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  1. If we lose tomorrow, there certainly won't be an end-of-season blase reaction.
  2. We don't actually claim it was the biggest shock in football history. It was the media.
  3. The annoying thing for me about the perception of the title win is the belief that we did it winning 1-0 most weeks whilst Tottenham swept everyone aside. They scored 1 more goal than us. We were thrilling to watch until the New Year, then had a slight dip before regaining form and seeing it through. We deserved it and were clear winners.
  4. Many thanks to the BBC for sticking it on at 6.30pm on a Sunday night. Of course it was the only win amid a ten-game spell of league dross.
  5. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/vardy-cambiasso-england-colombia-world-1730672 Vardy v Cambiasso Part 2, AND IT'S LIVE
  6. Radio Leicester post-match phone-in staple every week between 2004 and 2008.
  7. I know why he did it but I don't think it's right that some teams can be excused (those in a relegation battle especially, being crap shouldn't mean you give up on the cups) and others can't. Puel has been criticised and correctly so. Surely it is worth doing well in for everyone?
  8. I was convinced we'd win the Cup in 2001, that defeat still hurts to this day. Might well've been youthful naivety but we could've capped six amazing years with another cup, the bigger of the two and even a top six finish (we had many winnable games towards the end of that season, especially at home).
  9. Klopp should get criticised if they go out, the league can't be an excuse for some and not for others.
  10. Given all bar one have to have won it since 2004 have been foreign, I reckon so. Is Neil Warnock being slagged off for playing a weakened team? Eddie Howe? Or does being crap in the league, as opposed to competent, automatically excuse you?
  11. We had posts on here saying the Champions League group wasn't exciting enough, God knows what would be made of this.
  12. Pearson was slated after the Huddersfield cup games, plenty believe we started to fall away because of him making changes.
  13. It is worse after victories. I can understand the reaction today but people seemed pissed off that we'd won.
  14. The players have to take plenty of responsibility today. They missed some great chances that you'd expect them to score and gave away an inexplicable penalty. These are international players, Premier League players who are missing from 6 yards, mis-hitting shots and sticking arms up in the box. It's concerning that it appears we have to select the same team every week (and even then carrying a couple of players) because the back-ups are at an even lower level.
  15. Eddie Howe gives about as much interest in the cups as Puel does.
  16. Oh well, at least it will be chilled out on here from now on if the results mean nothing.....
  17. 5th, and it was a home quarter-final.
  18. The BBC's coverage was very confusing. They desperately (apart from Lineker) wanted a shock and that is understandable but were just as annoyed that we'd made changes which probably enhanced that opportunity. If a club plays it's full strength side, the shock element all but disappears. So what do they want? Another game like Friday's? if you want shocks and stories, put up with the squad rotation.
  19. And yet after that game I heard someone say they were annoyed he'd played a weakened team for that match ahead of a the next league game! Just goes to show that managers will come in for criticism however well they are doing.
  20. Wycombe will always be the worst for me. Home game, 5th in the league, just beaten Liverpool and a quarter-final too (with plenty of players with cup winning experience). That day, and the ramifications of it, will be etched in the club for a long time. Today shouldn't have the same impact despite the abject nature of it.
  21. It depends now on how strained the relationship with the players is. That will be the deciding factor.
  22. We did, in 2012. It was in a season where we little consistency in the league and the manager was under pressure. How times change.
  23. Goal aside, nowhere near the worst player. Wanted to get involved and make things happen.
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