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  1. I don’t think he leaves mid-season. However, I think there is a risk he will be lined up for the summer. We just need to be pro-active in our replacement search.
  2. But that will happen and continue to happen and it’s up to the club to bring themselves out of that scenario and into the elite bubble. it use to be the top 2: Arsenal and Man U then it became the top 4: adding Chelsea and Liverpool to the mix then, finally the top 6: with Man City and Spurs being added to the elite. Go back 5/10 years and Man City and Spurs fans were probably having the same arguments with the media that we are having now. Man City, in their early years of the takeover were not taken seriously. They were always seen as a side that will be in United’s shadow. Spurs were a joke. Remember Sir Alex Ferguson half time team talk where he said to his players: “lads, it’s spurs”. Those clubs came up only recently. Its up to us to break or attempt to break the norm or the perceived norm at this stage. Our business next summer has to be on point. We cocked up 2016 massively and since then have traded like a big club. Players will leave. They still leave the elite 6 now (Sanchez, Coutinho, Walker, Suarez). It’s how we replace those players that matters. Consistency leads to expectations, expectation is what makes you thrive for success and success brings about a normality to the rest that Leicester should be up there. for now though, we have to take these comments which we don’t like because it’s the elite six that sell the game around the world. We need to want to be a part of those games.
  3. I am also looking for 2 tickets for this game. Long shot I know but if anyone does have any they're willing to sell, please let me know.
  4. He wont play when they come to the KP. We are now one of the bigger clubs in the division, they'll have their first team out.
  5. It’s the timing that’s a bit off. Like seriously, you’ve been gone for 18 months or so. Let it be. Players are asked all sorts of questions in interviews. I mean Kante was asked a similar question in which he responded very differently - and he had even less loyalty to us. Commenting on it at this stage makes it look like he is looking for a scapegoat for not being one of Man City’s key men. It’s just uncalled for and lacks professionalism. We had great memories with Riyad and I loved watching him play here. He got me out my seat. Do we miss him now ? I don’t think we do because Madders/Tielemans have the same effect of pulling something out the bag. Does that be-little his achievements here - of course not. Live and let live. Life throws you all sorts of curve balls. It’s how you deal with them that makes the person.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, I Day dream daily about Liverpool faultering and us doing it again. However, for Liverpool to lose the title (which is what they will do at this stage) and us to win it, they’ll have to lose 4 maybe 5 games and we will have to hit an incredible, record breaking run of form. They’ve got history of doing that (as you have pointed out) but with their form and record it looks incredibly unlikely. However, please keep telling me I am wrong😀😀. Just imagine if it does happen...
  7. But it’s a Leicester City forum where comments (incorrectly) have been made about Leicester - people are simply picking up on some of those points and naturally, where they are wrong, will speak up. Merson has a platform on national telly and football is quite a passionate hobby, a past time, a release - it has emotion attached to it. If someone doesn’t like what others say about their club, let them air it out. I don’t understand what the issue is. It’s fair game to comment on incorrect statements on a forum designed for that sort of thing, no ?
  8. It may be that he is looking for an excuse because he isn’t used by Man City in their truly big games. Either way, it’s a bit uncalled for. You got your move and we’ve replaced you, with not one but two very very talented players (Tielemans and Madders). I always said it but both have the potential to surpass Riyad simply because they will play with far better players at international level. I must admit I was always worried when Mahrez went but recruitment here has shown not to worry. Replacing N’golo was always the biggest task - Wilf has taken two/three years to get close to that level. Mahrez’s replacement was a lot easier to source that we did it twice. Live and let live Riyad. We are happy with the move and you should be too. Enjoy the history made, no need to keep looking back.
  9. I don’t think anyone’s taken it too badly ? Let people debate it, if they wish, there are gaps in his assessment - there is no harm.
  10. Unfortunately, it normally is those who are a bit daft who tend to cause offence in any walk of life. Their comments usually lack the research before the opinion is expressed.
  11. We have to concentrate on the league and one cup. Trophies build legacies. No one would’ve remembered 2015/16 if we’d come second - even though that would’ve been a great achievement. Being quarters on the league cup means we have to take in seriously. Whether we can take both cups seriously really does depend on who we draw on the fa cup. If we get lower league opposition in the say round 3-5, it gives us a real opportunity to go after that cup too as we can rest players early on
  12. From that Merson clip, the only offensive thing is when he says Leicester good form is solely linked to Brendan being manager. Don’t get me wrong, Brendan’s has played a massive role in all of this and taken us up a few notches but does he really believe that is the only reason for our success so far this year. We are a completely different beast to the team who won the league. That year, we had three, maybe four (if you include Kasper) world class players. The rest played their part in a well oiled machine. This time its different. We have world class players all over the pitch. Riccy, Youri, Madders, Cags, Chilwell, Ndidi, Vardy, Kasper and even Evans walk into Arsenal’s team - They’ve been acquired by careful planning and good management at all levels. The fact is, in the years from our title win, Leicester have lost three key players and rebuilt a side arguably better then the one they had in 15/16. Without these players, Brendan doesn’t play his style and the good form is not as good as it currently is. Merson really needs to do his research and earn his salary. No one is arguing the big club debate, because there isn’t one - arsenal win. However, the fact Leicester is back up there is nothing to do with luck - its good management on and off the pitch. In the same time Arsenal have got considerably worse due to mis-management
  13. I’m sorry, I know we are playing great and it all looks rosy etc. However, there is no guarantee that we will be too 4 come May. A change of manager, a run of form (good or bad) or any bit of bad luck, could change the story very quickly. We should be aiming for top 4 at this stage but nothing has been achieved.
  14. What a result. There was a 5/10min spell just before our goal where arsenal were on top. A good team concedes during that period. A very good does what we did, carve out an exceptional goal. These boys are making be dream....!
  15. These pundits go on like we were lucky against Saints and Newcastle that they “gave up” which aided our results against them. Since we have beaten both, they’ve gone on and showed that they’re both difficult teams to beat. We caused them to give up, which fills me with joy 😀
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