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  1. 2 minutes ago, Gazza M said:

    Drinkwater is not a Premier level cm any more. So pedestrian. Legs clearly gone. Just trotting round. 

    He just looks like a player who has barely played for two years. Tough enough against Man City and Tottenham with match fitness and game awareness, without it is a different level of difficulty.

  2. If I'm honest, if the goal had been given it wouldn't have bothered me too much, it's not a massive thing.


    But, if you're going to bring in the technology to get the right decision, use it. However annoying or sapping the offsides might be, they've at least been consistent.

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  3. Paul Ince utterly clueless on BT. "It has to be clear and obvious". It was- it was offside. It is black and white, factual, definite, whatever you want. Clear and obvious would be used on the Choudhury red card or if the Maddison thing in the box was given- offside is offside, however tight.


    Change the offside law if it is that bad, or go back to no video technology and taking the rough with the smooth.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, The Bear said:

    Spot on. Technology is ruining perfectly good goals because the laws aren't fit to support it. Handball rules included. 


    We always get ****ed over by VAR though, and you lot usually come up smelling of roses! 

    Blame your club mate, we all voted for this. This was all agreed to at the start of the season.

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