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  1. Conceding that goal to make it 3-2 and you just know its gonna be squeaky bum time until we concede a late equaliser from a scramble after a corner, which will made it feel like we lost despite actually being quite good. But then Praet does that!! Fantastic roller coaster game. Looked good going forward, but Ndidi and Justin and their positioning in their new positions caused us to look very suspect defensively. 

  2. Had to watch a replay. That was a solid and controlled performance.


    Big shout out to Mendy, who I thought was our best player in the game. Constantly made himself available for a pass for his teammates and had an overall solid game with assured passing and good defensive work. Very impressive and by far the best I have ever seen from him.


    JJ also needs a mention. Looked a bit dodgy with his positioning at times and got caught out a few times and had to take a yellow. But then he also had a part in all 3 goals and a massive block towards the end. We got some player in the making here don't we? 


    What a great way to start the season. 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Matt said:

    After 2.5/3 years of trying to implement this style I pray you havn't only just realised this.

    Nah. My main frustrations with our team is the lack of off the ball movement to give the ball carrier 2-3 options constantly. We just do not work hard enough. Another frustration is clearing the ball into areas where opposition have the best chance to win the ball. 

  4. Am I being a complete muppet or does it no say how long this long term contract is?


    Love the promise he showed in the last few games, but his inexperience did show in the Spurs game. Not quite there yet, but a lot of promise to build on. Especially his crossing and forward play seems encouraging. His contract was up after this season I think, so wonderful to get him tied down. 

  5. Were obviously hoping, we could rinse Chelsea like we did Man Utd with Maguire, but 50 million still sounds like a pretty decent deal for a leftback, who is definitely decent and has great potential, but also frustrates us immensely. I like seeing players coming through our academy becoming regulars in our team, especially now when we are actually among the 10 best sides in the country, so in that regard it is a shame to see him go.


    But on the other hand, Barnes will become beastmode this season when he and Chillwell will not misunderstand each other all the time down that left side. 

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  6. We are injury ravaged and played against an elite team with some of the most expensive players in world football in their line up. Their scary fast and free scoring attacking players live of quick transition attacks, which give them space and is also part of the reason they get so many penalties. We learned last week how world class strikers can hurt you in space, so I have absolutely no problem with our gameplan and I thought that we handled the game really well until we made the mistake and got punished. Kelechi had the ball at his feet in 2 very good counter attack situations and wasted both; Ndidi had a free shot at the edge for their box and skyed over as usual, Vardy came close from a cross and hit the bar with a looping header; Barnes shooting straight at De Gea; Morgan hitting air free in the box and Gray wasting 2 freekicks in promising positions. We created enough, but the quality was missing.





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