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  1. Probably not where he was last year in terms of form. However, he is like a lot of our squad still a young player and inconsistency should be expected. He’ll get it back, we just need to keep behind him.
  2. The difference was a Centre midfielder picking the ball up 25 yards out and pulling out something extra-ordinary to win a tight affair. Their best centre midfielder was sat on the bench dreaming of Madrid. Silly silly boy is Townsend.
  3. All these young boys being touted by the apparent big boys. They need to show their worth here first. So much talent apparently, should be getting us to Europe before their “big” moves.
  4. Anyone remember the Norwich game he came on for ? 2-0 down, on came Emile, changed the game and scored the winner. O’Neil joined a few days later and the rest is history. Loved him. Always wanted the Joachim/Heskey partnership to blossom but it never did.
  5. One of my favourite players growing up. Can not believe he is now over 50!! Makes me feel really old.
  6. Read this article this morning and was a bit sad. Danny played crucial role for us not only in our 2016 title win but was our star player in our championship title. His passing ability was excellent. When he left for Chelsea I thought we got a good deal but certainly not as a good as a deal as it looks now. He seems to have lost all focus with respect to football but I hope he finds that again. A Leicester legend who had some great years down here. I remember that pass to send Vardy through in the 3-1 win at Man City as pure class. That’s the Danny that got us a 35m fee.
  7. Madders has done more in the last year then Ox, Mount and Barkley put together. Southgate May have got us to the WC semi but he is inept if he truly believes any of those three deserved to sit above Madders in selection.
  8. Learn from the Chelsea game and expect a fast start from United. If we can hold them off for their 20 mins blitz and grow into the game, we could get a result.
  9. Yeah, I see what you’re saying but I don’t think it was the wrong decision just the execution which was missing. His thought process today I thought was spot on from numerous previous occasions where he’d take a 25 yard strike rather then playing it simple. Got me out my seat today three times which was very promising.
  10. That was my point mate. 😂 reference to Lennon was to emphasise a previous time in history that we had lost an important player to the system/squad. You could also reference Kante. In my opinion, losing Vardy will surpass all of those.
  11. We did well but I don’t think we have hit top gear yet which bodes well for the next few months. Cags was outstanding and Vardy is still a machine.
  12. The guy looks world class. Has me thinking if we have actually upgraded. Long way to go yet but early signs are very good.
  13. When Vardy does finally leave, we will feel it more than Lennon leaving all those years ago. That’s how important he is. The talisman.
  14. What was wrong with his decision making today ? I thought he got them right today.
  15. Also, if you look at Rodgers at Liverpool at the start of 2013, it took them a bit of time to look really good going forward. If I remember rightly, at the start they were showing glimpses and getting results but it was until Jan that they really looked a hell of a force going forward.
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