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  1. MattP


    SNP on for 50+ seats again in Scotland. On this Tories hold 4-5 and Labour/Lib Dems 2-3 each - could also see Swinson lose her seat
  2. The only people I'm becoming convinced are funded by oil companies are Extinction Rebellion. It's the only logical solution to this.
  3. MattP


    Corbyn's mouthpiece Bastani now think clubs are paying 190 billion for footballers No wonder they think they can actually do all this.
  4. Sounds like you missed the last episode of Breaking Bad
  5. MattP


    First time I've looked at her and thought how frail she is as well. Wonder if Prince Phillip is now on the verge of departing, that will take a lot out of her.
  6. MattP


    So polling hasn't moved since referendum day then? Didn't Yougov have it 52-48 Remain on June 22nd 2016?
  7. MattP


    The FTA should be very easy. Donald Tusk is on record as saying he wants one that is wide ranging and containing zero tariffs. Nothing wrong with what Liam Fox said at all. https://www.politico.eu/article/brexit-negotiation-donald-tusk-should-be-as-special-as-possible/
  8. Once had a night out with him on Broad Street - he got absolutely shitfaced and started shouting "I'm the animal Evans" with his arms outstretched at everyone. Total nutter.
  9. MattP


    Yep. It's crazy we've now just decided we can load as much debt onto ourselves as we wish without a care in the World. If you can't beat em join em!
  10. MattP


    A lot of possible hyperbole and hypotheticals here - it's looking like a deal is going to be brought back for a start after weeks on end of the anti-Boris mob claiming he had no intention of even negotiating for one. And Labour were overspending, even after years of a booming economy largely based on private credit we were still running budget deficits throughout the 2000's, they didn't cause the crash obviously - but it was still pretty reckless to never have an intention of running a surplus even in the most fruitful times. But that's an old argument we've redone over and over again.
  11. MattP


    Of course, I've never denied that. That isn't what the post I replied to said. He said we would have left had the ERG voted for it and that's a myth often spouted even by presenters on the BBC, but it's simply not true.
  12. Jesse being fat was ridiculous given he was supposed to have been living in a cage previously.
  13. MattP


    Fake news, totally false. Actually watch or listen to some in depth political shows. Theresa May's deal lost by 58 votes on its final attempt to pass through parliament, 24 members of the ERG went against it. So even if the whole ERG voted for it it still didn't pass parliament, stop parroting untrue clichés that you've read in the Guardian.
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