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  1. The Liverpool coverage this season... :nigel: One hour prematch TV studio before our game against Chelsea and it is all about Liverpool. They even had the Liverpool throw-in coach (because he is Danish) on for a discussion instead on having a closer look at Leicester and Chelsea. Can't wait for Liverpool to finally win this thing, so we can all move on. Christ.

  2. 1 hour ago, Oxfordfox83 said:

    Serious question: why is that better?

    For example Dean could tell VAR that he saw the ball hit the players arm, but the ball was hit so fast, he didn't think it was worthy of a pen. The VAR room could confirm this and not overrule it. If Dean could see the situation a second time, he might see it a bit differently and change his mind. 


    Obviously proper black and white decisions like a clear offside or something should just be called by the VAR room, but corner cases like defensive handballs and minimal contact pens, I would like the on field ref to a have second look.

  3. 1 hour ago, Oxfordfox83 said:


    Takes ages. If it’s clear and obvious the video ref should have the balls to call it.


    I hate the monitor, can’t imagine the ego a ref would need to think they ought to use it. The bizarre message is “only I have the wisdom and insight to interpret the rules for this situation”. Ridiculous.


    Just put someone competent in the VAR lounge, remove the restrictions on what they can and can’t overturn, and start getting decisions right!

    It did not take ages in the german game. Its better that the ref actually gets a second look, as he can compare it to what he think he saw. 

  4. Just saw Hamburg SV-Nürnberg on the telly. Nürnberg with a similar handball to the Villa one; ref called to the monitor; watched once or twice and then gave the pen. So efficient and this is 2nd tier german football.


    Why don't the refs in England use that flippin monitor to see for themselves? It makes no sense.

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