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  1. I agree more with Simon Jordan's stance that it shouldn't be a fixed amount but as a percentage of a club's income, but something had to be done. Wages are spiralling out of control (at all levels) and the money won't be available in full for a while yet with the crowd restrictions. Players will still get a relatively good wage even at the lowest level compared to the man on the street and I don't buy all this about a short career- 15/ 20 years is a bloody long career and when that's done, why can't they train for another profession?


    It's not about stifling ambition, it's making sure clubs can cope with their cost levels. It may even bring ticket prices down and get more people through the gate. Clubs will adapt and adjust in the long run.


    The first steps on a positive journey.

  2. Was it a penalty?

    Man Utd 1-0 FC Copenhagen


    Phil Neville

    England Women manager on BBC Radio 5 Live

    Was it a penalty? Yes.

    Would you feel hard-done by as a defender? Yes!

    At first, I thought definite penalty. Then on second glance I thought Anthony Martial made a meal of it. I would be annoyed if I was that centre-back.



  3. 24 minutes ago, Spudulike said:

    Press announcement of the new Bristol City Head Coach at 18:15 today. Looks like Dean Holden who was the sacked managers (Lee Johnson) assistant. Fans in melrdown on OTIB forum as they were expecting Chris Hughton lol

    With this and the Bournemouth choice, I wonder if clubs at that level are deliberately looking for cheaper options given the uncertainty around football presently?

  4. 7 minutes ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

    There’s been a good argument recently that the exclusion / death of the Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Dutch, Danish select teams in one day cricket who’d play the old B&H Trophy has hurt the sport in those countries more than help them. 

    Scotland and Ireland are certainly more professional than they were. But there’s a huge drop off and for example Ireland’s players are now considered overseas players. They need their A teams playing good standard cricket to bring players on

    I think Leicestershire played all those sides in the past 20 years (I certainly remember seeing us play Scotland and Ireland at Grace Road). Scotland came into the one-day league for a few years too. Losing that variety was a real shame for the game, the NatWest Trophy had a brilliant mix of counties, minor counties, board XI's and minor nations.


    Ireland have moved on hugely, the likes of Stirling, Rankin, Porterfield, the O'Brien's, Joyce all had long county careers. The last good Scottish player was Dougie Brown at Warwickshire and that was around 20 years ago.


    On another note, great to see Claude Henderson involved with England. A true warrior in the tough days post Division One from 2004 through the T20 Cup wins.

  5. 19 hours ago, Steve_Walsh5 said:

    Apart from Jimmy Bullard who is a bellend anyway, it’s extremely rare to hear any ex players have a bad word to say about Nigel Pearson. 

    Maybe he's just bullied and headbutted/ chinned them into saying good things? :whistle:


    For such a hothead and weirdo, a lot of supposed pampered, soft footballers seem to think very highly of him. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Footballwipe said:

    What's the programme like these days? I haven't bought a normal league match one for several years now. I saw that they reduced in size and price but no idea on the content/quality?

    I still think they are really good- lots of information on most aspects of the club, good information on the opposition and their manager and not too many naff features/ adverts.


    Well worth the money.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Finnegan said:

    Am I imaging things or do England just not believe in turning up for the first game of a series? Like ever? 


    You'll probably batter them every other game but you seem to start like shit. 

    Pakistan normally seem to trouble us over here, their bowling attack looks very good at the moment.


    Although the drops and missed stumpings in their first innings cost 110, their lead was 107. Our fielding and keeping hasn't been good enough for a long time.

  8. 15 hours ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

    I pointed it out on Twitter.


    SkySportsStatto eventually deleted their tweet.


    Maybe they were referring to "Championship" rather than "First Division" which we were at the time. Or maybe not.

    It's the same division though, just a new name. The Premier League, for example, is a different competition from the old First Division.

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