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  1. What an era it was.
  2. MattP

    Corona Virus

    To be honest we should have made China a pariah long before this on the basis of its slave labour, internment camps, wet markets, environmental abuse, slaughter for ivory, currency manipulation, human rights record, coal dumping and mass surveillance. Coronavirus is just another piece of shit to emerge from the place. If it wasn't so powerful we would treat it like North Korea. No country comes close to the damage this lot are doing and I'm genuinely surprised at how many in the West are coming out to bat (no pun intended) for them. (Although I fully expected it from Richard Burgon)
  3. I do agree btw, short term a huge issue. Longer term though, this is a problem they probably have no control of anymore.
  4. "Despotic dictatorship you say? Well this calls for more Europe"
  5. Tiger King is the weirdest shit I've ever watched. Really enjoyed it though.
  6. MattP

    Corona Virus

    Why political journalists rather than scientific ones are asking the questions in this news cycle is really strange. Peston is making himself look a tit on almost a daily basis now.
  7. The problem with the Republicans is they just aren't very good at it. They did everything the could to stop Trump and ended it increasing his support base - whereas the Democrats have been tactically ruthless in seeing off Sanders twice. Problem is they pick a candidate just as bad to replace him.
  8. Islamophobia Can't believe the pro-Islamist nonsense is still doing the rounds to be honest, even the BBC dares to properly debate the word, it's meanings and intentions now.
  9. So it's coming to end - a few thoughts on the tenure and legacy of Corbyn. (Sticking to his actual time as leader, rather than his history) Positives: The Mass Membership - can't deny the numbers, absolutely huge swaths of people were enthused by him and got genuinely excited at the prospect of him leading the country. Economic Reform - He has certainly shifted the argument to more public spending and sent the Conservatives in a direction they wouldn't have voluntary gone. Brexit - It probably wouldn't have happened without him as leader, I doubt he's got the Brexit he wanted, but I'm sure he raised a glass to it in secret in January. Negatives: Results - 2 GE loses, one the worst since 1935, 2 sets of council losses and a terrible defeat in the European Elections, lost five sets of elections in five years in all and on that it was baffling he was still in the job for the final disaster in December. Learn from the Tories - May was given one chance and next time she was gone. Salisbury - Still probably the most shameful incident seen in parliament for some time, a leader of a British political party stood at the despatch box and batted for the Russians rather than our own security services after state sanctioned murder. Antisemitism - It took some effort to force MP's out the party, have the chief Rabbi warn against voting for you and become the first party since the BNP to be investigated by the ECHR. Gentrification - Labour has been struggling for a while outside of university towns and cities but the last five years its moved more away from its core working class vote than ever, its totally lost in English towns and the shires, losing more votes in Wales and almost wiped out in Scotland. Incompetence - Whatever you thought of New Labour it was an impeccable strategic electoral winning machine who knew exactly what was going on, he changed that to a load of kids and union organisers who moved activists from "safe" Kensington to Uxbridge as they fell for a Twitter rumour that Boris was in trouble. Boris increased his majority and Labour somehow lost Kensington.
  10. Some weird weird stuff going on in that political party.
  11. MattP

    Corona Virus

    Nothing said yet but that's absolutely guaranteed.
  12. MattP

    Corona Virus

    Find it surprising that leaders approval ratings are going up in this crisis - I genuinely thought it would be the opposite. (He isn't on here but Conte has shot up as well)
  13. Having said that, only if they remove people like this from their political party - sometimes you really have to wonder what the modern left is doing. Never thought I'd see a Democrat representative quoting Koran verses that promote flogging women.
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