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  1. Just thinking about it. The next four games is equivalent to our run towards the end of last year after lockdown. We had Watford, Brighton, Everton, Palace, Bournemouth and Sheff United. We beat Palace and SU and lost to Everton plus Bournemouth. In hindsight, it was a dismal run given the fixtures and position of the teams we were facing. If we can win 3 of the next four, which we should be more than capable of. Especially if we want Champions League, a point in the final three could have us over the line.
  2. He will score the winner on Sunday. He will score the winner in the final. He will score the winning goal to win the top 4 spot. Job done. Get the statue ordered.
  3. Well done - top of the class.
  4. I think its far too early to decide. I know we have had two below par performances but to suggest we will "bottle" just based on last years end of season run, is not the correct way to do it. We've seen progress in many areas this year compared to last year. We have a young team and are more than capable of getting 10 points from our next 4 league games. I also think that the final 3 against the "big" clubs is not a foregone conclusion. United, Chelsea and Spurs have all hit hot and cold last year. Chelsea lost 5-2 against WBA just last week. Still a lot to play for. For 70 mins yesterday we w
  5. I thought so. If not on par, they are ahead. They've been "trying" for years. They seem to have found the perfect fit with Moyes. Our build seems far more calculated though.
  6. Not going into depth of the rest of your post. It’s opinion and it’s fair to have it. However, is the part in bold correct ? I find that hard to believe. The Gold/Sullivan era at West Ham (despite what Hammers fans say) has had the cheque book open. They’ve been heavy spenders (outside the top 6) since 2014. They also went down the route of getting the high profile/salaried manager in pellegrini. I think there was an interesting stat that the G/S era has yielded over 30 CFs to fill the position. They’re certainly not paupers.
  7. Lol. No, you have not read my earlier post me jumped on my reply. You’ve jumped on the reply without the full story. Have read, you’ll understand. Thanks
  8. It was crap. They’ve made a silly mistake and been punished. End of story for me. Especially in Madders case, they’ve hurt themselves.
  9. That makes no sense. It’s one game. Sticking Amartey and Ndidi (Jesus!) on the transfer list because of you make no sense. Seriously, what are you on about. We could win next week and they’ll be hero’s again. It’s one game, get a grip.!
  10. No excuse, team was poor today for 70 odd mins. Bad day at the office. Doesn’t mean you sell the lot!
  11. We’ll win this. They showed (nicking Brendans words) character to keep going when quite evidently things were going horribly wrong today. The next 5 games are massive for us. This will be a win!
  12. I know mate. I was just being sarcastic. He’s frustrating. I still remember playing Man U 16/17 and he was stood in the box without a care in the world and behind him (I think it was Pogba) a midfielder waltz in and scored. That inability to stay switched on can cost us. He does it too often to be classed as a mistake. You’re right, he’s been here long enough to sort it. However, he’s fourth choice. Given our fourth choice last year was Bennett, he isn’t the worst option in the world. If we had Amartey as our go to Cb, I’d be very worried and want us to upgrade. Are we really going t
  13. What ? You don’t think he has concentration issues ? Watch the first half - two sloppy errors
  14. I think he has a lot of good defensive attributes. However, like all players, he has flaws. Unfortunately, for him, one of those is concentration. He has lapses in games which make him vulnerable. It happened twice today and it’s happen in the past. 2016/17 I think there were a few occasions. As a player, he needs to eradicate that flaw as his other skills could make him a very good defender.
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