their ailments - its the treatment that's really under pressure.
  11. Me too - would love to see Vards Under and Barnes up front with Maddison and Castagne working together on the right... Vardy 5 Fulham 1
  12. AC Milan's technical director Paolo Maldini admits interest in France winger Florian Thauvin, 27, who is out of contract at Marseille in the summer of 2021. (Telefoot, via Football Italia)
  13. Well I never do well with my triple captain token. So in this spirit I’ve played it this game week anyway. Come on Vards - get me more than 6 points.
  14. New restrictions as of December 2nd EAST MIDLANDS LEICESTER Area TIER 3 LOCKDOWN PROTOCOL BEAUMONT LEYS - You are able to fight your neighbour providing you wear a mask and social distancing rules are adhered to. ST MATTHEWS - Burgling homes in your local area is still permitted providing you sanitise before and after the offence. Track and trace technology must also be used. SAFFRON LANE - You can only visit your dealer when collecting your children from school. The dealer should wear a face visor and make sure all bags are sanitised.
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