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  1. No, it shouldn't. I just don't believe people should get excited for a big name or a leftfield choice when he does go. If I'm wrong then I'll gladly say so.
  2. He wouldn't be here if they'd played for Ranieri throughout his second season and not put in appalling displays after the initial bounce under Shakespeare.
  3. No idea. But the same people who appointed Puel will appoint the next one. If Puel was the best they could get, or the one they wanted, do you hold out hope for anything much better, on paper? Sacking him is half the issue.
  4. This started two years ago when they decided to not bother with away games in 2016/17, got away with it and it hasn't really changed from then. Puel wouldn't be here if the players had bothered and not just given up playing football in the New Year. Puel doesn't help himself with his decisions and his style of play but that shouldn't mean the players are exonerated and can hide behind the manager who will take all the criticism. I'm just bored and have been for the best part of two and a half years. Yes, nothing will match the title win but under successive managers we'
  5. We've got other Puel threads, most likely.
  6. If we're in a relegation battle then that's good, surely?
  7. The worrying truth. We shouldn't be better at the back with two players who are 31 and 34 and have so little mobility.
  8. It will be the squad who decide his fate. The thing is, we aren't in serious trouble (yet). We are just an average team. Results haven't been horrendously bad (our longest losing run is two) so they won't sack him based on that currently. My concern is that we'll go on a bad run, then panic. If the people in charge have real issues they should act soon.
  9. It's all going to end one way and that is the manager going. Just when that will be I've no idea. I don't anticipate a significant improvement under the next man but this just isn't working.
  10. Sugar drones on, doesn't he? "I'll tell you why you and your plan is shit, then I'll do it again, and for a third time" Fvcking get on with it, man.
  11. They finished with half the points they managed last season whilst in a group with Real Madrid and Dortmund.
  12. This mid-table stuff is riveting. Down to 10th, then back to 9th.
  13. How can you blame him for not having assists? He can't make the other player put the ball in the net.
  14. Adverts ruining good songs by getting a bunch of warbling, droning kids to sully them. Current favourite is You Get What You Give by New Radicals being given this treatment by Sainsbury's (some school play or something).
  15. Geoff, I was merely making the point that stats can be used to suit an argument. Let's take Pearson's great escape- was it 7 wins in 9 or 9 wins in 33? My bigger issue is that the past three managers have all had very similar points returns from their first 8 or so games yet two of them have slipped back after the initial improvement and even Ranieri, a title winner, had a truly abysmal spell before he left. Do the players not respond after a while? Do the managers change? Maybe we should appoint a manager for 8 games, get the 16/17 points they manage then replace them?
  16. People are losing their heads because we're dull to watch at the moment. I dread to think what this place would be like if we were in the bottom three right now.
  17. Aren't the players given a say in how things operate?
  18. Not really given how crap we are. Anyway, Benitez wanting VAR for that red card- I think it would've stood. He was in on goal.
  19. Yep. O'Neill had some shocking individual results, fans will always complain about poor performances and defeats no matter who the manager is.
  20. Which also gets you into the Europa League if you win it. If we want to be successful (either winning a cup or finishing 7th), the Europa League will follow.
  21. We beat Tottenham and Arsenal at home last season yet lost to Crystal Palace and West Ham and that didn't stop the criticism after those games. Losing to teams below us whilst beating a top team now and then isn't going to improve our position greatly.
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