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  1. Still makes me chuckle that the "Liberal Democrats" main policy in the last election was overturning a democratic decision with a leader who thought gay sex was a sin.
  2. Great shame, a proper boozer. We played a pool league match there about ten years ago and we stopped the game as a stripper came in for an old boy's 80th and they needed to use the table for the show
  3. I don't see the BP getting 40% - anything above the UKIP vote share in 2015 would be a decent result for a party that didn't exist a few weeks ago. No idea on the latter, my instinct is the Labour vote share would go up on the whole but as I've said before, in a general election could cost them a lot of seats in towns and areas outside the M25. Nothing except a proper Brexit. It's a bit more than a protest vote though, I'd imagine many leavers are absolutely aghast we are taking part in these elections nearly three years after we voted to leave the EU. They are necessary choice - Battens UKIP cannot be the only Eurosceptic choice for millions of people who want one.
  4. Change UK announce Stephen Dorrell and Rachel Johnson as candidates. Still waiting to see what this "change" is they want to see.
  5. She's a decent polemicist and that can only be a good thing for the party itself. I don't know much about Labour candidacy but the selection of Lord Adonis surely hints at pro-remain - he bizzarly appears to have called for leavers not to not to vote for the Labour party. The words of someone there who has never been elected. I expect the Brexit party to win and the Labour party to finish second but as long as the Conservative party gets hammered in these I don't care that much, it that speeds up May's departure then great.
  6. Claire Fox standing for the Brexit party, big surprise. Good pick up for them that - can't have this party turning into one where it's all right leaning leavers. Need a big push to pull the 5 million Labour voters backed Brexit as well.
  7. Even if you did I'd still eat meat. I've got the biggest leg of lamb this side of Cardiff I'm about to steam into, I was covered in blood just getting it into the oven.
  8. MattP


    Get well my friend
  9. It's a serious stretch though isn't it, our weakest players are not that bad and one mentioned not in the Arsenal side is Vardy. We are the same amount of points behind Arsenal as Cardiff are behind us - we would be pissing ourselves if the taffs were saying six of there players would get in our teams.
  10. Repulsive, shit stirring post? Get a grip of yourself and stop the hyperbole - it was relevant to the discussion you were having and Nawaz whether you like it or not is a pretty influenctial commentator and his opinion on it is worth reading. I don't see anything wrong with what he has done at all, it's totally fair to contrast and compare quotes from the same people on similar events - he's pointing out the inconsistency of them and he's right to do so. I don't understand what comments from Corbyn etc has to do with those people whose hypocrisy he is exposing on this particular issue. (Clinton and Obama both using "Easter Worshippers" is quite strange tbh, why not just say Christians?) He goes into it in a bit more detail on his radio show - feel free to ring him up and take him to task if you genuinely think he's a hate spreading scumbag. https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/maajid-nawaz/world-leaders-sri-lanka-christchurch-attack/
  11. It's bloody weird to be honest. No idea why anyone would have one.
  12. Wrong side of bed again this morning Alf? I don't see a single problem with what he has done there - he's picked three high profile politicians and compared and contrasted the reactions from both attacks. He hasn't saught out individual ones, he's comparing, which is completely fair when making this judgement. As for it being "misinformation" - he's actually posted the tweets from them its there in black and white. That doesn't change just because you can find quotes from different leaders who have connected it Christianity, maybe those leaders are being consistent whereas Obama, Clinton and May aren't? When the liberal moderate Muslims like Nawaz are being described as hate spreaders by white westerners for an opinion we really do have no hope.
  13. You think Maajid Nawaz is a hatred promoting scumbag? Wow. I honestly don't know what to say to that, he's probably the most respected liberal Muslim commentator out there at this point in time and I'd even be tempted vote Lib Dem if he was my local candidate - outrageous slander to call someone as brave as him with what he has been through this.
  14. Maajid Nawaz also seems to agree there is a difference the way we compare these things...
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