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  1. President Trump & the USA

    https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/saudis-were-on-brink-of-going-to-war-with-qatar-say-president-trump-s-aides-bwfx3b7wf Get the feeling this might have been bigger news had it been Obama.
  2. Who wouldn't want to see Toni Duggan in the shower? Beats being moaned at by Ebola Pants Aluko.
  3. North Korea

    The irony of nothing has escaped me, I've long argued Blair should be held to account for the evidence he presented to parliament and still believe he should. Although are you saying because of the Iraq war we now turn a blind eye to everything in the World? Because if you are that's a moronic way of looking at things. If you have made mistakes in the past it should still not stop you doing what you believe is right in the future.
  4. North Korea

    No, I was just making the point that there is no dictator comparable to the current North Korean leader. It isn't the responsibility of the UN to effect regime change, it is however the responsibility of the UN to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, some of these things are certainly happening there. There actually are some reports that people have been genocided in North Korea - http://time.com/2896976/north-korea-genocide/ I agree with you on the last point though.
  5. North Korea

    What the **** has it got to do with us? We are a permanent member of the UN security council, are you suggesting we totally shirk our responsibility to the World?
  6. It's worth stating again that the FA said nothing had changed with regards to the alledged comments to the players, they still accept the result of the independent investigation and there was no evidence to confirm Sampson had made the comments to Aluko and the other player. He has been sacked purely on what happened at Bristol City. It does seem to stink though, any accusation of a racist comment these days and you have to prove yourself innocent rather than the other way around.
  7. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-economy-budget/uk-posts-smallest-august-budget-deficit-in-10-years-sale-tax-revenues-strong-idUKKCN1BW11Q Extremely good news for the country and the chancellor, whisper it quietly but the country is now just starting to head towards getting back into a half decent financial position.
  8. President Trump & the USA

  9. You could also argue this point the other way around, it's bizarre how many remainers who are happy to see decision making taken away from the British government then complain about the influence of the HoL. For what it's worth I think the Lords should be abolished, everything about it is wrong from having bishops in it affecting law to it being unelected.
  10. North Korea

    Which other dictator imprisons his own citizens in the way Kim does? Even Cubans can at least apply to go away now.
  11. Fox News, Breitbart etc are private enterprises. They aren't funded by what is effectively a tax on the whole population. The BBC is and that's why they are going to held to account.
  12. I think you could do with seeing a doctor and seeking some help, writing stuff like this really isn't normal behaviour.
  13. I couldn't care less what you think of me. There were lies on both sides in the referendum. You seem to have not bothered to mention those told by the remain campaign. Where was the emergency budget, the immediate 300,000 job losses, the refugee camps arriving in Kent etc etc - all bullshit also intended to swing a vote. But the point stands, the BBC is supposed to be independent, the idea they get a pass because you don't like Nigel Farage is laughable.
  14. Yet again you seem to completely misread what I'm saying, you do this everytime. I said the BBC should be neutral, not that it is. I have made no comment at all about Farage bring squeaky clean. Everyone should be outraged when news organisations make things up.
  15. Why on earth would Farage be independent? He's a politician, he isn't going to be, it's as stupid asking for an apology off him as me wanting an apology off Corbyn for his lies on various things. The BBC is supposed to be an independent news organisation, they aren't there to make up stuff for political purposes. That's the difference, I cannot believe some people don't get this.