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  1. 2 minutes ago, jammie82uk said:

    Obviously the club don’t think so as they are only opening half the stadium 

    They usually do that for cup games and see how demand goes. We managed 15k against Burton as a Championship team, surely now with us playing some great football and people desperate to watch us we'll get a healthy crowd?

  2. 2 minutes ago, Poznan34 said:

    I can't believe the difference in opinion on him between LCFC fans and the general public. 


    In Leicester he has demigod like status, but everyone else in the country thinks he's a weird boring manager who said that thing about ostriches. 

    But we've studied his every move and watched his team for six years. I'm sure if you asked QPR and Cardiff fans about Neil Warnock they'd give you a different answer to us and most other sets of fans. We think Holloway was a clown but Blackpool fans no doubt adore him.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Sianist said:

    Arsenal forums are highly schizophenic... half believes that they’ll do a Leeds and relegate, half seem to think they’re just a stroke of luck from getting third behind liverpool and ManCity

    As usual, the truth is somewhere in between- they'll probably finish around 6th this season then challenge for top 4 next year. 


    Before having enough of that manager.

  4. 5 hours ago, Koke said:

    How are Arsenal fans deluded for not wanting their team to sit 10th? It's no wins in 9. How are they deluded for not wanting to watch that garbage? There would be mass toxicity on here if we sat 10th and hadn't won in 9 and just lost 1-2 at home to Brighton.


    Puel had us 9th-12th and this place was completely toxic. Are our fans entitled ***** as well then?


    The AFTV lads are responding to what they see on the pitch. It's not their fault the club is run like a circus and their players are useless.

    This hasn't happened in the last three months, this has been going on for 5 years when Wenger finishing in the top 4 (and second once) and winning FA Cups and that wasn't good enough. Emery reaching a European final wasn't good enough.


    Yeah, they've a right to be very annoyed now but they were much better than this not so long ago and still the campaigns to change manager grew.


    They are realising what it is like to be a fan of most clubs a lot of the time- it's frustrating, they let you down, they underachieve, they bore you and don't do what you expect- and it is a long way back with hard work. If they are a massive club, they'll recover and get over it.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Manwell Pablo said:




    Also piss off Stringer, easy to preach about staying to the end when you're being paid to do so.

    Given he stays for probably over an hour after the match to do interviews and broadcast on Radio Leicester, he misses the worst of the traffic too.

  6. 1 minute ago, UniFox21 said:

    Wolves having played 4 games more than Liverpool, yet Nuno nor the fans are complaining of their schedule, unlike Klopp. Wolves going quietly about their business 

    Only six points behind Chelsea and after next week have a couple of months away from European football. I wouldn't rule out a top four chase for them.

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  7. 1 hour ago, aefevans said:

    “LeIcEsTeR wInNiNg ThE LeAgUe wAs A fLuKe!!!1!”

    Seriously, though; legit win. Lost to a better side, particularly in the second half. You should have had a penalty in the first. Can we be saved? Whoever gets the job has their work cut out.

    You shouldn't be adrift at the bottom with that team. Foster is a good keeper, Deulofeu, Deeney, Sarr, Capoue, Doucoure should all be able to keep you up.


    Why has it gone wrong, really since reaching the cup final?

  8. Just now, Legend_in_blue said:

    8 points sounds a lot but if they slip up before we meet them and we beat them at home, 8 points becomes 2.  


    It's called optimism.   lol


    Mind you, VAR will no doubt help them out once again.

    Next two are Bournemouth and Watford. We play Man City when they are in Qatar.


    Hopefully we'll make up some points when they don't play but they've got West Ham as a game in hand.

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