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  1. How do the owners hedge that investment for their own protection ? They’ve already invested a significant sum to stabilise this club and then converted the debt into shares. By doing that, alongside the success in the league, they have acquired loans to improve infrastructure around the club. Something this club will benefit from for many years to come. This is an investment, part of a wider investment for the family ownership. They’re not and should not be expected to throw money at it after the initial significant investment. No one earns to lose it. The reason they made
  2. I’m going to put it out there. Subject to reading more of the reports, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. There isn’t an attempt to exclude successful clubs in the league i.e. anyone who “does a Leicester”. It’s about making the European competition far more competitive. Reduce domestic league, remove less appealing cup competitions, increase certainty of traditional elite football clubs who have the champions league so attractive and share the wealth within reason. It’s far better a proposal (based on the information that has been released) then first thought. There is no indication tha
  3. From reading that, it’s an upgrade on champions league. The “unfair” part is that the founder members get to stay in for 20 years regardless of their domestic league position. It sounds like they want to avoid games against Olympiakos and Zenit for example and ensure every game in Europe’s elite tournament is a “big” game. It seems this is more so an attempt to exclude the lesser leagues in Europe rather then the smaller clubs of the big leagues. That isn’t a bad thing. There are leagues where the “champions” continually qualify but don’t make a dent. Get a large sum for fa
  4. Can’t wait for this! Europe again ! Honestly, that afternoon at Stoke all those years ago, I thought these days were behind us. We’ve now had two European campaigns in the space of 5 years. If I look at any club as an inspiration, it would have to Seville - this is their tournament. With the Champs League groups as they’re, I think we’ll get at least one massive tie from teams dropping down. We just need to put this group to bed. A European trophy and the fa cup, is all that is left for a full house. Let the Leicester City name, the “rugby town”, start being known around E
  5. I’d say influential in the dressing room but does he fulfil the role of the “manager on the pitch”. Would Vards pick up on the team missing a pass or a player not sticking to his man etc etc. I am one of those that likes the captain to either be at CB or CM. I think they see the full game better. I also think they can influence the game more when you’re under pressure then a striker. That’s not always the case, Shearer, Stoichkov, Hagi were all great captain/leaders but were attacking minded players. I just think we’ve lacked that calming presence since Wes got older and more so since Huth got
  6. Yeah, good points. You look at it and first glance you think, is the manager prepping them properly. However, it’s in game management. Take Watford, Bournemouth, United and even yesterday - individual errors (the Bournemouth one was by our most senior player but what followed after was frightening). We lack a captain. Someone just to talk on the pitch. I mean, yesterday, Hamza had a brain fart but was someone talking to him to say, Hamza, your man. Against United, same thing. Against Bournemouth, after we let in the pen where was the voice on the pitch to tell the players to calm down.
  7. The thing about this team is that when we are on fire, we look shit hot and when we are not we look really bad. We don’t have a medium. It’s the old football saying, if you don’t play well, make sure you don’t get beat. It feels like more often then not, if we don’t play well, we get beat. With Rodgers, we’ve had a good amount of good performances for him to be here but we need to learn how to dig in and get a draw when it’s not going well. Regardless of who our manager is, we are going to have mediocre performances. It’s just that we play poorly and make individual errors to add to
  8. The good thing about all four games is that we will get space round the back. The bad thing is Vardy will probably miss most of them.
  9. You can’t put that down to the manager or even the recruitment team. Every man and his dog outside Leicester knows JV is the main man. No top striker is going to sign for Leicester to sit on the bench. Take Watkins (who little Wes has in his pocket) cost £33m, a lot of people wanted him. Who does he sign for ? Villa, a team able to pay him a large salary and guarantee a starting spot or us, another team able to pay him a large salary but cannot guarantee him a starting spot. No matter who our manager is, it’s a difficult position to recruit because we have one of the best i
  10. My thinking was different given the injuries we had suffered and the team we had out there. However, I literally cannot disagree with the point you’ve made. Brendan is paid to make the big decisions and I cannot recall a shot either of our two strikers had today. In a home game where a reaction was needed, that’s disappointing.
  11. Our second half of the season is going to be great when all these guys come back. You got Liverpool fans crying rivers of tears from losing one player. We’ve practically lost our team.
  12. He had to take Mendy off because he was tiring. All Hamza had to do was watch his man. That’s it, simple football. I like to defend Hamza as much as I can but his last few appearances has led to errors which has cost us. Today, their talented CM was given time to pick the ball up, carry it, pick his spot and shoot before Hamza came into shot. Unacceptable.
  13. Though Villa deserved that. They were trying to score and looked better in the final third then us. I know it’s his first game but Fofana looked good. The best compliment I can give him is he didn’t look like an 18 year old on debut. This side lacks leadership. Evans has never really been a leader or a talker and Kasper likes to think he is one but too many times he just screams. A bit of experience calm head back there plays such a key role. Need our side back. So many injuries, anyone suffers.
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