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  1. Yes it is, beaten only by the leave vote. It was close (although still well over a million difference) but the idea of holding these elections or referendums is to decide things that are close. Otherwise what's the point? We don't hold them to find out how much we need to compromise on something or whether it's that's tight a vote that we might get away with not implementing it. If Corbyn sneaks a majority at the next election I don't expect Tories in his cabinet because it was close. It's funny how this only came about in 2019, look at the result of the Welsh devolution referendum - yet that was just implemented no matter how tight.
  2. I'd be looking at a model somewhere in between Lega in Italy on social issues but with the economics of the CDU. I'm sorry if it upsets anybody, but I just can't view giving away the jurisdiction of your highest court patriotic in any way. That doesn't mean I don't think Remainers can't be patriotic, of course they can. You are probably shitposting again, but in case you weren't. The Brexit vote of 17.4 million is the biggest mandate ever given to a political decision in any election, nothing has ever received a higher number of votes.
  3. If the Conservative party is destroyed over this I won't shed a tear at all - it will be fully deserved and hopefully a patriotic pro-leave party will emerge from it that's also far more friendly towards the working/middle class and as far away from the Bullingdon club types of Cameron and Osborne as possible. There will be a huge gap in the market for that sort of political party. That polling does shock me, 43% of the country genuinely think you can just ignore the biggest political mandate ever given?? They can't be thinking about it properly. (Edit: just realised no "2nd ref" option so I'd imagine they are in that 43%, makes more sense now)
  4. The new PM is under no obligation to request a further extension beyond October 31st. Whether parliament then brings down the government is the big question if he refuses to. It might even end up with the EU kicking us out on No Deal, though unlikely given everyone that threatens to happen they grant an extension.
  5. He shouldn't really lose both, it should be either or. I think he'll lose votes in the south but gain then in the north and midlands - how that works out in a GE though I have no idea. I think whether he wins a majority or not will depend on Brexit party voting.
  6. Well the only polling we have from Comres shows him doing far better than any other candidate. The evidence we have is he is a vote winner, given he won MOL twice and led the Leave campaign. If he was PM and in any sort of bother in Uxbridge I'd imagine he moves to a safer seat. What sort of loss do you see as being obliterated and who do you think he'll lose the seats to?
  7. Given Jeremy Hunt is the other option which also means Jeremy Corbyn becomes almost certain to be PM I'd say no. It is completely bizarre though - I just wish he would stop bullshitting, we all know he's a bullshitter so he doesn't need to keep doing it to make sure, his refusal to answer the question from Ferrari yesterday was just plain weird. Just be Boris - I'd be happy for him to just say I'm going to play the fool, take the piss and win elections whilst others do the work as I'm not competent enough. Then when asked if he's being serious just follow it up by saying at least I'm brighter and more qualified than the alternative leading the Labour party. He still has to win for the sake of Brexit and the Tory party but he's making me hold my head in my times watching him. He's like a horse in the Gold Cup on the bridle still managing to clatter through every fence on his way to victory.
  8. Think I do actually remember when the lines were connected around twenty years and it was hideous. I remember being on the platform with loads of Coventry fans on a Saturday morning, half of them wearing a football shirt, jeans and shoes combo that would have made a gypsy blush.
  9. Woakes was certainly unlucky not get Finch but we did bowl far too short when you compared it to how the Australia's went. They put a graphic up and I think two of our first sixty balls were hitting the stumps and with swing in play that's pretty poor.
  10. Would happily sacrifice 2 billion for us not to be connected by rail to Coventry.
  11. It's been proven in court and the judge ruled in her favour.
  12. Yep. It's Pakistan - they can beat or lose to anybody. It was the right call to bowl first we just got it wrong and the decision to play a second spinner was a joke over a paceman. Vince and Ali can **** off, no need for either of them in this team.
  13. Then why don't others get sacked for making fun of the Royals?
  14. If Baker's joke had been about a Tory or Farage etc would have been fine - problem was anything that can be perceived as racist and you are a goner. I'm a bit bemused by Jo Brand as well, she's like a comedienne version of Claire Balding - omnipresent on the BBC and doesn't seem to be funny at all, just non stop jokes about how much cake she manages to scoff and clearly bitter about everyone as 99% of men and women are more attractive than she is. She's not even got the Clarkson excuse of earning the organisation a fortune.
  15. Definitely my experience as well these days. It wasn't like that in the mid/late 90's though - I was surprised and bemused to hear how loud the cheer was at Welford Rd as a kid when they announced we had lost over the tannoy, it did always stick with me. Bringing football into the middle classes was probably what ended it as it became socially acceptable to like it, talk about it and watch it in the pub.
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