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  1. Whisper it quietly but the bookmakers only have the Tories at 3/1 to win the seat of Westmorland (Tim Farron), only a 25% chance but that's massive when you think it was a very safe seat two years ago. That would be absolutely hilarious and he's starting to struggle a bit now under the spotlight of these homophobia allegations, he was questioned again today about it at an event and it never looks good.
  2. You sound exactly where I am
  3. Cheers, I'm going to look a right twat in linen so I don't want to spend too much.
  4. I'm off to a wedding in Punta Cana next week, anyone know the best place to buy a linen suit, shirt etc? I have absolutely no idea.
  5. Now that's an effort.
  6. Of course, it's exactly the same thing. A government containing Labour, the Greens and the SNP led by Jeremy Corbyn and his deputies Caroline Lucas and Nicola Sturgeon should really be called "Coalition of Total Stability". Or maybe the coalition of "unity, stability, socialism and revolution" - USSR for short.
  7. "Tory Election Fraud" sounds far better than "Candidate Bus Overspend" so we're just going to have to tolerate it. It's not like it's going to make any difference anyway, state of Corbyn and his cabinet at the minute and people would still vote Tory over Labour if they promised to shut down every hospital in the country in the manifesto for June.
  8. I tip my hat to you for those tabs, magnficent.
  9. 1) No one has ever claimed Corbyn supports ISIS. 2) No senior Tories are involved. 3) The Mail on Sunday broke the story about the expenses scandal on the front page late last year.
  10. As a veteran of the Great Meme War 2016 (21st mobile shitposting division) - ( ) it is still acknowledged on ALL sides that the left need to seriously up there meme game if they want to start winning elections again. Father Ted might be a start but something like that isn't even going to get you over the line in a council election. An insult to Pepe.
  11. Le Pen has almost no chance of winning this, the French system is designed to extremes from the fringes from holding these positions. She needs to make the whole election the establishment v the poor, then hope that a lot of the left along with pretty much all of Fillon's vote comes over to her, it's a 50/1 shot for me. It will change France forever though, unlike the rest of Europe the right wing vote is more young than old there, they will probably be around in French politics for the rest of our lives. Here it appears to have taken one EU referendum to absolutely kill it off.
  12. They would probably all return even larger Conservative majorities given that UKIP came second in almost every single one of the ones we know to be being investigated. Standing up and shouting about it in the house just gave Denis Skinner the excuse he desperately needed to then go and vote against the election (he was one of only 13 to do so) to try and save his mate Jezza from a drubbing, not to mention he'll be thinking about his own credibility for claiming for the last thirty years the public are gagging to vote for a Labour party that represents what it now does.
  13. The shy Tory voters now appear to be long gone, no one is now bothered about telling the TV cameras etc that they are voting Conservative, a lot of traditional Labour voters might still put that tick in the box but are ashamed to admit in public they are voting for a man like Jeremy Corbyn. I actually think you can drop a couple of points off the Tory vote this time and add them to Labour, rather than the other way around as usual.
  14. First polling from Wales and to say it's mental is an understatement. If these polls are true my prediction of a Tory majority of 50 will look ridiculous. Welsh Westminster voting intention: CON: 40% (+12) LAB: 30% (-3) PC: 13% (-) LDEM: 8% (-1) UKIP: 6% (-7) (via YouGov) Changes with January Bookies now have Conservatives strong favourites to even win seats like Bridgend, Delyn, Gower, Newport East, Newport West, Clywd and Wrexham. Even in with a chance in a couple of the Cardiff ones. Labour could also lose the Rhondda and Paddy Power make them 12/1 to win a seat they actually currently hold in Ynys Mon.
  15. Also, the Communist Party of Great Britain won't be standing candidates and instead urges supporters to vote for the Labour party.