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  1. Speaking of her, it appears she's done a Jeremy Corbyn https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/dec/15/greta-thunberg-in-twitter-spat-with-german-rail-firm
  2. I think Goodwin is the best pundit in politics next, calls everything right.
  3. Every Labour MP and activist should be forced to watch that.
  4. Whatever we all think and our tribal loyalties aside. How wonderful this is.
  5. Agree with your analysis on Rayner. I don't think they'll be winning the next election whatever though - Boris is just box office at the ballot box and he's going to splash the cash. Labour's biggest problem now could be the lies they told - no one aside from the hardcore will believe the "sell the NHS" nonsense again because of how hard they went on it this time.
  6. I've never had such a mixture of distain and sympathy for people like Liz Kendall, Jess Phillips and Wes Streeting - totally with them in trying to fight the lunatics from within. But Yesterday you were asking us to make him the ****ing Prime Minister - Jewish people were ready to leave the country and you still wanted to make him the Prime Minister. You can't just wash this off yourself. Guys like Woodcock, Mann, Austin at least had the moral courage to step down and tell the nation he is not fit to lead the country.
  7. She is a vile stain and she isn't anything to do with the conservatives. This election saw Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson back the Tories and Nick Griffin and the ex leader of the KK back Corbyn. Our society probably needs to reflect on that.
  8. On sky news earlier they talked to the reps and the labour member said something like 'The electorate need to think about what they are voting for" She didnt even realise what she was saying either, this is now what has captured the labour party - they are right and everyone else is wrong. Despite me taking the piss and enjoying it we do need a strong viable Labour party - as I've said a functioning democracy needs options, or is ceases to be one.
  9. Can you still vote in the Labour election for £3?
  10. Totally agree with that - @Alf Bentleysaid it best when he stated if he stays it just doesn't look like it's being taken seriously, move to oust him should come now. You can imagine the farewell can't you packed with people singing oh Jeremy Corbyn. Another big thing is what you do with him after - under the official IRHA definition of antisemitism he should be a goner from the party, does the new leader have the guts to do it? This is going to haunt the party for years - they've spent the last few weeks telling the country to make this man PM, how do they explain this away?
  11. David Lammy sounds like he's throwing his hat in the ring. Starmer a cert to run, Thornberry speech I've just watched (boy has she learnt nothing) seems to say she's in. This could be absolutely hilarious. Imagine if it ends up with a final four all from North London
  12. You just have to look at the media representation of the party now. Out have gone the Alan Johnson types and they've been replaced by Owen Jones, Ash Sarker, Holly Rigby, Fazia Shaheen (delighted she lost btw the rancid little antisemite) Jon Lansman and Aaron Bastani. They've turned Labour away from the North and into a coffee shop clientele of London, convinced they can win an election on liberals, students and public sector workers Have a watch of ITV coverage last might when they ask Owen Jones what northern seats he campaigned in, Stockport he said (where he was born) and the rest of the six weeks he swanned around Chingford obsessed with unseating IDS. They had barely anyone out on the streets of Grimsby but flooded Uxbridge with activists as they genuinely thought Boris was in trouble Did they just canvass the student areas? Probably did. Then we get to the results and Boris has increased his majority The Tories sent their activists from Uxbridge to Kensington around 5pm - and then won it by a couple of hundred. Then while that was happening Labour moved activists to Golders Green just to make sure they stopped Berger winning when they had no chance themselves. Yet they didn't even need to. The party is now ran by complete and utter morons. These momentum types just know nothing about politics or strategy and they got drunk after 2017 thinking they had actually won it, when the reality was it was a terrible result against an awful Tory campaign. Campbell and Mandleson were bastards but they knew how to do this sort of stuff, the Labour NEC now don't.
  13. Labour lost every one of these seats last night, here are the majorities of them in 1997 - some of them are now safe Tory seats. Bolsover 27,149 Sedgefield: 25,143 Durham 24,475 Leigh: 24,496 Bishop Auckland: 21,064 Redcar: 21,664 Workington: 19,656 Bassetlaw: 17,460 Great Grimsby: 16,244 Darlington: 16,025 Wakefield: 14,604 Scunthorpe: 14,173 Clwyd South: 13,810 The Labour party has to change completely, you aren't winning again until the over-educated, Palestinian flag waving, woke, moral puritans stop teling people from Workington how to live, behave, think and act.
  14. It's a pretty shit selection to be honest as the shadow cabinet is full of people stained by Corbynism and attached to Momentum. Starmer is the most competent by a country mile of the candidates but there is just no way you can pick a fanatical remian based Londoner given what has happened in the heartlands last night. If I was tasked with picking one to win I'd be picking up the phone to Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson this morning and just asking them to come back and save the party. I don't get the enthusiam for ranting shouting women like Phillips or Rayner This is one hell of a road back, if the next five years goes wrong you might force a hung parliament, but a Labour majority now requires taking a host of middle England seats with 15,000 Tory majorities, you are exactly where William Hague was in 1997. Who do i think they'll pick? Richard Burgon or Rebecca Long-Bailey.
  15. Some thoughts. Whatever you think of Boris he's an election winning machine, two mayor of London wins in a Labour city, led the leave referendum campaign and now the biggest national share in a GE since Ted Heath. He'll win again as well in five years. He's united the party on Europe and should now make sure he focuses on keeping his new voters, as Lib Dem remainers may also return in his tradiotional areas post Brexit. Personally delighted with the new Conservative party, it's going to be great hearing all the Northern voices on the backbenches and the party needs to be more like this and represent it's voters more. - these people are very loyal and took the Labour party ignoring them for years to bring them over, let them down Boris and you'll deserve what you get. I hope for the Labour moderates they can recapture their party from the lunatics who have taken it over, a strong democracy needs two serious options for government. The Momentum mob need destroying, they've still taken no responsibility at all for this and still think that fantasy manifestos and "woke" politics are the way forward - it was hard to describe in hindsight how ridiculous it was to produce a fully costed manifesto and then just pop up with 60 billion for the Waaspi two days later, not ever serious and everyone knew it, even their own voters. I hope whoever reforms this if this actually tries for a kinder, gentler poltiics as well - these morons have spent the last three years telling almost anyone who disagreed with them to vote Tory and last night they did. The People's Vote/Second referendum mob are as responsible for this as anyone, the country hadn't changed it's mind at all and there was no evidence it ever had, you could have passed May's deal and stayed close to Europe, instead of gambling it all - your punishment for this is now Boris for at least five and most probably ten years. Fun fact of the election following Pidcock losing, the Durham Minors Gala will next year be held in a Tory seat
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