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  1. Same here. The joy of a late minute goal is gone now.
  2. People will never get used to the jubilation of celebrating a last minute minute and seeing it brought back for something so innocuous.
  3. Pointless celebrating goals now isn't it? Unless it's obvious from a dribble just sit in your chair.
  4. Loved the number elevens documentary on Sky Sports - they are brilliant at these things.
  5. The scenes when Rodgers sends half our squad up there next season to stop the "immortality". May as well go full piss take and send Rangers Benkovic now Soyuncu looks fine.
  6. That's it for the day by the looks of it. Can't really see anything other than a draw now.
  7. Genuinely bemusing a bowler with an average of nine at this ground isn't opening the bowling. So much muddled thinking in our dressing room.
  8. This match reminds me of the wonderfully oracular thing Richie Benaud used to say. "The hallmark of a great captain is the ability to win the toss at the correct time"
  9. Go on Kingy, stop that ten in a row.
  10. Kamikaze stuff from the shaggers but we'll take it. Fantastic short bowling.
  11. Very slow pitch this, in the game if we can scramble upto 150
  12. I know we are excited about Archer but giving him the new ball over a bowler who averages 9 here???
  13. Competitive total that I think. Huge part of the match coming up, we could do with knocking two over tonight.
  14. Faced three balls and he should have got out to two of them.
  15. Looking like a total washout this today. Curran for Denly being touted in The Times - aggressive and may as well, Denly doesn't get runs anyway and we won't need him to bowl now we've got a spinner in Leach who can actually tie down an end.
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