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  1. One term of Corbyn and those who are 55 won't be getting a state pension or a working NHS. Seriously though, how many years of a state pension do people want? We're now almost at the point where the state will pay you for more years than you pay the state.
  2. He's paid by the company that makes Planet Earth and then sells it to the BBC. Imagine that's also why Portillo isn't on the list.
  3. The BBC is not the free market at all, it collects a license fee under the threat of imprisonment. It's the total opposite to the free market.
  4. 7 from 7 from spot, shame we didn't concede that goal and drag Atletico to penalties. Thought Mahrez, James, Albrighton and Simpson were excellent.
  5. He did very well, but errrr....
  6. I have no idea if it's the best, but it is certainly brilliant.
  7. Even if you give him five hours for the show on Saturday night it works out he's paid about £12,000 an hour. So in reality he's being paid far more than even a footballer like Messi on his hourly rate. But the point is we have to pay for the BBC even if we don't want to watch it, you don't have to pay for a footballers wage.
  8. But where is the irony? Footballers train almost every day. Do you think they just turn at half 2 on a Saturday and go home? In what way is this comparable to fronting a highlights show for an hour a week?
  9. They just ask people to pay it rather than force them to under the threat of going to jail? It that really such a bizarre concept? I'm sure people still would pay as they would continue to see quality television. If they didn't, then you really have to wonder why they lag so far behind other channels that actually can get people to pay to watch them. I probably could You don't get put into prison if you refuse to pay to contribute towards a footballers wage because you want to watch Wimbledon. I'm not sure how hard that is to understand.
  10. The real scandal of course is still that you have to pay this to watch TV under the threat of being locked in a cage, how that can still happen is beyond me, imagine being told before you buy a copy of the Guardian to read you also have to pay for The Mail even if you don't even want to look at it. (and for the record I would pay it and think it's value for money) P.S No Michael Portillo! That's an absolute scandal as well, how is he not on £150,000 for all his Railway Journeys and This Week.
  11. Looks a tremendous prospect doesn't he? Best thing about it is Headlingley has been a good batting wicket this season and he's racking up wickets at a superb average.
  12. Newsnight actually did a fairly decent segment on Trump last night. They even flashed up a graphic saying nearly a million jobs had been created since he took office, I nearly fell off my chair.
  13. He would be doing a lot more work then though, I find the most offensive thing how much it is for how little he does. It's one day a week.
  14. Danny Dyer on 250k a year I've never even heard of the highest paid actors....
  15. James and Mahrez looking terrific.