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  1. Always like Impey. Solid player and contributed well. That was a good team under O’Neil.
  2. For me, the public who chose to act like they did today and yesterday cannot blame the Govt for their stupid. We are being treated like adults, the ****ing country is falling apart. Just look at the retail industry. Store after store being closed, no income and still liable for expenditure.Yet, going to ****ing Bournemouth beach really felt like a good idea today ? Seriously? Stay home you morons and eat your 18 bags of pasta.
  3. For those of you in self isolation where your employer is requesting proof. The NHS 111 service of providing such evidence is meant to be up and running.
  4. So true. I don’t understanding the thinking (or lack of) behind it. I mean, these guys have no sense of what they are doing. I do think the spread of stupidity is linked to social media in that it’s given every fool in society a mouthpiece. Don’t get me wrong, the rise and use of social media is vital and plays an important role in daily life, especially in times such as this. In the wrong hands it fuels irrational behaviour. From those putting out the information and those reading and not verifying it. Where has basic thought and research gone ?We do not have a food crisis. We have a good a good supply. We have elderly, disabled and those not with lump sum savings who can hoard food, that need servicing (arguably) first. However, because Karen 33 and Mark 32 thought it best they increase their rice supply from 0 to 10 “just in case” we have now created a problem we didn’t need!
  5. Just going to have a mini rant about these utter morons who are buying in excess and putting the country at further risk. You’re all idiotic ninkumpoops. The end.
  6. Perhaps check the guidance on this.
  7. Whose advised your GF to isolate? If it’s 111, they have to send you a notification confirming that and your employer has to accept that.
  8. You’re in a difficult position. Without seeing the contract, I would expect terms within that allow the builder to delay or even terminate in case of events outside of their control. I’ve spent most of today (right until about half hour ago!) advising some clients on this current predicament and to be honest, like most other lawyers, I have no ****ing clue how it will go. One client I spoke to today, I was advising them just ten days ago on a potential multi million pound takeover. Today, our conversation centred around how to keep their staffed paid!! Anyway, back to your situation. The contract will have three things in it that you need clarified by your solicitor. 1. The force majeur clause. 2. The funder step in clause. 3. The determination and remedies clause. From the above three options, ask your solicitor what the “trigger” aspect is of all three. So, taking clause 1, it’s a real buzz word clause at the moment but these clauses are very heavily negotiated. Ask, does it include notifiable diseases (which if it does, it will work in the builders favour). Once you understand clearly from your solicitor what is contained in these clauses, you’ll better understand what to do - feel free to DM me if you want more explanation. Conveyancing contracts are pretty straightforward. They exchange and there is (or should be) a set completion date. If that completion date is missed, the non-defaulting party serves a “notice to complete”. That notice lasts 10 working days, if completion cannot occur due to the defaulting party - you can terminate and the 10% deposit is owed back to you. The only concern is, if the builder goes through insolvency, the contract still triggers termination (or should do, again, ask your solicitor) but it then becomes a chase to get your 10% before it goes into the blackhole. To safeguard this, ask your solicitor to change the deposit terms from being held as “stakeholder” to being held as “agent” by your solicitor ask her to argue that due to the uncertain landscape, my client feels necessary precautions need to be put in place to protect their position. By switching the deposit to “agent” status it means your solicitor keeps hold of the deposit on behalf of the seller in case of default (notice to complete, as above) - where they can immediately return it back to you. Another option, which may be difficult is to ask to include a long stop date for when the build should start - if this date is missed, you can terminate on written notice. The Like I said, it’s not an easy position to be in but a bit of smart work around the contract, you’ll protect yourself.
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/2020/03/13/liverpool-set-given-premier-league-title-amid-coronavirus-chaos/ the decision to hand over the title to Liverpool - fine. the suggestion of how to deal with relegation/promotion - ok, seems sensible and could work champions league/europa league - well we will be ****ed over. How can they even contemplate giving Spurs an automatic qualification into the champions league while we have to enter a “qualifying phase”. Spurs are no where near contending for a place. Top three are far away enough to justify qualification. Have a playoff between United, Wolves and Chelsea.
  10. Damn. That hurts more because wasn't expecting it. If we do continue with our games, Justin has a real opportunity to state his claim. Its just unfortunate that he will be stepping into the shoes of our most influential player!!
  11. You know sometimes I forget how far this club has come in recent years. A player like Praet reminds me. He is vastly talented who would walk into Leicester teams I grew up supporting. Great touch, good reading of the game and a superb passer. Having a guy like him step in when an equally talented Tielemans is struggling somewhat with form is great to have. While our squad is lacking in some areas, we do have talent in reserve which is down to good recruitment.
  12. Wilfred Ndidi is the most important player to put on a Leicester shirt since NG. What a player. The amount of times he won the ball back or broke up their play was just immense. They started the game well but his constant break up just broke them down.
  13. Me clutching at straws please indulge me
  14. If Marc is starting, that’s a good thing. Villa struggle with crosses into the box. Marc delivers a cross as good as anyone!
  15. I don’t care just ****ing win. Don’t **** this up. Don’t have those pundits and Man U fans run it in with their “creme always rises to the top” shite. Just show up and get the results for the next five games. Sorry, dramatic, I know but I needed to get it out.
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