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  1. 33 minutes ago, FoyleFox said:

    No intention of paying the PPV fees. The disparity between charges for clubs is already apparent and disproportionate. We are at the higher end of the scale for being shafted.




    This was always going to happen. I don't buy the argument that it's cheaper than going to matches too which I've heard- you are one of 30k people going to a stadium with us. Potentially millions could be buying the games on PPV, that is an unlimited market.


    Shit kick-off times and an extra £15 a week for some fans.

  2. It's not necessarily about where we finish, I'm fed up of the lifeless displays we are showing on a regular basis. I fully accept we'll lose but we lose in the limpest way possible. I'm delighted we smack teams and entertain at times but we've really got to cut out the turgid football.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Bellend Sebastian said:

    While I'm sympathetic to current students in as much as they certainly aren't having the university experience they expected or hoped for, the state of these:




    They're not even the first students in LENTON to be hit with the biggest fine

    You have to feel for them, their fun being stopped whilst everyone else is allowed to carry on as normal doing what they want.

  4. I'd argue that a lot of the supposed glamour games in this league have lost their appeal. Does Man United v Arsenal really get the biggest billing now? A few years ago Neville was playing down Liverpool v Man United when it was 6th v 4th. Man City v Arsenal is almost a routine Man City win now, same with Arsenal at Anfield.


    Liverpool v Man City is the big game now, the Manchester derby still has an appeal, the North London derby is usually a good match but even in the top six games you get one-sided, routine wins or unexciting contests between a pair of former heavyweights.

  5. At least we can finally put to bed this notion that cutting domestic games is to help players with their fitness. It is to create space for more European games.


    Amazingly, people were backing the reduction of 20 to 18 in that Big Picture bollocks. For ****s sake, if 38 matches in 40 weeks is too much, what do you want?

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  6. 1 hour ago, Dan LCFC said:

    When did Maddison last do what Barkley did yesterday? Grab the game by the scruff of the neck and win the game?


    He cannot be considered our star player until he's doing things like that. Tielemans is the same. Tielemans hasn't scored from open play in a year.

    Tottenham last season? He played really well against Arsenal too.


    His on-pitch stuff, at times, is more frustrating than his off-pitch. He needs to release the ball quicker, stop turning into trouble and going to ground easily. Off the pitch I think he speaks really well and apparently was very vocal and supportive during the restart when he wasn't playing. And he's pissed off The Sun which should gain plenty of plus points.

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