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  1. If true, is it really a bad thing ? If we qualify for the europa, that probably is our level. Our squad has struggled with two domestic cups in which we advanced to the later stages and maintaining our league position. We are not a champions league squad/team yet. We may lose one or two in the summer as a result and will probably have to change a few of our targets but if we can’t qualify for champs league via the top 4 position, without being reliant on a ban of another team, we should not be in the competition.
  2. Realistically, we now need to look down rather then up. This will probably be wrapped up before the last game with United and Chelsea clear of 5th. Wolves will react after two poor results and we might win one of the next three. I’m hopeful we get a good result against spurs. Need to ensure we don’t fall below 5th. We’ve done ok this year but the squad plays a part and our squad isn’t good enough yet. It has an effect. Slow building to improve each year without losing to many key players.
  3. Realistically, we knew villa wouldn’t beat these. 1 point, we have three winnable games before them. It’s still in our hands. Like it’s been for the vast majority of thebseason
  4. Great day. Claridge really was a good signing for us. Scored important goals and did the role next to Emile before TC. I always remember him being our main goal threat in the first year back in the premier. A quick google search and in the 96/97 season he scored 11 league goals and 14 in all competitions. That is a good return for a striker leading a newly promoted side - we sold him in the summer, anyone remember why ?
  5. This is exactly what is wrong with Arsenal. You play for Arsenal. ARSENAL. Would you see guys like Adams, Henry, Viera etc. Putting up comments like this after a 1-1. Never. They would be fuming with themselves for not getting the win, against anybody. Such weak individuals at that club that steal a living. They did the same after the 2-1 against us with the daft picture. Such a poor mentality.
  6. Just listening to Arteta’s interview again. He mentions something that puts a smile on my face. “When you play against this opposition, when you have them, you have to kill them.” As a Leicester fan, we should take immense pride from that. He classes us in that level of opposition that you don’t always dominate but if you do, you need to capitalise or they will hurt you. After our title win, results against the traditional big clubs would usually lead to players/managers saying “with all do respect...” meaning its Leicester, we should have these. Get top 4 lads, keep this pride.
  7. I hate games like this in the evening. It takes ****ing ages for the adrenaline to leave the system and I can’t get to sleep. Feel a lot better after that result. We grounded out a point and that is a positive step for this young team missing three key players.
  8. Must MUST win. Anything less and we’ve cocked it up. This and Sheff U game have to be put away with three points in the bag. I feel good after today. That extra point puts us again in a better position. Just don’t **** it up.
  9. Arteta, showing he was never involved in top end football before. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve don’t add points to the total. Goals and wins do. Grow up man.
  10. Great decision To be honest, I thought that as well at the time when they slowed it up but fine margins etc and we needed one to go our way after Kelechi’s goal was ruled out because the guy stood in front of him.
  11. Not good enough for where we want to go. They knew it, they attacked him all night.
  12. Business end of the season. Every point counts. It isn’t at Arsenal away that you secure qualification in the top 4. It’s Bournemouth and Sheff United which matter. However we got it, we didn’t lose, we didn’t let arsenal close the gap and we added one more to the total. United will keep winning, we just need to make sure that we do the same for the next two games and that’s the difference between this being a good or bad point.
  13. Bennett is just not good enough. Not if we want to challenge teams like this.
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