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  1. Why were no fines handed out ? They're having a sing song and holding hands in the middle of a public park. Fine the thick bastards.
  2. I think the saying you reap what you sow applies to that fool.
  3. It’s very disappointing. Of course, there will be some who agree with it but I’m with you, it doesn’t sit right.
  4. How can anyone watch that and not just laugh.
  5. I always find it weird when the google brigade decide something is true even when qualified professionals dispense with their irrational thought.
  6. I hate playing on BT - I know its not true and just one of my superstitions but I feel we always under-perform on it. That's why I am disappointed the Liverpool games been picked on it.
  7. I remember when the deal was announced Percy’s initial report said fee of £16m. He changed it very soon after. He may have known something but was told to change it.
  8. Who is this (I say with my jaw dropped).
  9. Early reports from the mayor indicate it was caused by a gas leak.
  10. In a normal season, we’d be top at Christmas right ? **** it, merry Christmas lads.
  11. A friend of mine lost his father to a heart attack a month ago. He had tested positive for COVID 19 at least 14 days before the heart attack - he had a negative test and was sent home. The cause of death on the death certificate was COVID 19 (he died within the 28 days of the positive test). The hospitals reasoning is that his heart attack may have been brought on due to the negative impact of having COVID 19 even though at the time of his death, he was not a carrier of the virus.
  12. That felt like as good a result as any that we’ve had this season. Second half, I thought was really good. Keep it up lads.
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