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  1. I enjoy it because I'm now waiting after hearing it for them to apologise through being told by a producer or whoever. Whenever Leeds are on (most weeks), just wait until the sound suddenly drops as SKY TV IS FVCKING SHIT is blared out.
  2. Vardy, Ricardo and Gray will be back, wouldn't be surprised to see Maguire play too.
  3. Disagree. That includes Mahrez, Kante, Drinkwater and Huth. The main team is decent, the squad disjointed.
  4. Do we? Maddison and Ricardo have been good additions but Mahrez going loses significant quality. Ricardo replaced a player who shouldn't be starting anyway. Mendy has done ok so he's a plus but we still have many issues within the squad. I think a fit and firing first eleven should be challenging for 8th at least. Go beyond that eleven and we are still lacking. Only ourselves to blame.
  5. We've only played there twice in the league in about 30 years, haven't we?
  6. Crap result. Only positive is that we won't have days of pundits saying how it was revenge for Ranieri to beat us.
  7. Steve McManaman has just said on BT that we play more entertaining football than Man United
  8. We knew you'd turn eventually, Geoff.
  9. Not particularly successfully, didn't we have a poor midweek record for a few years?
  10. I really don't like midweek games, injuries that probably would be ok for the next weekend haven't healed, "rest" and rotation and it is all disjointed. Not excusing this, however.
  11. We need a younger version of Vardy really, someone who is five years younger or so. Vardy is going to lose his sharpness and seems to be picking up niggling injuries. Okazaki works hard but doesn't offer enough threat, Iheanacho just hasn't worked. As has been said before, we have a lot of players and are still light in lots of positions.
  12. Squad isn't good enough. Don't have enough variety in the goals. Desperately need a new striker in January to complement Vardy.
  13. I'm sure he wouldn't be slating him if results were better.
  14. Watford with more shots on target v Man City than us
  15. He won't. Fans aren't going to take to him even if he delivers 7th or a cup. The default reaction is negative so any poor result and the Puel Out threads will be buzzing on here. He isn't going to win the sceptics over, he just needs to keep getting results.
  16. Couple of different teams potentially, Wrexham would have the bigger allocation I reckon?
  17. And the media need to realise that the club changes through time and what might've been acceptable a few years ago isn't now. Doesn't matter what league you are in, if you are losing games regularly fans get fed up because we don't want to struggle. Would it be unfair to sack Dyche? Possibly. Should they keep him out of blind loyalty? Absolutely not. No manager should be given a free ride at a club regardless of results.
  18. Hopefully they'll bring out half and half cheer sticks soon.
  19. Top 6 goal tallies- 35, 33, 22, 41, 32, 32. Pulis stands out even when doing well
  20. Managers aren't allowed on the field during the game, are they?
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