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  1. Not really no. Why would I? They voted for it. If anything if Sanders wins we should be looking to take advantage of the uncertainty the markets and business will inherit. The global economic superpower going towards his politics could be great for the rest of us.
  2. What about the people working now rather than relying on social security cheques? I'd say they are doing better. Honestly mate you are so far in your own bubble it's ridiculous. This debate is already reminding me of when you and Buce were claiming a Remain position wouldn't hurt Labour in an election, you just can't see outside of your own viewpoint and get yourself into the head of someone who doesn't hate Brexit/Trump.
  3. You are supposed to blame the electorate after you have lost not before
  4. Brilliant performance. His speed was incredible given the weight gain. I don't think Hearn will let him but so want to see Joshua in the ring with him. Leading the " bronze bomber/gypsy king from England shot him down" song as well love boxing fans.
  5. There was an investigation by one of the rags earlier this season that concluded it could have up to a 33cm margin of error with Raheem Sterling at full pace. I get the argument that this is still more accurate than the human eye but the trade off we made for VAR was for accuracy. If we lose the spontanuity of the game like it has become to keep on guessing imo it's just not worth it.
  6. Jesus might be slightly off as well for the goal, if you wind forward one frame where it appears Mahrez has just played the ball he looks to be just off. Of course they try and stop it right at the point of contact with no actual proof so we'll never know. Watching MOTD was hilarious, total fcuk up after fcuk up from the morons at Stockley Park.
  7. Ohhh ohhh Bernie Sanders Ohhh ohhh Bernie Sanders Incredible watching history repeat itself.
  8. I hope you are right but it's going to be a hell of a job getting rid of this, after the last election there are probably more Corbynistas in the PLP than moderates now. Keeping them sidelined and silent will be tough. If the membership is looking like an overwhelmingly big win for Starmer they probably should have had a second go at ditching JC after the Euro elections last year. Might have got rid.
  9. It's corrupt isn't it? No other explanation for that today.
  10. A good response. Next question for Bernie should be why Russia wants to help him win the Presidency. Any ideas?
  11. The Barcelona performance that battered Man U 4-0 was the first time I think I'd watched a team as a kid and thought wow. https://www.worldfootball.net/report/champions-league-1994-1995-gruppe-a-fc-barcelona-manchester-united/ What a team. Stoichkov and Romario up front, Busquets Dad in goal and Pep in midfield
  12. Speaking of that. Guess we'll soon find out whether the left cares as much as the right.
  13. Fat Ronaldo in that Barcelona period was still a level of football I've seen since. Diego Maradona would probably drag us to a Champions League trophy though. Either of them.
  14. Richard Burgon is officially no longer than maddest person in the deputy leader race.
  15. What's he done wrong in terms of gay rights? I mean I'm passionate about LGB rights, but not the T part given it's currently trying to trample over very hard fought for women's rights.
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