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  1. So what does everybody actually look like?

    I've been called worse. I think you have to take life and yourself as seriously as you want and that should be little as possible, it's a big key to being happy and content imho. Getting to that position is bloody hard though, especially if you are a natural worrier.
  2. Vardy by some distance, we don't look like scoring against decent opposition when he isn't on the pitch. He's synonymous with our brand of football. Replacing him and Mahrez are impossible jobs.
  3. So what does everybody actually look like?

    Certainly no need for an apology, I enjoy being the centre of attention so it's not a problem (The Hitler pic was my desktop picture for a while) Just highlighting the downside of not being able to post under an anon. I should have done the different account thing but didn't think to do so.
  4. Been extremely busy so stayed off online, if affects my work being on here far too much. I'm nearly on 30,000 posts now and I can't help but think to myself I could have used this time far more productively.
  5. Only went away for a week..... Glad Brendan Cox was finally outed as a pervert, this was an open secret in Westminster for years, shame obviously given what happened to him but it was frustrating watching him being treated as a saint just because he wife was killed. For what it's worth on Corbyn, I'm sure he does have questions to answer but again with him I'd put it down to him being naive rather sinister, not something that worries me as this is a guy who didnt even know Scotland has a different legal system despite being in parliament for 30 years, if you wanted concrete information on anything he'd be the last man I'd be looking to give it to me. His attack on the press in that video was the most ridiculous thing I've seen and as @Kopfkino said it only made it look like he had something to hide, accuse me of being a communist and warn the press that change is coming, very smart Jezza - you would have sounded and looked less like a communist had you done that video wearing a soppy hat and waving a hammer and sickle. I think the pressure might be starting to show on him, finally. My favourite theory at the minute is that Jeremy Corbyn is a MI5 agent who infiltrated the Labour party in the 70's, it's got completely out of hand and now he hasn't got a clue how to get himself out of it.
  6. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Mainly of course, opening the country up to capitalism. Only you could see 450,000,000 lifted out of poverty because of that and then talk about 60,000,000 being killed under communism and still wonder which system you might think as the best. It's a different issue and argument but China opening itself to the World will have bigger consequences than we can imagine now, tourism alone will start to be restricted as the numbers of them travelling is mammoth now and set to increase by a third before 2020, the numbers are going to be astronomical the it's more economic development advances.
  7. So what does everybody actually look like?

    I see it was found I do have to admit I would like some level anonymity back on here (the username wasn't a great choice either) but that obviously can't happen, far too many people know who I am and I must now have 20 F&F who read the place and if ever I say anything they'll know like a shot, I'm sure a few others have the same problem. More importantly though it stopped me making contributions I really wanted to make in the gambling addiction and depression threads, I was desperate to make some comments and give some examples of my personal circumstances but I just couldn't do itr because it would have meant it being broadcast to people in "real life"! who I didn't want to know about it. I did sent a few PM's to people but I do wonder if my words and experience could have helped any lurkers etc and it's a bit of a regret of mine.
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 68 seconds  
  9. Pyeongchang 2018 - Winter Olympics

    I remember claiming to my old cricket coach when I kept getting out caught at gully of bad luck and he said "if it happens consistently, it's isn't bad luck" - she seems to have a problem with this and judging from her interviews I'm not sure she has the mental strength to beat it.
  10. Mahrez being booed?

    It was from the away end.
  11. Why not answer my question and tell me what I said was wrong? Last couple of weeks you have sided with the rich protectionist Tories, don't get upset because I point that out and now you back a system that is tried and tested to give an advantage to the wealthy who want to go to Uni.
  12. Bloody hell. If you are confused about my politics Rog/Moose/Bunk/Frank/Chandler how do you think I feel about you? 5 personas that we know of, two left, two right and one a libertarian - least I'm consistent.
  13. President Trump & the USA

    It was the BBC who described him as a Scientist on the link I provided, apologies.
  14. Conspiracy Theory

    Moronic post and grossly offensive to people who are genuinely working hard to cure cancer. Stop smoking spliffs if it does this to you. Aside from the obvious point if they found a cure it would be the biggest money earner any company has ever created, almost every major government and medicinal scientist in the World would have to be in on this. Ludicrous.
  15. another school shooting

    Nikolas Cruz? Hispanic surely? Or do they become white as soon as they shoot up a school? If he is a white supremacist he has a strange dress sense.