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  1. The Mee handball is identical to the Soyuncu pen against Liverpool
  2. We should’ve walked away with three points here. Very disappointing result and performance. Granted it was better than the Southampton game but when you consider our aspirations this season, we’ve not been good enough since the Everton game even though we’ve managed to get results in some of those games. If we do not beat West Ham, there will be some real pressure on. Man City, Chelsea and Wolves to come, 11 points doesn’t look as large it use to.
  3. Anything less than 3 points here is a disaster. Poor again from Leicester.
  4. Bit of the Kelechi with Kaputska. Not worked for him but he does have technical ability. If Brendan can unearth that, he could really have a future.
  5. Cresswell is not a good player at all. Especially not for a team with Champions league aspirations. He is barely lower league prem level. Digne is a class act.
  6. A positive news story for us. We might have enquired alongside a number of left backs, this one just made the papers. The club knows Chilwell is attracting interest so instead of sitting still, they prepare in case he does go. It seems to be our new, very good philosophy.
  7. I see this and the West Ham game after as key games for our season. We need to take 6 points. As after, we have the fa cup and carabao cup games before playing wolves, Chelsea and Man City - a tough run where if we are not on our game our 11 point lead could look precarious. Win and win it well please. Let’s get back to basics.
  8. We played poorly. Really really poor today but it’s not the end of the world. Let’s be frank, every team has a bad run at some point of the season. Liverpool last year threw away a large gap at the top of the league due to a mediocre run. The face is that we haven’t looked at the races since the Watford game. We just need to ride it out. Injuries, loss of form etc. Will happen. We’ll get back to the standard we were at, we just need to learn how to grind out results until then.
  9. For the Jamie, the issue is that he was not treated well during his last international tournament. He was our second best striker but was given minimum time to show his threat in comparison to Rashford. For example, the Croatia game where Southgate chose Rashford to come on over him. Vardy was far more proven then Rashford at the time and the decision was disappointing but it shows the thought process of Southgate when in comes to player selection. The bigger traditional club player is always first in comparison to the proven player who may play for a smaller club. At 32, rest time for Vardy is key to him being an effective club player. He doesn't need to be wasting his resting time sitting on a bench being overlooked for players with a worse league record than him. Would I like to see Vardy at the next international ? Yes, of course. Do I want to see Vardy going to a tournament to make up numbers - of course not. While Southgate is manager, I think he is better off staying retired.
  10. We started off ok and then they got the goal and it really knocked us off our stride. Second half, we dominated but were playing against 11 men behind the ball. Vardy has two decent chances, the second he did really well to turn into a great chance by taking it so early. I think starting with the three in midfield was an error, we had no one covering Grealish and it left us open for his runs. Brendan, credit to him, picked that up straight away and change it at half time. Tie lemons and Chillwell are out of form and it’s effecting their decision making. I also think this young side needs to learn (and they will do) how to play in biggish games. It will come as at times we look like LCFC 2012/2013 where we play great stuff but when the pressures on, we struggle to know what to do. That team learnt from experience (albeit served in the harshest way) and this team just needs time to learn the same lesson Overall, I’m disappointed we have drawn but we are far better than Villa and at their place I doubt they’ll set up so defensively. If they attack, we’ll have more space so I’m confident we will score.
  11. Strongest possible side on Wednesday. We should be aiming to win by as much as possible which will put us in good stead for the return leg.
  12. Anyone but Liverpool and Man City please. Domestic cup double and champions league qualification this season 😀
  13. It would be nice once we do expand if we could properly name each individual stand. When the stadium first opened it coincided with administration/ relegation and that put a bit of downer on the process. I think one will be after Vichai and it will be good if the others take up names after Leicester greats or which have significance close to the heart of fans.
  14. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him move on loan to Watford till the end of the season.
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