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  1. Budget deficit leaps as Brexit-fuelled inflation troubles Hammond
  3. It doesn't, i assumed mattp likes the odds of winning an esther rantzen
  4. people do like to pidgeon hole don't they? We don't play with a cdm. We play with 2 cm's. Drinky might drop deep for the ball and wilf might be a ball winner but they are also box to box. James is mot a cdm and nor is king - he just likes passing sideways. Amartey is a cdm, ill give you that. Iborra does tend to hold position in mdfd but can also play as a second striker. We have 2 midfielders i would say are defensive - wilf and amartey.
  5. What on earth are you on about? The reason the tories lost seats in the election is that they had absolutely nothing positive to say. The only time any tory mps show positivity is when the brexiteers try to convince everybody they haven't just spun a bottle in a circle of 1 hot blonde and 5 esther rantzen's.
  6. What if shakey wants to play 4-2-3-1 or 3-5-2? You could easily play with two more defensive minded midfielders - see kante and matic
  7. Clearly disgraceful. There are bad people on both sides.
  8. Tories use 'take out the trash' day to dump controversial reports
  9. Surely its time to dump her before another election is called?
  10. Aren't you a lovely chap?
  11. For council houses the money is paid straight into the housing accounts.
  12. NHS wages have rises by 3% in 7 years. My student loan is £125/month. Paying into the nhs pension would be a further £250/month that i can't afford. I have a decent job and would love to pay in but it is simply unaffordable. Not convinced that those paying in £3/ month are gong to be getting back enough to survive on somehow!
  13. Explain how people are supposed to pay into private pensions when personal debt is reaching record levels, increasingly high %s of income are going on housing costs, inflation is running higher than wage increases and almost half the younger population has student loan repayments as a 9% tax?
  14. This is precisely one of the arguments used for having increasing numbers of immigrants.
  15. And do you see any political party that looks like actually limiting immigration? No. because they all believe that immigration is less important than free trade. There's a reason that immigration has only gone up over the years. I'm not saying it's right just pointing out that your preferred option isn't actually an option at the ballet box. You may try to claim the tories will being it down but come on, seriously, if they actually intended to do that they'd have done it by now but no, immigration from outside the eu has gone nowhere.