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  1. This reference to the convo had between Harry and Vichai was obviously going to brought up again. It’s unforgiveable that the people behind Maguire and Man U are resorting to such underhand tactics to try and force Top into accepting a deal. All is fair in business apparently but have a bit of class for **** sake. I hope for Harry’s sake he is asking his agent to stop this bullshit.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/SkyKaveh/status/1152518223331504128 really ?
  3. Remember when we lost to Northampton in our last pre-season game before the 2014 championship season and some people suggested we would be in a relegation scrap. Oh, how right they were. It’s the second game of this one and we are using a mix matched team. Some need to get a grip man. Pre-season is like a boxers training camp, you don’t want to peak too early. In fact, it’s a gradual process which only shows its full rewards 4/5 games into a season. No one can judge a player or a squad in round 2, away to Cheltenham with a bag of players, some of whom will not play the entire season.
  4. Mickyblueeyes


    Slimani was an unfortunate panic but where we had our fingers burnt. He was never a £30 million player. The club unfortunately lost the transfer guru a few days/weeks before and given the title win, were desperate for a marquee signing. Whatever we get for him will be a massive hit but getting him off our books will be far more beneficial to us.
  5. I think the club need to set a deadline on this now. It can’t be good for our own preps with Man U playing silly beggars in negotiations. They’re struggling to hit the fee so should just admit it, what in God’s name is there left to negotiate. If Harry’s agent wants the move he needs to get the offer in - a transfer request will do nothing except make him available for transfer but the price won’t change. United and Harry’s agent need to sit down in a room and agree a final price, make the bid and if it’s rejected, take a walk and find someone else in the price range. no tears in Leicestershire if this doesn’t go through, the board are simply protecting our asset. we have done our business properly and with integrity and we simply ask for the same in return.
  6. I wonder how many of these United fans who now “hate” us for being so evil and holding back Maguires career by not bending over to their demands will be draped in Leicester attire at our next champions parade, like they were last time. Nobheads.
  7. Great goal Perez. anyone remember when Scunthorpe was a league game and we had Stearmen and Sheehan as wing backs, with a midfield made up of Darren Kenton and James Chambers. times have changed.
  8. It’s great how Celtic Reserves are bigger than us yet their first team are drooling over one of our reserves 🙂
  9. Haha. Those dumbasses screwed the market when they went on their spending spree and paid (amongst other extortionate fees) £90 million on Paul Pogba. We are only following in the footsteps of England’s greatest club.
  10. So this gentlemen’s agreement appears in newspaper reports again - I cannot understand how it is acceptable to anyone as to how the person releasing these stories things it’s appropriate to refer to an apparent conversation between Harry and Kuhn Vichai - especially in an attempt to apply pressure on Top. To Man United pay the money or do one - to the agent, start earning your money and get the right offer in or do one. To Harry - well done for handling yourself so well so far.
  11. Was the best thing to happen to us. Pearson, Walsh and Shakespeare started an ernoumous rebuild and did a fine job of it. I do wonder where we would be had we stayed up and stuck with Holloway. Due to the utter rubbish we saw for the many seasons before, I recall having this feeling every time we signed a player that season (loan or permanent) immediately thinking they must be shit - I was happily wrong each time. The season, as others have said, rekindled my love for football and the football club. We learnt how to win again. Surprised a few players from that squad didn’t have better careers. Gilbert, Davies, Adams, Bunn, Stockdale (both who I remember I really wanted us to sign permanently) and to some extent jack Hobbs. Great season - great benefit for the club.
  12. On that, you’d think they’d write off the Maguire signing as the price valuations are so different - you know being Man United and all that. Of course they won’t and will continue to offer lower then asking up and until the last moment when all of a sudden our valuation matches theirs. Solksjaer doesnt half shout some bollocks - comments like that have effect when you’ve won the league not when you’ve finished 6th and not even in the champions league. You’ll pay what we tell you to pay or do one.
  13. Our squad is technically far better. 2015/16 we had Mahrez as the stand out technical player (though that only came to light during the season). This year we have, I would say 5/6 technically gifted players. It’s crazy to say it given what we achieved but this squad on paper is better then 15/16.
  14. Haha. Absolutely love this ! The mighty Arsenal and Man United so concern with little old Leicester - it wasn’t that long ago we didn’t even register on their radar. The fact theyre talking about us (regardless of whether it is complementary or not) shows we are on to something !! Even during the title they were not this concerned with us.
  15. Madders ndidi barnes Youri all young, hungry and ours !! What a signing!!
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