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  1. MattP

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    Going to say I'm enjoying this, love the Gospel choir and the pastor.
  2. MattP

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    It is always great to see Prince Phillip looking well.
  3. MattP

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    Pretty much exactly where I am.
  4. MattP

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    The "look at me I'm not watching the Royal Wedding" lot are actually now more annoying than the event itself. If you don't want to watch it fine, if you do and enjoy it fine, but harping on about it just makes you look a bellend.
  5. The why on earth are you calling the hard Brexiteers for not launching a coup on the PM? As for the Labour viewpoint, thankfully Corbyn has showed already he is more than strong enough to stand up to all this and whereas it might be bad for politics for the moderates to be sidelined by the mob, it's fantastic for making sure Brexit isn't watered down to a BINO.
  6. You've literally explained to yourself in the top line why it can't happen but still complain about it, no parliamentary support so what would be the point of a pro-Brexit coup? As for the Labour position, you have been saying that for nearly two years now and we've seen front benchers sacked for suggesting we stay in the single market and the only shift has been a move to stay in "a customs union" that still allows us to negotiate trade, which almost everyone agrees is fantasy. Tell me, if I'm trolling (I think you are saying that in reality as you know it's true), why do you think Cornyn and McDonnell both voted against virtually every piece of EU legislation going?
  7. Sorry but you are showing your political ignorance here. Without even considering the public perception and intolerance of the Conservative party yet again having a leadership contest, if May was usurped at this point in time by a Brexit cartel then the votes of the small faction of hard/hardish Remainers in the Tory party would be gone for the rest of parliament and then you are either faced with another general election to try and pass legislation through for what they would want or softening even greater than it looks now, for all the criticism of May she's actually done extremely well so far bringing the two sides together, she has lost one vote because of the rebels so far and instead the unelected house has been the one causing more problems. At the minute it's best for them to sit tight, see the departure through and then set out plans for when they take control in the future. If the Tories had a majority of 60, what you suggest would have happened, but it would be completely insane with the mathematics of parliament to pro a Mogg, Gove or Johnson in charge now. The time to go "harder" would either be with an increased majority next time around, or even see Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell try and do it as they seek further re-nationalisation and avoidance of deficit control.
  8. Peak Guardian surely? Surely?
  9. MattP

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    Not that I'm aware of, you would assume some sort of collective effort based on a shortlist we already had. Reality is I suppose that we don't know.
  10. MattP

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    It's always baffled me people blame Rudkin for player recruitment when we have a guy called Eduardo Macia who is our "head of senior player recruitment". There is a big clue in his job title.
  11. Let's be quite frank, Varadkar will do whatever the EU tells him to do, we saw the evidence of that in December.
  12. MattP

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    If anyone was going to find a family more dysfunctional than his own it had to be Harry. The whole will he/won't he stuff is gold for the media though, this might be the start of the soap opera age of the Royals that seems destined to occur when her majesty passes on, we're going to have Harry crying on TV over things, Wills turning up to present Brit awards and sing with Stormzy, Prince Charles poking his nose into politics with his limited intelligence and cantering around the World preaching his bizarre opinions to African dictators. It's all going to be very different. abolition might soon be a good idea.
  13. Certainly agree that it's not racist and people should grow a thicker skin, I do think there is a class element to it though, a quick scroll through Twitter and you see the ones throwing it almost always appear to be middle class university educated youngsters and the victim always appears to be a working class guy from a Northern/Midland town on Question Time. Despite what the EDL etc try to claim, the racism from the modern left isn't actually aimed a white people aside from a few nutters, it's towards Jewish people and the worst of it is often aimed at non-white Conservatives, the insults of "Uncle Tom" and "Coconut" etc aimed at people like Sajid Javid and James Cleverly are very disturbing, to the point that black people should be owned by one political side, the attention should be on put on that rather than childish insults like Gammon.
  14. Again though, that would only occur if we decided to impose tariffs.If that happens, blame the government.
  15. I think that's absolutely spot on. It makes no sense to still carry on creating policy that favour farmers who often have a few million in bank at the expense of the poorest in society who have to pay for more for basic essentials.