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  1. I've not watched this but that sounds absolutely incredible, numerous people have totally cocked up there and shouldn't be anywhere near a current affairs show not to spot this. How that can happen on a show on Newsnight is frankly unbelievable.
  2. Cricket 2017

    Exactly the same team as Mac for me. Really hard series to call, never seen so many players in both sides with so many question marks. I'm terrified of the coverage as well, it' just not going to feel like live cricket without Athers, Botham, Warnie and Bumble in the commentary box, not to mention the Verdict not about. BT have a lot to live upto.
  3. Blimey Mac I've just agreed with a post of yours 100%! This is exactly why the Labour nonsense about closing loopholes is just that, they can't do a single thing and they know it. How people are falling for it I still don't know.
  4. As I said I've not read too much on it but certainly will when I've caught up with my work. The grand coalition is the obvious solution, but as I said in my original reply that would lead to the AFD becoming the opposition and I'm not sure that could be tolerable for the vast majority of the German public. Fair point with our system also bringing about chaos after the election but at least with FPTP you do keep extremists out, that was the main point I was trying to raise when I said this was a great argument against it, I still to this day don't know how I would vote in a referendum on FPTP or PR, I have no doubt the latter is fairer but I also love the direct responsibility a MP has to their constituency and seeing individuals get booted - anyway that's for another generation now as we are back to two party politics in this country for the foreseeable future.
  5. Musical Maths Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 62/100 My Time 109 seconds  
  6. His Marr interview yesterday was as weird as it gets, Marr wanted just one figure from him and he couldn't do it aside from just throw out that 250 billion of investement, he genuinely seems to think the government could still borrow and raise gilts at 1.3% even after he has walked through number eleven, it's as if no one has told him investors and businesses out there are not going to see his economic plans in the same light as he does. There is no way he can seriously believe that parliament can just decide what the price of nationalisation compensation is, he can't, he is clearly an intelligent man despite how malevolent he is. If they are near to power when the next election is called just take precautions, get as much of your pension out and transfer your house ownership to your children (providing you trust them of course) and get at little of your assets as you can relying on competent finances from the state.
  7. Delighted to see a post like this, I've just flicked through the last few pages after I've been away and I must have scanned through 60% of it feeling depressed, the constant Guardian links and repetitive desire to justify insane economy policy on the basis of "at least it not the Tories" have got more boring than even but I'm surprised there hasn't been some more debate on the German situation on here or more coverage in the news, it's an absolutely huge story with big ramifications for everybody. I thought the media were jumping the gun a bit a few months back when declaring Merkel the Queen of Europe and the new leader of the free World. How does it effect Brexit? It's hard to say, on one hand Merkel seemed quite tolerent of May but not of the Conservative party as a whole and she seems prepared to try and sort things out now rather than see us risk sending over Corbyn to talk to them, on the other hand things like this don't help the European Union and the more problems the bloc has the more chance they'll want to keep everything else as normal and as stable as possible. Surely Martin Schultz is going to come under some pretty severe pressure here to come back to the table? If that happens it's not something we should see as a positive, although I wouldn't see what has changed from a month or so ago that the Grand Coalition no longer had a mandate to govern. Volker Wissing said the talks had been absolutely shambolic, so much for German efficiency and stability! As with anything at the minute it's hard to predict, I'm not fully up to speed on this story at all but the Greens also appear to be holding up some of the talks on social/asylum issues although they seem to want to keep the negotiations ongoing, I'm not sure how a party like the CDU and the FDP can actually manage to negotiate anything with a party like that anyway if they are similar to the Green party over here. I don't see any change to the situation either, unless there is significant movement in the polls Germany could be facing some serious political stalemate for the forseabale future. On a personal level I'm delighted Merkel has been punished for her migrant policy that seeked to change a countries' demographic so quickly but the Alternative for Deutchland is a seriously tainted political party and not something that should be entertained long term by the electorate, they are a tool to force the mainsream to change policy rather than go into any sort of government themselves, the only way out of it could be a return to the Grand Coalition under new leaders, even if that does lead to the far right becoming the main opposition in parliament. It's certainly a great argument against PR when you see stuff like this.
  8. Grounds are almost all at maximum capacity most weeks in the top flight. Getting a ticket is a problem whatever the cost.
  9. 6 nights in New York...?

    Bloody hell Oz your carbon footprint must be bigger than most countries, you make me look housebound.
  10. That's debatable, it depends where that higher turnout was, if it was along the rustbelt Trump would have won ever more clearly, if it was in New York or California obviously Clinton would increase the popular vote even more. Trump, like Leave, brought out a lot of people to vote that had either never bothered before or hadn't for a long time, those are often the people that can win elections, people should have figured out here when it was looking like a 70%+ turnout that people had come out to do something. There is no point having drinks or dinner parties in London and Los Angeles ful of people who vote for Clinton/Remain and then start wondering why the rest of country didn't fall in line, both sides in the mentioned votes across the pond should take a look at themselves and ask why they lost, but a lot of them aren't the sort of people who'll do that as they are convinced they are right no matter what, so they'll resort to absolutely anything and that results in this absurdity now we are looking at in blaming troll farms in St Petersburg rather than the Hillary not bothering to visit Wisconsin once or BSE forgetting everyone in the country has a vote that counts equally. The irony of this is the streotypes usually from these sort of people is that the elderly were the force behind Brexit and the towns that have barely come out of the stone age were behind Trump, now the same people want to believe that demographic was engaged in Twitter and so into it politically they were following Russian bots, I just wish they could see how ridiculous they look. As I say though, even if they did influence it. How can they complain over here when David Cameron asked America and it's President to try and influence the referendum, the amazing thing is they almost seem oblivious to it. P.S (I absolutely love the fact I've got friends who voted Remain and Corbyn, I couldn't imagine spending all my time with people who had exactly the same political position as me)
  11. What's your view? Justice or murder?

    I don't want to bring back the death penalty. Doesn't stop me being happy when filth like this get wiped off the planet though.
  12. Look at the author of the piece and you'll get the joke.
  13. What on earth? How do you explain my journey from being a young Lib Dem voter to Tory Eurosceptic then? Traveling the World had more influence on my politics than any newspaper. Ive not met anyone whose political position changes so significantly on a major issue from social media retweets. If you have I'd get some new friends capable of thinkig for themselves.
  14. Absolutely. So obvious. It's worse across the pond than here mind, I flicked through Clinton's book last week, the whole World colluded together to beat her, not a single thing she did wrong in the whole campaign. That was the Russians, Bernie Sanders, Larry David, Home Alone, Hollywood, Brexit, the bankers, fake news and Alex Jones. She even blames Nigel Farage at one point for turning up in Mississippi, real Democrat stronghold she was on course to win that one.
  15. Speaking of pro- Russian trolls interfering in UK democracy, here's an obvious one https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/03/nato-peace-threat-ukraine-military-conflict